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Sky and Bild also report on the Moriba deal. Meanwhile, Moriba has flown directly to Spain. There should not be a purchase option.

Ilaix Moriba
Central midfielder
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Spanish sources and Fabrizio Romano report that Moriba will join Valencia on loan, with only salary arrangements still to be sorted out.

Ilaix Moriba
Central midfielder
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FIX! Hwang is signed Wolverhampton. The purchase option is to be limited to approx. 16 million euros amount. Good luck Hee-chan!

Hee-chan Hwang
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According to Dutch media, Ajax talent Prince Aning (LV, 17) is in talks with Leipzig and Dortmund. However, the Borussians are said to be in pole position.

Prince Aning
Left defender
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FIX! Joscha Wosz joins HFC on loan until the summer to gain match practice in the third division.

Joscha Wosz
Offensive midfielder
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According to Brazilian media, Artur is to move to Leipzig in the summer. Bragantino is said to have already turned down other offers.

Right winger
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And eternally beckons the island. Sky suspects that Leipzig and Haidara are weak in the range around 55 million euros. Will the Malian come back at all after the Africa Cup?

Amadou Haidara
Central midfielder
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Hoffenheim talent Bischof (16) is still on the list at Leipzig and Bayern, according to Kicker. Most recently, he was part of TSG’s matchday squad for the first time.

Tom Bishop
Central midfielder
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Haidara is also said to be on Newcastle’s books, according to Bild. But no one in Leipzig picks up the phone for less than 20 million. The purchase options of Lookman (18 million) and Hwang (16.5 million) could still be drawn in the winter.

Amadou Haidara
Central midfielder
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According to Bild, Blaswich should come and thus no more place for Mvogo, who is to leave the club in the summer.

Janis Jonathan Blaswich
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Leipzig – (31.01.2022) There have definitely been more exciting transfer periods in the short but violent history of Rasenballsport. Without additions but with some departures in the second row RBL starts the Ruckrunde as the only Bundesliga club with triple load. We have taken a look at the squad.

The list of Rasenballer, who hired in the winter at the Pleibe, is long. Often they were real success stories. Whether it’s Forsberg, who didn’t make it to promotion with Beierlorzer but was and still is one of THE faces of the Leipzig team, or Lookman, who was convincing here in the second half of the season under Hasenhuttl, to Adams& Haidara, Angelino and Olmo or most recently Szoboszlai. There won’t be a comparable success story this season, as the decision was made to thin out the squad despite a triple load and give young kickers like Moriba, Brobbey or Wosz playing time elsewhere.

There are definitely weak points. Be it in the center, where the type of the loud and undisputed pacesetter is missing, or on the outer lanes, where Angelino is running behind his form and offensive specialists are scarce, or be it in general when it comes to players who could take the opponent by surprise with top speed.

Tedesco made a perfect start to the new year, but the top opponents and English weeks are yet to come.

Everything must go out?

Considered individually, the departures make sense. Brobbey apparently never arrived in Leipzig in his head (or at least not yet) and apparently needs the feel-good atmosphere in Amsterdam. It’s just a shame that he got injured right after a good start there. Wosz should have been loaned out already in the summer, he was too far down in the squad, which ultimately also suggests the loan destination Halle. It was the same with Moriba, where aspirations and reality did not match – even if many fans hoped that he could establish himself in the so far form-unstable midfield, this has unfortunately not been fulfilled for a variety of reasons. Clark, who has yet to receive official confirmation of his return, did not even make it into the starting lineup in New York.

The main idea behind this is probably to improve the team chemistry by thinning out the squad, to give the remaining players more opportunities to play and, if necessary, to improve the team spirit. The departures also help to lift the overall mood (according to rumors, Moriba and Brobbey would not have won the honey cake horse award). This is understandable, but in view of the partially injury-prone squad, the upcoming triple load and the Greek alphabet wave can also backfire properly. Apart from the juniors Novoa, Klefisch, Raebiger and Bonnah, RBL currently has 18 field players (Halstenberg included and Clark excluded). This is a very slim squad for a tight second half of the season with numerous double game weeks.

Moriba directly from the Africa Cup to Valencia.

