How to remove a car radio


Installing the car radio yourself – the step-by-step guide

The new car radio is here! Now it only has to be installed. So that nothing goes wrong with this, you can find complete instructions here.

Before you can install the new radio, the old one has to be removed. Most manufacturers provide the necessary tools with the purchase. However, if you can not find it anymore, this is not a big obstacle. Just go to your car dealer. You remove the old radio with a few simple steps. Regardless of who removes the radio, you should then make sure that the connection cables do not disappear into the shaft, because you still need them.

Small plug and cable lore

There are two types of connectors on every car radio: Inputs and outputs. One of the inputs is the power supply. Among the outputs are the connectors for the speakers. If you are not quite sure, you can put small stickers on the cables. This way you will find your way around better afterwards. By the way, not all manufacturers use the same plugs. To be able to wire your new radio, you should get a set of adapter plugs in that case. Another point is the power supply of the antenna amplifier.

On some radios, this is done via the antenna output. One speaks then of an active exit. If the new radio does not have this (i.e. is "passive"), you can also use a special adapter plug here. One speaks then of a phantom power supply. In principle it also works without. However, the radio reception is then weaker. If you take care of these things in advance, everything will go much easier afterwards.


The power supply – what you should pay attention to

At this point we should take a look at the power supply of your radio. As with all electrical devices, there won’t be much going on without power. In the best case the manufacturer of your car uses standardized ISO plugs. If not, you can resort to adapter plugs here as well. It becomes problematic if the vehicle manufacturer uses a different assignment of the plug contacts. One thing that can happen for example at Volkswagen. In that case you would have no problems at all at the beginning. Until one day the ignition positive wire gives up the service. Such things are, in principle, small things. But that is precisely why they are often overlooked. It’s better to think about this a bit more in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

It goes!

After all the little things we had to take care of, we can now get down to business. To avoid unnecessary stress, it is advisable to get all the necessary tools in advance. These would be:

* A pair of pointed pliers
* A pair of crimping pliers
* car crimp terminals
* A heat shrink tube
* A hair dryer or a heat gun
* A screwdriver

Some of these terms may sound very unusual to you. Don’t worry about it: You can get all these things in specialized shops. If you do not have a screwdriver, a model with replaceable inserts is recommended. Then you have the right variant ready for all cases. With the hair dryer, make sure that it actually produces hot air. It is needed to melt down the shrink cables. A bathroom hairdryer will be overwhelmed here.

When everything is in place and ready, turn your attention to the car battery. It is recommended to disconnect them during installation. Otherwise, unpleasant surprises could occur. For example, damage to the fuses. Now pick up the radio. Car radios are supplied with a mounting frame. If it was not in the box separately, remove it from the radio. Then push it into the installation slot.

To provide a secure hold for the radio, these frames are often equipped with small "lugs". These are bent outwards with the screwdriver. Once everything is in place, the cables are connected to the radio. Even if it may sound superfluous: Please pay close attention to connect all cables with the correct connectors. If you are not concentrated here for a moment, you have to remove everything again afterwards. It is also important that the plugs really click into place.

Here’s how to create a secure and permanent wiring system

Our utensils are now used for the wiring: The crimping clamps are used to connect the cable ends. The clamps are connected with the crimping pliers. The heat shrink tubing is pulled over the cable connections. This way everything is well insulated. This requires a bit of skill, but can be done easily with a bit of patience and calm. Finally, the heat shrink tubing is heated with the hot air gun. The material melts and clings tightly to the cables. This prevents anything from slipping and ensures that everything is securely fastened.

The final work steps

If you’ve gotten this far, all you have to do is slide the radio into the slot. Please make sure that no cable is damaged. The radio is securely in place as soon as it snaps into place. Now you can attach the cover (if available). Then reconnect the car battery. Done!

Possible pitfalls

It should not be concealed that there can be a few problems with the installation of a car radio, which quickly overwhelm a layman. This includes the often very complex electronics in the car. Example: One speaks with the Kfz electronics of an ignition plus and a continuous plus. In most cases, the assignments match those in the radio.

Nevertheless, it can happen that there is a discrepancy here. If this is the case, you can still use your radio safely. However, it cannot be switched off then. Also the storage of different attitudes at the radio does not work often any longer. For someone who is familiar with electrical engineering, such things are not a big problem. One must exchange only the correct plug connections.

For some of us this is a simple matter. But a layman can quickly be overwhelmed here. Another problem can arise if the car has a permanently installed navigation system. Here, the radio, navigation device and other things are often operated via a central display with the same group of buttons. This is not an insurmountable obstacle, but there is then no standard installation slot for the new radio. Here, too, a layman can quickly reach his limits.

Car radio_17_image_3


Buying a car radio is not difficult. Installing it requires a series of deft moves, as well as a steady hand and concentration. If one suffers from fear of contact here, one should turn to a specialist. The same applies when you are confronted with electronic problems that you cannot solve yourself.

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