Jungle camp: love sensation after the finale?

"If she becomes jungle king, then I say YES"

The 2022 jungle camp is in full swing.

Anouschka Renzi is also in the fight for the jungle crown still in the race.

Her fiance Marc Zabinski now made a romantic announcement.

Since the 21. January the celebrities in the jungle camp already fight for the victory. Anouschka Renzi, 57, has a very special incentive to grab the crown.

  • Tonight runs the 11. Episode of the jungle camp
  • 8 stars are still in the race
  • Anouschka Renzi’s fiance speaks out

Jungle camp: Holds Anouschka Renzi through?

For over a week, the stars are now already peddling in the South African jungle camp. Right from the start, Anouschka Renzi causes controversy. Again and again the actress grumbles against her fellow campers, even defies the rules. Meanwhile, it is clear why the 57-year-old often behaves this way. In tears, she confessed a few days ago: "I think I’ll just say, that I have ADS. That is yes no shame!"

She was relieved, but Anouschka Renzi still seems to be in a bad way. Could she possibly break off and the decisive sentence "I’m a star – get me here" out!" call? That’s what her partner, actor Marc Zabinski told Bild: "If someone had asked me that a few days ago, I would definitely have said that this could happen. But this woman has shown me so many times that it can be so tough!"

Anouschka Renzi: Her fiance is waiting for her

The Hamburger is in South Africa as Anouschka Renzi’s escort. In 2015 there had been a spark between them, since 2018 their love is official. In the meantime Anouschka Renzi and Marc Zabinski are even already engaged for two years. In 2020, he proposed to her romantically while on vacation in Egypt – and she said yes. But when do the wedding bells ring?

Anouschka Renzi: First the jungle crown, then the wedding?

After the TV project, Anouschka Renzi could have the best day of her life – provided she manages to assert herself against her fellow contestants. For to the newspaper, Marc Zabinski reveals about the planned wedding:

If she becomes jungle king, then I say YES. Then we will do that, pull the thing through. Then we get also this adventure somehow over the rounds. And at the end of the day I know – this woman is just completely honest in every moment and also brutally honest.

But how does the 51 year old Chances of victory of his fiancee one? Marc Zabinski follows the goings-on in the jungle camp closely, of course, and therefore knows that Anouschka Renzi is a bit of a tease with her manner. "So a little bit negative she is already in the last two days at least noticed. But just after these two jungle tests, it has actually received quite a positive response. Of course, she polarizes with her kind, but I say: she definitely has the chance", so Marc Zabinski.

But whether victory or not, one thing is certain for him: "I love her just the way she is."

"I’m a star – get me out of here!" runs daily on RTL and anytime on RTL+.

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