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8 Facts about the difficulty of gift giving

8 facts about the difficulty of gift giving

. And 9 ways to get around it

In the post about the long tradition of gift giving, you could already read the History of giving which has become increasingly complicated and tricky to this day. This is also due to the fact that people are getting older and the gift offer is huge today is. This leads to several difficulties to avoid when giving gifts. Fortunately, we don’t fare badly if you compare our gift culture to Japan’s, for example. We also don’t need to shower anyone with gifts, as is customary with potlatch among Native Americans.

To avoid the difficulty of gift-giving, yes, you can move to the North or South Pole. There you have the excuse that the ice cream melted in the mail. Maybe you can manage to steal some feathers from a penguin and airmail them to Christmas as a gift to send. It gets even harder at the North Pole. Who would want to mess with a polar bear? A sealskin might go down well, but do you really want to become a hunter-gatherer just to avoid the hassle of gift giving? Another way to avoid the difficulty of gift-giving would be not to wish yourself anything and to tell all family members, friends and acquaintances about it. Maybe the others won’t expect gifts from you anymore?

Difficulty of giving

If one wants a Gift üWhen you get to the end of the day, it’s time to from the heart come. Of course, you want the gift that you choose with much effort and love really like. That’s exactly what The art of giving away. It should be virtually the ultimate gift that the person has always wanted. This is what every gift giver wants. Only then, you think, your efforts would have real success. It’s not that easy to find someone’s heartfelt gift. This is especially difficult when you have to find a gift for one person every year, such as your wife, husband, parents, children, partner or grandparents.

At äolder people one is faced with the difficulty of finding a gift they don’t already have.

At Kids When it comes to gift-giving, it is more difficult to pick out the right gift from all the other wishes.

A gift today should first and foremost personal and individual then you already have a good start. Especially well comes a present With a personalization of the name or the Date Whether it’s from a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other event in someone’s life. It’s perfect when you can combine the practical with the beautiful. For example, a wonderful vintage gift is A real old newspaper from the desired date.

In a nutshell: It’s not easy, A suitable gift to find. No matter which person you want to give a gifttothere are stumbling blocks everywhere to consider. First, follow along in our guide to the faux-pas you should avoid when giving gifts.

8 facts you should avoid at all costs when buying a gift!

  1. No ostentatious giftsAlready antique and medieval authors warned against too expensive gifts. One should remain modest, but give from the heart. This is especially important when buying gifts for your loved one!
  2. No boring gifts
  3. Don’t give obviously cheap gifts
  4. No tacky gifts (although there is no accounting for taste). You must know exactly the taste of a person, otherwise you better present typical gifts for women or typical gifts for men !
  5. For a woman, a gift should not on age indicate: So for a younger woman a gift that makes her a little colder, just so that she feels honored. In the case of an older woman, prefer a gift that makes her look a little younger without it seeming childish. With a perfume you are actually rarely wrong. With chocolates one should know whether the lady on its slim line is careful, then rather fingers away.
  6. Gifts for men: you should the fingers from the 20. Leave tie. Let your imagination run wild and look for his hobbies or for the child in the man.
  7. Children wish every year more than a nursery could fill. Forgo gift requests that are mentioned at the last minute. These are rarely real heartfelt wishes. Not all wishes of the whole wish list have to be fulfilled. Santa Claus can not carry so much.
  8. A young couple is guaranteed to be missing something for the decor. Ask before choosing something the couple doesn’t need or doesn’t like.

When you consider what to look for to avoid buying the wrong gift, it seems almost an art to find the perfect gift. Why not: Make an art out of finding the perfect gift with our tips.

9 ways to get around the difficulty of gift giving

  1. Design gifts individually! Even if you are not a born hobbyist, even a postcard will go down well. Many craft stores have craft kits that even people with two left hands can create. A nice way to have a gift personalized is to Personalization!
  2. If you know the hobbies, you will avoid many obstacles. It makes it easier to find a gift. Any Hobby has everyone, whether woman, man, child, old or young. Take the time to get to know the hobby and with it the person to be given as a gift. Attend a friend’s soccer game or a friend’s dance recital. This is the most beautiful gift.
  3. Family and friends according to wishes to ask or according to what the person already has is useful.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to personally ask the person or persons you want to give a gift to.
  5. Choose something that the Modern Is and declare this thing everyone must have. (Check if there is someone else who would like to receive this gift and make sure that the person you are giving the gift to does not already have this fashion hit.)
  6. With a Gift certificate as a gift you can do little wrong. With this gift you do not have to commit yourself and the person has the possibility to choose the desired gift.
  7. Think also about internet vouchers. Then you do not have to run your heels off. Depending on the voucher, the presentee can then go off on his or her own (z.B. (e.g. cinema, restaurant) or order a virtual gift yourself and look forward to receiving it in the mail.
  8. Bring your gifts from vacation! ÜThink about who you would like to give a gift to during the year. Sometimes you can find real surprise gifts during the vacations. These are not necessarily wishes of the person receiving the gift, for this you have brought something from your life. Also, you spared no effort to overload the car or plane!
  9. Last but not least, as a good New Year’s resolution, you can enjoy a classy bottle of ChampagneMake: the whole year to have an open ear for your loved ones and casually note down named wishes. Then you can buy the gifts early, maybe if something catches your eye that could be a surprise gift for someone. Then do not panic just before Christmas or just before birthdays. You can set up a gift closet for these. However, it should be secret especially for the children! You will see, you will be able to buy gifts in a relaxed way in the future. After all, we all go shopping at some point and even if on the Net.

In the end, it’s a bit of an art, the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Follow a few rules and you will almost always get it right when giving gifts. You will see, it is worthwhile to think about early on. Stress-free makes you the search for a real wish gift really joyful. How to give a gift to the person you are celebrating and to yourself as well.

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