Housebreaking your puppy – these tips will help you succeed

It takes time to housebreak a puppy. But housetraining is a very important step in puppy training. If you keep at it consistently, you’re sure to succeed in getting the puppy housebroken. With our puppy training tips: "Getting the puppy housebroken" and the training plan "How to get my puppy housebroken" for free download, you will be successful and get a housebroken puppy.

Housebreaking with the crate

The most important and practical tool for housetraining is a "crate",for example

  • a large, sturdy cardboard box,
  • A discarded child’s playpen or
  • a dog transport box.

Buy the transport box, which can also be very useful later on vacation, for the size of the adult dog. For the sake of simplicity, we now refer to all these tools as a "box".

The crate should be large enough for the puppy to feel comfortable and lie down in, but not so large that he can "wander" around in it can. So a playpen you may have to replace with a cardboard box o. a. reduce.

The crate should be a kind of cave for the puppy, in which he feels comfortable. The first time you put it in, the puppy should be tired and full. Of course, you put a cozy blanket and a chew toy in beforehand. If you have chosen the right time, after a short time the puppy will lie down and sleep, and you will have time to take care of other things for once.

House trained on command

When the puppy "has" to wake up now he urgently. However, since puppies only soil their camp (their den) in extreme emergencies, he will whiningly report. Now you have to be on the spot and immediately carry him to the chosen place so he can do his business. It is useful to repeat a certain word every time he does his business, z. B. "Do nicely". It doesn’t matter which word you choose, it just has to be the same every time. Use this regularly, your dog will soon associate it with his behavior and can easily be animated by it later to do his business now.

Housetraining and night rest

In the crate the puppy comes best also at night – in your bedroom! For a puppy, being alone is completely contrary to his species, and he is in mortal fear of it. He must first learn to be alone, but please not at night! Only if you have his crate next to you, you can hear him and take him out at night when he needs to go out. After a few days he is generally "dry" all night long and you can sleep through the night again, provided the last walk is very late (ca. 23:00 o’clock) and the first in the morning very early.

If a mishap happens

Catch your puppy in the house "red-handed, d. h. he is squatting or still squatting, say "No", take him in your arms and quickly go outside. Carry him so that he does not lose anything on the way. Once outside, put him down and try to animate him with the command you have learned. Praise him when he does it right.

If you discover a mishap but later, you must not scold under any circumstances, and tips such as "push in the nose" should really be a thing of the past! Even if at the moment of scolding the puppy hangs his ears and looks very much like a bad conscience, he cannot understand you! He responds with what he thinks is a "guilty conscience" only respond to your scolding and anger. Why you are angry, he can not know. All that remains for you to do is to wipe away the mishap (vinegar water, so that the place no longer smells tempting) and to pay better attention in the future.

Based on: Hoefs/Fuhrmann/Franzke: The Kosmos education program for dogs. Stuttgart 2016.

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