The three-man chain as a basis

Before we can take a look at the positions, we must first clarify what system Leipzig plays under Tedesco and what the squad is designed for. The three-man chain has clearly emerged, which fits in so far as RBL has strong central defenders, who are also partly best in such a system with outside-IV in place. Before that, the team will operate with either one or two sixes. Whereby RBL is currently still too unstable for a defensively minded DM/ZM. An experiment that went wrong against Bielefeld. Just as clear as the three-man backline is the alignment of the fullbacks. Whereas Angelino has had better days and on the right neither Klostermann (offensively too tame) nor Mukiele or Henrichs could bring themselves into the game as ideal lineups. Silva is set to play up front, so the key question here is: two strikers or two OMs?? Nothing against Poulsen and Novoa, but from the potential Nkunku/Olmo/Szoboszlai and also a fit Forsberg have the much stronger arguments on their side.

In the Hinrunde with a few weaknesses, zueltzt but again a strong support.

Goal: Pete wants to stay for a long time

No questions and no need for action in goal. Gulacsi is the captain and had a solid start in the second half of the season. In the first half of the season, he was not always the support that we have known for many years and there is still room for improvement in his control of the penalty area. As a captain, he is still too far away from the action and too quiet, which will probably not change. MartInez is an extremely talented keeper, for whom Gulacsi’s announcement that he wants to play 250 more games with RBL almost sounds like an invitation to look elsewhere. Tschauner completes the three-man team.

The two top new arrivals of the summer.

Central defense: The Croatian superman

Despite the departure of Upamecano and Konate, a real showpiece. This is due in no small part to the new arrivals, who made a full impact here. Gvardiol and Simakan are absolute crowd favorites and high performers. The angular Croatian seems a bit more balanced and knows how to convince with the ball a bit more. In the core competence, however, both are very good. In the center, despite slight speed disadvantages, Orban is a very good choice because he has the necessary experience and leadership skills. But even without him could be convinced with Klostermann or Mukiele as a third in the bunch (bspw. against Bochum or BVB). Further no role plays Halstenberg, who could also run up here, but it should have very difficult in the LIV duel against Gvardiol also topfit.

Overall, this part of the team is well staffed, but if more than two kickers are out, it becomes a little critical. Nevertheless, there is no compelling need for action here, because central defenders are rather robust and more kickers who would normally find themselves on the bench do not contribute to the mood in the team either. With Ihendu and Atom, promising juniors are quietly knocking on the door, the latter was recently at the training of the first team.

Angelino kicked better before.

Left wing: The lonely angel

Here Angelino is set. With an Angel of the year 2020 one would not have to worry, but at present he lets flash too much rarely his old-known class. Since October he has been involved in goals in only one game in the league. The crosses have a decent spread, there is much potential for improvement with Angelino. There is hardly any competition. Halstenberg is still out. Kickers like Nkunku are too offensive and we need Gvardiol in the defense. Installing someone here to give the little angel some fire would not be the worst idea. Competition is good for business..

Will Mukiele reclaim the RV position??

Right wing:In search of the ideal

The problem of being a law has truly not on this position. In the end, Mukiele, Klostermann and Henrichs are fighting for this place, without really providing constant arguments for their indispensability so far. Klostermann has too little offensive confidence, Mukiele is a little better and was a regular before his Corona illness. Henrichs could only occasionally hint that he is more than the transfer flop that many see in him, but over 90 minutes to put his stamp on the game, or even consistently convince on the ROV position, he could not yet. In the second half of the season, we will have to continue searching for the ideal lineup. At the moment I would continue to bet on Mukiele. Defensively, at least, there should be no problems with this selection.

This asymmetry between the more offensive left wing and the more defensive right wing is to a certain extent of course intended or. A consequence of Angelino’s style of play. Nevertheless, the goal here must be that RBL is less predictable here.

Kampl& Co with problems.

Center: The problem child

The engine room and Leipzig’s big weak point this season. None of the candidates could fully convince here. Adams is not only since yesterday in the form low (and comes back injured from the national team). Kampl too seldom in top form and (apparently?) over his zenith. Laimer had to fight with injuries and Haidara was rather the one-eyed among the blind, certainly a good player, but none of the difference makes. On paper, these are four kickers for two positions but none really stands out positively this season.

A telling example of the problems in DM/ZM is a look at the Whoscored rating at that position: out of 65 Bundesliga players, Adams ranks at no. 41 and Kampl on 52. Only returnee Laimer (10) and Haidara (11), who is being courted by Manchester, are in the spheres that are appropriate for a top Bundesliga club.

