From when are you allowed to party?

Go out, party, have fun, and preferably all night long! Sounds good, but is unfortunately not quite so simple! From when and for how long you can party, if you are not yet 18?

Partying all night – how old do you have to be to do that? We reveal: even under 18 you can party, if you follow a few things. ©Leonid –

If you are under 14 .

As sorry as we are, up to your 14. On your birthday you are still a "child" from a legal point of view. According to the law you have to party until 22.00 o’clock at home. Basically may unfortunately you are not allowed to go out yet and party. Exception: at events organized by a recognized youth welfare organization (e.g. a club or the church) may you also with under 14 years be there until 10 pm. After all!

If you are under 16 .

Really you are allowed to party according to the law for the protection of minors also with 15 not yet. Discos and clubs are off limits. Also in restaurants and pubs may you can only get in if a parent accompanies you or if you get out before midnight, d.h. before 0.00 o’clock have a meal or a drink – that is, you come exclusively to eat and drink. Exception: If your parents are present, may you too under 16 in discos and clubs, but who wants to go out with their parents? party to!? Participation in events organized by youth welfare organizations (church, clubs, youth welfare office& Co.) is until 0.00 o’clock, if you are not grounded, also allowed without guardians. Yeah!

When you’re under 18 .

Now it’s getting interesting: If you’re having the "Sweet 16" party you have already reached the normal body temperature! At 16 you may you to 0 at the latest.00 o’clock in discos and clubs be on the way and party! You can also hang out in restaurants and pubs until midnight now. Exception: If your parents give you the so called "Muttizettel fill out, you are allowed to party indefinitely! You’ll need her signature and that of a guardian über 18, Who takes over the parental duties that night. In no case you are allowed to you forge the signatures! Apart from the trouble with your parents, in the worst case you will be banned from the premises for years – and then even the mom’s note will be of absolutely no use to you, if it says "You are not allowed in here"!".

If you are over 18 .

. all the law-checking finally comes to an end, and you may do and let what you want! Night after night Party without restriction: We wish you a lot of fun you can go to!

Üby the way: there are no age limits for concerts! However, if you are under 18, you should have a parental consent form with you in case you are asked for it at the entrance. Who says that you only in discos and clubs so properly party can!? So, grab your clique and head to BTS’s Life concert! Have fun!

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