Learn german online for serbs: software for learning german with menu navigation in serbian

More than half a million people learn a new language with our language courses.
The reason for this success are the learning methods in our courses.
We worked on the methods for a long time until we were finally satisfied with them.
In your course to learn German you will find only learning methods that promise success and are fun:

Through the unique long-term memory learning method you will become comfortable within the shortest time learning German and be able to converse fluently in German.

Varied daily tasks and a huge selection of learning methods will motivate you to keep learning every single learning day.

In the Insider Learning Community from Sprachenlernen24 you can exchange with other learners and new friendships with like-minded people close.

What are the advantages of this German language course?
  • You learn important basic vocabulary:
    With this software you will learn about German 1.300 vocabulary words.
  • German Grammar Learn – easy to understand and well explained:
    In this German course you will find a grammar with over 120 learning units and many Exercise sheets to print.
    In addition, you can use the German grammar also as e-book download to your computer or print out for editing.
  • This is the latest version the software:
    The software was completely revised in 2020. More than 540.000 people learn with our language courses.
  • Dialogs and texts teach important conversational skills.
  • Serbs can learn German quickly with this course:
    The course is suitable for Beginners, Re-entry level and Advanced.
  • You learn with a successful method:
    More than 540.000 people learn about German with our language courses.
  • You will only find this at Sprachenlernen24:
    The menu navigation of this German course is in Serbian.
  • dialogues and texts teach you important conversational skills.
  • Learn German always and everywhere:
    The software works under Windows, Linux, macOS, iPad, Android tablets and Windows tablets.
  • 31 days money back guarantee:
    Test the language course without risk.
    If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

In this way you will quickly make progress with German:

Look for a German course that on all your devices and which you can use playfully, but at the same time quickly and effectively introduces you to the German language?

This language course will always provide you with all the content- according to your learning level present at the optimal time.

If you choose the basic course (German for beginners, A1/A2) you will learn 1300 vocabulary words and reach the level A2.

With the complete package there are whole 5000 vocabulary words and you will even reach level C2.

In the daily tasks you will first read and listen to the vocabulary words. Repetition is done alternately by showing and revealing the translation or by multiple choice.

Repeat new words in the following days so often that you can remember them never forget again. This is a fun way to memorize the translation, correct pronunciation, and spelling of words.

But words alone do not form a language, so you get to the vocabulary suitable texts to read and listen to faded in. Through a Sentence Builder also practice forming complete sentences.

In addition, you will gradually be presented with all German grammar presented. The chapters that build on each other are shown to you in the daily tasks. Afterwards, you will be presented with exercises so that you can memorize grammar rules quickly and easily.

In order for you to form the verbs correctly, the course also includes a verb trainer integrated with which you practice verb tenses.

And to make it the easiest for you, you will be provided with all content automatically presented so that you always continue learning at the optimal point. Whether you study for three minutes or an hour a day is up to you.

In addition, there are many elements that motivate you to continue learning: There is a sophisticated point system for each learned word. The longer you study per day, the more points you get per word. And if you study for several days without interruption, you will be rewarded extra.

you can compare yourself with other learners after each learning unit and exchange the points for rewards – similar to a frequent flyer program.
And every day you learn extra long, a new surprise awaits you at the end. In addition, you will be motivated to study even longer than the previous day, because you will also receive valuable extra points and thus more rewards for doing so.

The vocabulary is attractively illustrated and were recorded in the recording studio by professional German speakers – there is no computer voice as with some other providers.

In our Learning Community you can also exchange information with others and find a learning partner.

The course is an online course and you can Use as you like on a computer, smartphone or tablet and switch devices at any time.
And after you have actively learned, you can use the "Audio trainer of new and today not known words" start. By the way, you will listen to and repeat the vocabulary in Serbian and German again. This will help you to consolidate the words.

In a short time you will be able to speak German fluently through the course.
You will understand all the words and never forget.
You’ll find it easy to form complete sentences and enjoy conversing in German.

These are the advantages you will have if you have studied the German-Basis and German-Advanced course:

  • You improve your chances in your job, because you can now fluent and business fluent German speak.
  • You now have the ability to, to be able to work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland at any time – either immediately, or later, if times get worse in your line of business.
  • Flirt in German and you will get to know many interesting people- and maybe even someone for life!
  • If you live in a bilingual relationship, improve your communication with each other by speaking perfect German.
  • Expand your horizons by traveling to Austria, Germany, or through Switzerland, there all people understand and can converse fluently with the local population.
  • Watch movies and television in German, as if it were your mother tongue.
  • Read for pleasure books in German.
  • Scientific research has shown that a higher level of learning increase your quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Train your brain. Studies have shown that language learning in old age prevent dementia and Alzheimer helps.