No wonder players like Grillitsch, Zakaria, Kamara or Camara resp. Seiwald from Salzburg to be discussed among the fans. Whereby the question remains open whether they would really bring RBL decisively forward. What characterizes all of Leipzig’s ZMs/DMs is their below average offensive performance. Neither do they initiate many attacks, nor do they have high finishing qualities, so the offensive part rests almost entirely with the OM and the forwards. In addition, there is a certain, hitherto unaccustomed susceptibility to error at this position. Overall, here’s the rub, why RBL defensively and offensively in the center partly did not make a good figure (lack of pressing resistance, too many ball losses, too poor offensive pass rate). A good second half of the season stands and falls m.E. (especially against better opponents than Wolfsburg, Mainz or Stuttgart) with this position.

How much to lift

Nkunku caused a sensation in the first half of the season!

Offensive midfield: Spoilt for choice

A position for which the statement: the agony of choice was virtually invented. At least when everyone is fit, which was hardly the case this season. Olmo could now play a role again for the first time since Olympia. Nkunku towers above the rest, bringing a skill set that few in the squad possess (speed + ball handling + finishing power). Szoboszlai was statistically involved in most of Leipzig’s offensive actions in the Hinrunde and Forsberg can still make the difference on the field on good days.

Away from the more variable Nkunku, however, all three are classic OMs with a clear center focus. Of course they can also go out on the outside, but here their strengths (player opening and partly also the conclusion) do not come to bear so well. Real offensive wingers are missing in the squad, which is not a problem with a five-man chain only as long as this is compensated by the AVs.

Is Silva’s knot completely broken?.

Storm: Silva on the rise?

Silva is set and even if he had a mixed start, it was overall much better than what was offered last season so in the storm. For a newcomer under coach misunderstanding Marsch the yield so far was probably OK. 17 goals scored in all competitions, which is 2nd in the team behind Nkunku. However, he still needs to improve his teamwork and his ability to finish. That Silva still has potential for improvement can be seen, for example, in his xG value per 90 minutes (0.7 – 16th in the Bundesliga behind Poulsen(!) and Novoa(!!)) or by the fact that he has scored 2 goals less than Schick and Haaland, for example. but 4 goals more than could be expected.

Poulsen and Novoa are ready as partners. Optionally, however, wonder weapon Nkunku can also be used in the storm. Especially in games where Leipzig has significantly more possession, Nkunku is an option. Poulsen, on the other hand, can bring Tedesco, if combative qualities or air sovereignty are required.

With Novoa, RBL has a promising talent in the back of the hand, but from which you can also not expect miracles. All in all, the forward line is not overly crowded, but since Silva has a regular place and two OMs could also play behind him, it is actually still wide enough.

Novoa from the youth into the starting eleven.


The market in the winter and especially in the second Corona winter is still special. If RBL would really look, someone could be found – but they are not looking, because they consider the squad wide enough. In addition, players who would promise a qualitative improvement would be expensive or have high salary demands (see Zakaria). You can also see this nicely in the sums that RBL calls up for Haidara.

In this respect, the approach to play the second half of the season with a smaller team can already bear, because even if Corona, injuries and triple loads will take their toll, RBL is solidly positioned in view of the returnees Laimer and Olmo and the fact that Moriba and Brobbey have so far had only limited playing time. That’s also how you can interpret Tedesco’s statements during training, when he said that they had plenty of options in the center even without Moriba. Nevertheless, the 18 field players + 4 juniors remain of course a risk.

More worrying than the width of the squad is the tip. On the right defender position RBLeipzig is looking for *ever* the ideal occupation and also left Angel is no longer as angelic as before. More serious, however, so far the conspicuous offensive weakness and lack of pressing resistance in the center. To lead the available personnel here again on Bundesliga top level is Tedescos hammer task of the Ruckrunde.

Leipzig’s declining attractiveness for young top talent is also a cause for concern. While there are real success stories with Gvardiol,Simakan and Novoa, the loans of Brobbey and Moriba also mean failure. In addition, the threat of missing the Champions League. Such stories can have a negative signal effect and other Bundesliga clubs do not sleep. BVB will win the race for Adeyemi and thus skim the cream off Salzburg again after Haaland, and Leverkusen is also doing a lot right at the moment.

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