How to write a review

In the coming days and weeks, you will have four questions answered through the assignments and the videos your teachers created:

  • Why It is so important to be able to write good summaries. Why this is perhaps the most important school assignment of all?
  • How to Most important read from a text and write it out clearly?
  • How to create text plan, which will help you to summarize the most important part of the text? How do you arrange the most important things in a text plan so clearly that you can write a good summary afterwards??
  • How to write a Good summary of the content with introduction, main part and conclusion?

Steps 1 and 2 (tasks to be completed by 21.04.)

Task 1

Look the following video from beginning to end (it takes just under 20 minutes) to. The story in the video can be found in the German book on page 120.

Task 2:

Answer In writing, ask why it is very important to be able to write good content statements.

Task 3:

Create create your own mind map for the story "Achmed the Fool", just like in the video On page 131-132 in the German book. Formulate in the present tense, as if the story is just happening. Send the mind-map as usual to your teacher.

Task 4:

a) Make the cheat sheet check as in the video, preferably with a sibling or a parent.

b) Create an audio of your cheat sheet check and send it to your teacher.

Note: The last possible date for handing in these tasks is on the 21st of this month.04., 8 p.m. Because on Wednesday there’s already the next task that builds on it. Therefore, please adhere UNCONDITIONALLY.

Sample solution for task 3

Task 5 :

Compare Your mind map with the sample solution and read the commentary on the sample solution. Do you understand the principle and the meaning of the mind-map?? If not: Ask your German teacher and correct your mind-map.

Comment: There was little structure or sequence in some of the mind maps you submitted, e.g.B. some have written the characters in the circles and added the plot of the story, but thus completely messed up. Others have made only dashes, but no circles.. But the point of the mind map is to break the story down into a few building blocks and write them down. Therefore, each circle represents a part of the text and contains the "heading of this section.

The circles and also the bullet points around the paragraphs are always arranged clockwise according to the order of the story. Try it out: This mind map makes it very easy to tell the story to another person, or?

Another hint: Because a table of contents is always published in the Present tense must be written, you should also already use the present tense in the mind map. This is difficult for you because the story was "so long ago" for you Is? Then imagine that the story is playing out in front of you, like a video, and you write down what is going on.

Step 3: How to create a text plan

For some, the mind map was a good way to write down the text in a structured way. Some obviously still have difficulty. Therefore, you will now get to know an instrument that is a little more orderly and that students like to use as an aid: the text plan (invented in this form, by the way, by Dr. Bolte).

Task 6: Look You the two explanatory videos for creating a text plan carefully (We are very sorry that the videos are shot)! Try to turn your device so that you can read everything). You can find the story in the explanatory videos on page 117 in the German book.

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