How to get a dog housebroken

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Interpret signs!

Basically, you must be able to interpret the signs that the puppy sends through its behavior. After a while you quickly notice when the puppy needs to go to the privyHe starts pacing back and forth, probably making whining noises or even barking. Sometimes the small dogs scratch searching in the ground. So, the dog owner should adjust his hearing and sight regarding these points.
The internal clock should also be adjusted. Mostly young dogs have to empty their bladder every hour or every hour and a half. Thereby the puppy does not differentiate naturally whether it is day or night. It is especially important to be on the spot when the little dog wakes up after sleeping. Then he must be carried directly outside, so that he does not do his business out of necessity in the house. Also after feeding, a visit to the garden or greenery should be routinely carried out.

  • Recognize signs: Whining, barking, nervous pacing back and forth
  • Plan regular exits, at least every two hours
  • After feeding, after sleeping raustrangen

Have in view!

If you have valuable furnishings or items in the house, you should in any case accompany excursions of the puppy through the apartment and control. Apart from the fact that some things may fall victim to his first teeth, he may not always be able to hold his bladder or urinate from excitement. If the dog owner wants to artificially reduce the puppy’s range of motion, small gates or fences clamped between doors are a good way to do it. You can confine the puppy even more tightly with small playpens. However, the dogs should not always be kept this way, because the natural curiosity of the puppy must be satisfied.
Again and again you should take time for the puppy and explore the apartment with him little by little. He should not be kept in the bathroom or kitchen, for example, for pragmatic reasons. Even if there the cleaning of urine and feces are easier to manage, especially in the dark, the puppy left alone is very unhappy.

  • Always watch the puppy
  • if necessary, artificially limit his radius of action by gates or fences
  • Do not leave the puppy alone for a long time

Take out!

Again and again the puppy must go outdoors. Especially after feeding and after sleep this becomes necessary, but also otherwise at least every two hours. If a certain rhythm is maintained, the dog will slowly but surely get used to being walked. The intervals between going out can be increased the older the dog gets.
In the countryside, you should give the puppy enough time to do his business. He should not be distracted to find a good place in peace and quiet. By bringing the puppy directly to a certain place in the garden or greenery, he can memorize the place well and the dog owner can save urine or feces on the way to the planned destination.

  • Always go out into the garden or the countryside
  • Extend the distances between the exits later
  • carry it directly to a certain place


Especially important is the praise of the puppy after the done business. It is better to praise too much in the beginning, so that the dog realizes that his behavior was correct. A treat can also train the dog to do this well. Repetition can solidify in the mind of the dog the relief in the open air.

  • Excessive praise in the beginning
  • Use dog treats
  • Reinforcing the behavior through repetition

Show consideration!

Of course, in the process of Housetraining give some setbacks. However, if you consistently follow the advice, success will already be achieved. While each dog takes a different amount of time individually to internalize this behavior, you can’t speed up the process. Above all, it does not help to train the dog by force. Classic mistakes are pulling the dog in with his nose in his own feces, yelling at him or hitting him. It makes more sense to always repeat the processes and to take the puppy out, for example, while it is still doing its business.
After four to six weeks, however, it should be successful with a steady education and the puppy is housebroken.

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