Instructions to burn music cds with nero

If you are one of the music lovers who have collected a considerable music collection on your computer, you might ask yourself how you can save your music collection – or rather. selected albums or songs – to CD. In this tip I want to show you how you can easily burn a self-made music CD with the burning program Nero 7. This way you can add your own favorite songs with ca. Create 80 minutes of playing time on one CD.

How to burn my favorite songs to a CD with Nero?

1. Prepare CD for burning ..

First of all put a blank, recordable CD into your burner. If the "Autostart" function is activated in Windows XP, the first thing that appears automatically is a new window with the title "CD drive". Here you will already find "Start Nero StartSmart" among the options. Click on this option and then on OK – now Nero will be started.

2. Select songs to burn ..

In the start window of Nero you will find a big note symbol. Hover the mouse cursor over it and select "Create Audio CD" in the submenu. A new Nero window pops up, allowing you to compile songs from your hard drive. Click on the "Add" button (with the big green plus sign) and select all the songs you want to have burned to CD from your music collection on your hard drive.

Pay attention to the green bar here, which indicates the "fill level" of the CD in minutes. You should not exceed something less than 80 minutes total playing time. If you have selected too many songs, the bar will turn red. Then you have to remove again some songs from the list with the "delete button" (red minus sign). To do this, click on the song you want to delete and then press the "Delete" button. In the end, your bar should look something like this – see image:

3. Sort songs ..

Now you can still sort the order of your songs. To do this, simply click on a song, hold down the left mouse button and move it to the position you have set for it.

4. Adjust the volume of the songs ..

So that you don’t have to constantly turn the volume knob of your CD player to adjust the different volumes of the songs, you can instruct Nero to adjust the volume of all songs to each other. All you have to do is put a check mark in front of the option (bottom right) "Normalize all audio files".

5. Play audiobooks without pauses?

Nero usually always inserts short pauses between the individual pieces of music when burning. If that is OK, then do no Check the box in front of the option ""No pause between tracks""! With audio books, however, it can be unpleasant if the texts aren’t spoken coherently – here, this option can be used sensibly. When you have finished setting everything, click "Next".


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6. Enter title and artist:

Now enter the title and artist. These CD texts will be displayed later in the display field of the CD resp. DVD player will appear.

Now you just have to click the "Burn" button to create your CD. Wait until Nero has finished the burning process. At the end you will get a message if the music files have been successfully transferred.

Have fun compiling your favorite songs!

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