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Lose weight while you sleep: Even without a diet, we often feel lighter after a restful night

Lose the kilos overnight? It’s hard to do without your own help. Our sleep has however many positive effects on the metabolism.

Kassel – Let’s not fool ourselves: Fewer kilos on the scales without any action on our part? That is impossible. And nevertheless it would be dreamlike to sleep slimly. The councellor literature has here some ready: But which is to be eaten for example to the tip in the evening only few coal hydrates?

First the facts about nightly weight loss. It’s true: After a good night’s sleep, we feel lighter and firmer. But how does it happen? The explanation is simple: The body loses water during sleep – about half a liter. The appropriate 500 grams fetches itself however over the day again back.

Who comes now on the idea to place itself times in the evening and times in the morning on the balance, deceives itself somewhat. A correct weight loss looks differently. Best weigh themselves Abnehm-Willige each day at the same time after the morning toilette. So the comparability is given.

Losing weight while you sleep: Tight tissue after a restful night’s sleep

But another effect of good sleep cannot be dismissed out of hand: the tissue feels firmer and fitter. This is due to the human regeneration metabolism. The body needs above all rest for it. Therefore the process takes place over night.

During sleep, the body does not have to divide its energy and can concentrate completely on the metabolism. Fat in particular serves as an energy source. A restful night is therefore important to regenerate the body and also to promote fat burning, lymph drainage and the tightening of connective tissue.

The "slim in sleep" concept: a low insulin level is the goal

As described, we quickly regain the weight lost overnight during the day. The physician Detlef Pape however represents since 2006 in various councellor best-sellers the thesis that lasting removing is possible in the sleep. Behind the "slim in sleep" principle is a nutrition plan with insulin separation diet.

This concept has two components: First, the nutrients are composed in a specific way. On the other hand the meals adapt themselves to the human Biorythmus. This is to achieve a low insulin level, because the hormone insulin prevents fat burning. In order to be able to lose weight, as little as possible of it should be secreted.

Losing weight while sleeping has a lot to do with the right diet

But which meals and recipes prevent the body from producing insulin?? Here Detlef Pape proposes a way, which might lead some to the border of their suffering readiness. Since insulin is increasingly released when carbohydrates meet animal proteins, these two nutrients should be separated from each other.

That means: The delicious toast with egg for breakfast is then passe. Instead, Pape advocates eating plenty of carbohydrates in the morning, for example in the form of bread rolls with jam. Proteins, on the other hand, are taboo.

To the lunch against it the concept puts a break. It may be eaten both carbohydrate and protein-rich foods. In the evening, carbohydrates are finally dispensed with and protein-containing foods such as fish, lean meat or curd cheese are on the menu. The tip, in the evening few coal hydrates to itself to take, is thus gold correct.

Slimming in your sleep is not a simple diet: it can be a big change

The separation of the nutrients alone probably already causes difficulties for many people. But there is another big catch to the "slim while you sleep" concept. Between the meals in each case five hours break are to lie. Thus one gives the body the possibility that the insulin mirror sinks completely, before it rises again with a renewed meal, so Pape.

It practically eliminates the need for snacks between meals. There remain only the three main meals, to which may be eaten. This raises the question of whether these efforts are worthwhile at all. Is "slim in your sleep" just a marketing gag??

Surely Detlef Pape has hit a nerve with his diet guides more than 15 years ago. After all, who doesn’t want to lose weight without much effort?? At the same time, Pape is really just taking the findings of nutrition science to heart. There it is known for a long time that it is of advantage for the fat burn, if at night the processes in our body can run undisturbed. Pape deserves only the respect for having reminded us of this simple wisdom.

Sleep always helps: Even without a diet, a good night’s sleep is beneficial for losing weight

Thus, sleep helps in any diet, even if you do not rigorously adhere to the insulin separation diet. Just the tip of not eating three or preferably four hours before going to bed can help to reduce calories.

Because already one and a half hours after falling asleep the metabolism starts to work. The longer the sleep phases last, the more time the metabolism also has to work. For the regeneration of the body it is better if a sleep phase is particularly deep. If you don’t sleep well, you can try rituals and relaxation. For example, reading a book or listening to music. However, in the case of chronic sleep problems, only a visit to the doctor will help.

In addition to nutrition, exercise also plays a major role in losing weight. Even small changes can have a big effect on the scales. Replace the elevator with the stairs or park the car further away and walk the last few meters – any additional movement burns calories and is sometimes fun too.

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