Iphone xs: screenshot taking explained simply

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Article from 29.06.19

You have bought an iPhone Xs and want to take a screenshot? Especially if you previously had an iPhone 8 or older in use, you now have to adjust a bit. If you know the right key combination, the whole thing is very easy to do. In our guide, you can learn how to take screenshots with the new iPhones. We’ll also tell you how to capture more than just the visible area in a shot and what else to look out for.

  • You can make screenshots quickly via a key combination
  • Some apps forbid taking screenshots or tell other users about it
  • Scrolling screenshots require an additional app

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How to take a screenshot with the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Like the iPhone X as well as iPhone Xr, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max no longer have a home button. Apple has therefore developed the Key combination for a screenshot changed. If you now want to take a picture of your screen, you have to briefly press the Power button as well as hold down the volume up button. After about a second, a photo sound is heard. At the bottom left, you can now see the captured screenshot in the thumbnail view on your display.

Tap the thumbnail preview of your screenshot to get to the screenshot preview to the editing mode. You can now draw symbols or words on the image with your finger. But there are more options to try out. Then select the square with the arrow in the lower left corner of the screen, if you want to see the result want to share directly – for example via WhatsApp. Otherwise you can also click on "Done" in the upper left corner type. Then you can save your screenshot directly to your gallery – or move it directly to the recycle bin.

When screenshots don’t work

Under certain circumstances, your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max can be but also refuse the screenshot. But this doesn’t have to be because you used the key combination for the feature incorrectly. Some apps prohibit the capture. Mostly this is done for security reasons. For example, this can be the case with banking apps.

You can also take screenshots not always without the knowledge of other users make. Instagram, for example, is known for a corresponding feature. As soon as you take a screenshot of a chat with another person, click on "Done", the app informs the conversation partner. With Snapchat, photo creators get a notification when you take a screenshot of their work.

Image details and scrolling screenshots

But what if you want to take a screenshot of, say, a web page that you’re doesn’t fit completely on your display, want to take a screenshot? While many Android smartphones allow so-called scrolling screenshots out of the factory, it looks different with Apple. You have to press with an iOS device on Third-party apps like Tailor access. The program creates several screenshots and then automatically merges them into a single one. This is useful for longer web pages and texts.

If, on the other hand, you only want to save a screenshot, you can do it right after you create it in edit mode. If you send the shot via WhatsApp, you can also send the picture with your iPhone Xs or Xs Max Crop directly before sending via Messenger. However, a copy of the clipping is not stored separately on your iPhone.

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