Learning German with this software is motivating!
These are three of many reasons:

Our software for learning German is very motivating.
There are many reasons for this – we would like to introduce three of them here:

  1. This is unique!
    Only this language course works with the Long-term method from Language Learning24.
  2. This is fun!
    The daily tasks in this language course offer you every day new tests and exercises.
  3. This is a great community!
    Through the forum of this language course you have access to the large Learning community of Sprachenlernen24:
    Here you can ask questions, make new contacts and find learning partners.

The long-term memory learning method of Sprachenlernen24:

The Long-term memory learning method is based on the learn the latest findings from learning research to learn German.

With this method you will learn from scratch all the vocabulary of the German course and repeat them systematically, until they are stored in your long-term memory.
This will make you these German vocabulary in your life never forget again.

  1. A new word will be asked every day until you find it know at first go.
  2. then after further 2 days;
  3. after that after further 4 days;
  4. then after further 8 days;
  5. and then going to 16 days.
  • via Text input, if you want to practice very thoroughly and also become perfect in writing
  • per Flash repetition: Simply click on whether you knew a word or not
  • or by multiple choice: In this learning method you are presented with several similar words from which you have to choose the right one.

Daily tasks for learning German:

The daily tasks guide you on each learning day – according to your learning level – through all lessons of your language course.
Before you start learning, choose how long you want to learn German today.

With the help of the long-term memory learning method of Sprachenlernen24 you will now be able to all learning contents of the language course presented one after the other in a logical sequence:

So that the daily tasks every day exciting and innovative These different learning topics are not dealt with in separate blocks, but are instead combined according to the subject matter and the level of fluency according to their learning level presented in a mixed way. This is how your daily learning experience stays always interesting and makes you want to learn German a few minutes longer.

You do not want to learn German alone?
Join the Sprachenlernen24 learning community!

After finishing a learning day you have the possibility to transfer your score online.
This is possible free of charge; you do not need to register for this.

You can train yourself with it compare with others.
Here you can see current best list of all learners (of all courses) who have transferred their learning level.

Similar to a frequent flyer program, the points in the course can also be divided into over 50 valuable bonuses redeem.

The more you learn, the more bonuses you will earn!

You can also use the Sprachenlernen24 insider learning community exchange with other learners and new friendships with like-minded people close.

You can finding a tandem partner from Germany and support and motivate each other in learning.

You can also interesting friendships socialize with other German learners or people from Germany.

vocabulary trainer with over 1.300 German vocabulary words:
You will learn an extensive basic vocabulary

The most important thing in learning a new language is the vocabulary.

In this German course you will learn a useful and extensive basic vocabulary.
Based on this you will soon be able to form and understand simple sentences.

You will learn the most important German words on these topics:

Family- taking care of children- animal names- school and university- conversation- make new friends an evening at the cinema- write a letter- Sightseeing- city stroll- Visit to the museum- understand a German weather report- the German pronouns- time in German- ordering on the internet- Craft- Common German adjectives and how to increase them- ask for directions in German- money- ordering in a restaurant and asking for the bill- Reading and understanding menus in German- communication knowledge- Making a phone call- book a flight- at the airport- travel in Germany by bus, train, plane- buying tickets in German Countries- Crime- Clothes- Fashion- Behavior in case of accidents- the human body- injuries and illnesses- in the pharmacy- Fruit- Vegetables- buy groceries- greet someone politely in German& introduce yourself- useful German phrases- Learn numbers and counting in German- the most important German verbs- sports- shopping- cooking- organize excursions- interior design- at the hotel- days of the week, months and seasons in German- on the road with the car- at the gas station- and much more!

With this course you will learn about 1.300 German words.

Perfect for learning German vocabulary:
In this German course, you will find a picture dictionary Serbian-German

Learning German is not easy, we know that for sure!
But we have found a great solution to make learning German easier for you!

With our basic German course you learn over 1.300 German vocabulary words.

To help you remember these vocabulary words, we have found pictures to go with the words.

Try it right now!

Start learning German right away:

We have collected here important vocabulary in German with a matching picture for you:

Great how easy it is to learn German!

In our basic course "German for Serbs" all vocabulary is illustrated.

