Kite building

kite building

If you decide to do it yourself, you can do the following learn a lot. This is how you can gain your first experience with different materials. Small kites are also quickly built. So you can get your kite flying let.

If you build your own kite and make it fly, you will gain your first experience of kite flying physical knowledge. And the joy is huge when it works!

Table of contents

material science

Different materials are suitable for kite making. The differ both in Price as well as in their Properties. You will find suggestions for the kite fabric, frame and kite line, and you will also receive Processing information.

Dragon fabric

kite building

kite building

A cheap natural material, that with all colors painted can be, paper is.

More beautiful, but a little more expensive kite pergamin, a translucent, shiny paper. You can buy this in wonderfully strong colors. It can be glued only with glue.

Paper is unfortunately not very weather- and tear-resistant.

This fabric is also a cheap natural material and can be made with fabric paints and silk paint painted as well as with batik colors dyed become. For processing is only Sewing recommended, because silk cannot be glued reliably. Although it is weatherproof, can, however, when falling e.g. into bushes tear easily. for kites that should be artistically designed, silk is a good tip.

Tyvek, also called paper fabric, is also inexpensive and can be done with fabric, poster paints or varnish painted become. dyeing with batik dyes does not work. Tyvek can be sewn with glued or stitched and is extremely weather and tear resistant. Tyvek is ideal for beginners and for building prototypes.

Spinnaker cloth
This is the optimal nylon fabric for high performance kites. spinnaker can be practically do not dye or paint, but is used in many colors offered. This material is extremely weather and tear resistant and can only sewn are.


kite building

kite building

A large part of the kites also has a frame, which gives the shape of the kite the necessary Strength gives. As materials serve primarily:

bamboo canes are light and right resistant to bending and Moisture. Bamboo is processed as cane or split cane. It must be taken into account that the poles have thickenings at regular intervals.

rods made of ramin are light and inexpensive and can be quite highly loaded become. Ramin wood has the Disadvantage, that it in damp weather or begins to swell when dropped into water.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
Fiberglass tubes or rods are considerably heavier and expensive than ramin or bamboo. They are extremely resilient and easy to work with. At sawing must however absolutely Protective mask must be worn, because the sawdust is very harmful to health. Likewise Gloves recommended because of the tiny fiberglass splinters.

Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber belongs to the easiest and most resilient materials for kite linkages and is therefore used in good High performance kite uses. Carbon fiber tubes or rods are expensive than glass fiber.

dragon leash

kite building

kite building

The Traction the dragon line must be on the dragon coordinated Its. Serve as materials:

Here should be the braided lines The polyester braided lines should be preferred to the twisted ones, because the polyester braided lines are more resistant to twisting. The ends of the strings are fused with heat (eg candle or lighter) against dissolving.

Kevlar / Twaron
Kevlar lines are expensive and extremely tear resistant, but hardly stretchable. This is important when controlling Stunt kite a big advantage. Beginner stunt kite pilots should definitely keep in mind that with accidents to humans and animals, due to the high tensile strength of the Kevlar line, considerable Injuries can arise. The lines are sensitive to UV light, so they should not be left in the sun unnecessarily.

Dyneema / Spectra
The properties of these lines are comparable with Kevlar. However, they are not UV light sensitive.


When making kites, be sure to exact symmetry and exact dimensions eighth. The help of an adult can be beneficial in this.

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