Having a tree cut down – these are the costs you have to calculate

If a tree on the own property must give way, one should let always a professional Dienstleister to the work. Cutting trees yourself is not a very good idea. What the felling of the tree can cost and which further costs can result, explains in detail the cost check expert in the interview.

Question: What can be reasons to have a tree cut down?

Cost Check Expert: There can be many different reasons for having a tree felled by a professional: if trees are diseased or already so severely damaged that they are unlikely to recover, felling is usually unavoidable.

Conversely, healthy trees must often be removed if they have grown too large or pose a risk to the building or an outbuilding. In such cases, the state of health of the tree is irrelevant, but only the danger it poses to people and buildings.

In both cases one must count of course on appropriate costs a tree felling is a complex work and can be accompanied also still by many secondary works. This then has its price.

A cost example from practice:

We want to have a 15 m high oak tree felled, whose trunk diameter is around 65 cm. The remaining wood we would like to burn as firewood in our fireplace.

Postem price
Felling permit 45 EUR
Felling 270 EUR
Root removal 70 EUR
Preparation firewood 65 EUR
Disposal of green waste and stumps 180 EUR
Total costs 630 EUR

Of course, these are only exemplary costs that apply only to a single, very specific tree removal. The costs for other tree removals can also be significantly different in individual cases.

However, our cost example already shows clearly in which order of magnitude the costs for the removal of a tree can lie. This can be considerably expensive.

Question: On which factors does the price for felling generally depend??

Cost check expert: Here one must consider several factors:

  • The height of the tree
  • The thickness of the branching
  • which services are to be provided in addition

Based on these factors, the prices for felling can vary quite widely in the end. This is mainly due to the different effort, which can often be very high.

Question: To what extent does the height of the tree determine the price??

Cost check expert: The height and the thickness of the branches determine the cost of felling the tree.

In the case of taller trees, the surrounding area often becomes problematic: places worthy of protection, power lines or proximity to roads make it impossible to simply let the tree fall. In such cases, the tree must then be removed piece by piece – which of course costs considerably more effort and time.

Sometimes the cost of felling the tree alone – without any other ancillary work – can be as high as € 1,000 per tree 400 EUR or even more to.

Question: What additional work may still be necessary?

Cost check expert: In the case of our example, the larger parts of the tree were processed into firewood on site. Especially with high quality oak wood this is a good option.

Processing usually costs about 100 EUR, in some cases it can also be a little cheaper.

For the removal of tree roots, you generally need to obtain about 70 EUR calculate.

The disposal work for all the leftovers – the leafy branches and the unusable parts of the trunk – generally falls between around 100 EUR and 200 EUR unless you have a use for it or dispose of the green waste yourself.

Question: When do you need a permit to cut down a tree??

Cost Check Expert: As a rule, such permits – which, by the way, are always subject to a fee – are only required for trees with diameters of 80 cm or more.

In some municipalities and communities, however, there may be exceptions to this rule, especially if you are trying to protect the tree population.

Usually the cost of a permit is in the range of 30 EUR to 80 EUR. If the felling is not approved, another solution to the problem must be sought.

Question: When is the best time of the year to cut down a tree??

Cost Check Expert: Spring and autumn. This is because the felling of trees can cost between 1. May and 31. September is generally prohibited – except in the forest.

So you always have to plan your tree removal a bit in advance, so that the service provider who does the felling actually has time to do it.

During this period, trees may only be felled if they have suffered massive storm damage or are already severely damaged due to disease.

Exemptions are more expensive – in most cases you have to expect costs in the range of 80 EUR to 120 EUR calculate.

Question: Couldn’t you cut down the tree yourself to save the costs??

Cost check expert: This is not very advisable. The felling of trees requires expertise, experience and, especially in difficult felling conditions, a good eye.

Even with comparatively small trees, mistakes can quickly become life-threatening.

The felling of trees is therefore best left to experienced professionals – who also use tested safety equipment and suitable tools for this purpose.

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