Just like that you can approach women

Why should you as a man actually approach women?

Is there no other way?

Whether you have already read a lot on the subject, already had decent success in flirting or are completely new to this topic – one thing will have already struck you:

Women do not appeal to us men.

This also applies if a woman finds you attractive and wants to get to know you!

Exceptions prove the rule: men are paradoxically approached when other women are already following him in packs or he is so confident that he could easily approach any girl. This seems to be a particularly nasty law of the universe for "beginners&

But the rule is: Somewhere deep in her genetic code it is rooted that she is looking for the active man who makes the first move.

One who knows what he wants and how to achieve it, and who puts it into practice.

Approach women - relaxed and self-confident

How to approach women – relaxed and self-confident

Why do you find it difficult to approach strange women – even if you are not otherwise shy?? The answer goes back tens of thousands of years, when people lived in smaller hordes and every rejection was immediately known to the others. What the other "females" interpreted as weakness and looked elsewhere.

You, however, do not need to worry about it! If you get turned down when you approach a woman, it won’t be televised – and if it is. Who watches television anymore.

Theoretically, at least – practically, there’s that weird feeling that lingers, from a faint tingle to tangible fear. How do you defeat?

Learn to live with it and enjoy the excitement.

It will probably never go away completely.

We additionally apply a policy of small steps to get you on the road:

1. Prepare briefly. Write down a few sayings on a piece of paper if you’re afraid of the "empty head" thing. You can find examples in the free download and in the newsletter. Get in the mood: music or a cold shower or whatever else makes you really fit& Go on the road with a smile. The latter is extremely important.

2. Start with harmless things. If you are really shy, just walk through the shopping mall and make eye contact with every lady that comes your way. Next time say "Hi" or "Hello" to strange women. Ask any people for directions or the time. Ask where you can go in the evening – even if you know it. You should not approach only women you like in the beginning, just work on your communication skills.

3. Step up. Pay a compliment. You can start with sales clerks, they are friendly anyway. Then talk to the stranger on the street. You like her dress, her charisma, her smile. Or their tattoo:

How to approach women with compliments

Compliment for tattoo? Butterflies in the stomach ..

The reaction will probably surprise you in a positive way! You can also do this cheekily funny: "You look like a fashion designer … well, except for your shoes"& Smile while doing so!

4. Be a little more direct. You’ll have to anyway, because you can’t spend 2 hours asking for directions. "I think you’re cute", "I think you look stunning and wanted to find out if you were likable too".

Notes: If you don’t like the direct way, that’s fine too. It requires some courage. But I find it works best – when you really feel what you are saying.

If you want a little more guidance, sign up for the practice flirting course here:
Learn street flirting.

PS: If you ever run out of courage, download here the
download the free guide. There are tips in there that show you how to overcome this!

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