How do you inspire your wife fur

Updated: 04.04.2017 10:31

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A home-cooked dinner or a handwritten letter are nice, but for your sweetheart it can also be a little more glamorous. Surprise your sweetheart with a noble gift. Read here, with which presents you score points.

Chic companion: the designer handbag

Men can be impressed with an expensive watch or a well-aged whiskey- and women? Try a classy gift like one of these chic designer handbag: a status symbol for the stylish lady of the world. Whether elegant leather bag or glamorous glitter bag- fashionable bags accompany women through the day and on every occasion. Your sweetheart will surely find a use for every type of bag.

Give for example a Clutch made of shiny leather, that your lady of the heart can wear when visiting the opera or a fine restaurant. Go for a timeless model from an established designer in a classic color. Black, navy blue, or beige can be combine with every outfit. You can also get clutch bags with discreet hand straps or a delicate chain. So your partner can wear your noble gift also as a shoulder bag.

A chic handbag is more than an accessoryShe combines decorative appearance and practical value. Ideally, you’ll give your loved one a companion for life.

Noble gift: her new favorite perfume

With a fine fragrance you are always right if you want to give your partner a noble gift. A new perfume is like a new frisur- it conjures up a fresh accent to your personal look. A carefully selected fragrance underlines the personality of your beloved. So give the gift of a high-quality perfume that does justice to your partner. This can be a real classic fragrance or a Trendy perfume that suits the season.

The fragrances range from flowery over refreshing to fruity and oriental. For spring and summer, sparkling perfumes are suitable for delicate fragrances. In autumn and winter, warm and heavy fragrances are suitable, characterized by woody and strong nuances.

To ensure that you reach for the right one, you should consider the taste of your beloved know. A perfume that costs a lot of money but smells too sweetly, misses its effect.

Timeless classic: jewelry for your beloved

Even if it sounds trite: With a glittering jewelery you let every woman’s heart beats faster. Choose a timeless piece of jewelry that your beloved will always cherish.

Let the choice therefore be guided by the taste of the recipient. Pay attention to what jewelry your partner prefers to wear. Prefer gold or silver? Keeps them in their jewelry box rather plain or showy pieces at? A surprise may be nice, but if your beloved never reaches for earrings, she won’t be happy about a few pearl studs.

A simple necklace or a colorful ribbon may delight your sweetheart much more than an expensive brooch made of gold. Decide when buying in any case for quality- and thus for a renowned manufacturer. How to enchant your sweetheart with a noble gift.

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