How to make a book

Introduce a book

A successful book introduction basically consists of 4 steps:

  1. The introduction
  2. Overview of the plot and main characters
  3. Text excerpt for the reading
  4. Evaluate and recommend the book

Let’s take a closer look at each step below.

The introduction

The introduction should be as brief as possible and include details about the Author and title of the book. Here you also explain how you became aware of the book.

In the introduction, you say something about the author and title, as well as the choice of book.

Overview of the plot and main characters

Here you give a concise Overview about the main characters (Which characters play a role?) and Summarize the plot of the book (without giving away the ending of the book, of course).

The second part of your book introduction deals with the plot and the main characters of the book.

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The text excerpt for the reading sample

A few tips for you on how to find the perfect passage of text for your reading sample and prepare it resp. present.

  1. Choose one Funny, exciting, or interesting excerpt. This way you make sure that your audience really listens to you – in the best case, you even encourage them to want to continue reading the book. But note that the passage not longer than one page is.
  2. Think about, why you this passage to read aloud chosen and incorporate this reasoning into your book presentation.
  3. It is also important that you explain to others, what happened immediately before this post. This will help your listeners understand the context much better.
  4. Take your time and practice reading aloud out loud at home. Maybe first alone, then in front of friends or family. It’s important that you get a feel for the text and emphasize in the right places or. Take breaks. Watch your reading pace, read slowly and most importantly, read clearly.
  5. Pay attention to your Voice when reading verbatim speech aloud. This is a good way to express how the character feels about the book. Is she anxious, happy, angry?? Use your voice to Mood to clarify.

Choose a passage of text that is as exciting or interesting as possible and practice reading it aloud. Pay attention to your voice and reading pace as you do this.

Rating and recommending the book

Finally, you should clarify that you enjoyed reading the book and that you recommend it to others.

You can also Reasons Name why you liked it so much, or you can still reveal who your favorite character is.

In any case, you should not give away the end of the book!

Your "cheat sheet" for a successful book presentation

Introduce a book

Create a poster. On the one hand, this helps you to present yourself, on the other hand, it is also an overview for your audience. Also, you should give the others the opportunity to ask questions.

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