  • You will first learn the German word.
    With one click you can hear the pronunciation of the word in German.
  • Next to it you will find a suitable picture that explains this word.
  • On the right side next to the picture you can read the translation in Serbian.

Our vocabulary lists are perfectly prepared for learning.
We support you with the dubbing in German and the picture perfectly in learning.

Try it out:
You will quickly realize that with our language course you will learn German much faster than before!

Learn German with German native speakers!

Do you know what is the best thing about our language course??

Listen to all vocabulary and dialog texts in this course!
German native speakers speak every word and sentence for you.
Just repeat it and you will understand the learn german pronunciation very fast!

In this German course you will learn over 1.300 vocabulary words set to music and 42 dialog texts.
learning to speak German- with clear and accent-free pronunciation.

Try it out right now!

Start learning German immediately:
Here a German native speaker speaks the German alphabet to you.
Listen to the recording and repeat the German alphabet right away!

Great how easy it is to learn German!

With this course you will learn German grammar step by step!

When learning German grammar, practice makes perfect!

Also included in the course: German grammar as an e-book

German grammar at a glance

With us you will master the challenges of German grammar!

Learn German at your own pace!

This grammar textbook covers 8 major topics

Learn German 32.9% faster with Superlearning music

Your German learning will be accelerated by Next generation superlearning meditation music.
You listen to music through which you deeply relaxed are.

Within a very short time you will be in the flow:
You will be completely calm, take a deep breath and feel concentrate completely on German vocabulary can.

You can also longer concentrate on the German course than without Superlearning music, because you will be less distracted.

The so-called "Binaural Beats" has been integrated into the music technology, through which you will remember the words much better.

We therefore recommend, to practice with headphones, because only then can the music have its full effect.

You can also use the Superlearning music independent of the German language course use it when you z.B. concentrate on your work.

And of course you can use the Superlearning music anytime you want on and off, if you prefer to learn without music.

An online course for all your devices: laptop, tablet and smartphone

You can download the Serbian online course at use all your devices and switch back and forth between these devices at will.

You can start the language course on any smartphone (Android, iPhone), any tablet (iPad, Android or Windows) and every computer use with Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Linux or Mac OS.

With the online course you always learn in place continue where you left off last time have stopped- independent of the device.

Our 31-day money-back guarantee:

Convenient and immediate delivery

Frequently asked questions

. to the German for Serbs language course

  • What is all included in this German for Serbs language course?

The German course includes on the one hand the online course, which you can use with any browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Additionally get one Audio trainer, with which you learn and repeat all German vocabulary independently of the online course by listening to it, for example while driving a car.

The German Basic Course (A1/A2) includes 1300 vocabulary words, authentic texts and dialogues, detailed grammar and countless learning methods, technology through which you learn the language in a playful way.

With this basic course you will reach level A2 of the European Reference Framework.
If you choose the German Complete Package, you will learn even 5000 vocabulary words and bring your language level up to C2.

Our research has shown that 17 minutes is the ideal learning time for our language courses:

17 minutes of highly concentrated daily work is the best balance of time-saving learning and quick learning success – try it out!

But of course you can also learn longer or shorter as you like, just as you wish and can arrange yourself.

in the daily tasks, which are presented to you automatically and adapted to your individual learning level, read and listen to the vocabulary first.

The repetition is done alternately by Fade in and reveal the translation or by Multiple choice exercises.
Furthermore we present you here exercises on sentence structure and the use of adjectives.

A separate Verbtrainer shows you the conjugation and use of tenses in German.
In addition, you will gradually all the German grammar presented.

The grammar chapters that build on each other are also shown to you in the daily exercises.
Afterwards, you will also be presented with exercises for this, so that you can quickly and easily memorize the grammar rules.

Unlike other online course providers we offer no subscription model to.
This means that we are not interested in tying you to us for as many months as possible to get your money out of your pocket.

With us you pay once and still have guaranteed access for 10 years on your online course.
(Of course, every update is included in the price during these 10 years). So you always have access to our latest software.)

Furthermore, all vocabulary and texts have been set to music by professional German speakers:
You will not hear computer-generated audio in your language course as with some other providers, but the authentic, actually spoken language.

Our Superlearning technology guarantees an um 32% faster learning success through concentrated, highly efficient work full of the joy of learning.

The music puts your brain in a meditative alpha state, making it extra receptive and also helps you to learn in a completely relaxed way.

You will be more relaxed afterwards than before, despite the learning load.

Here are some screenshots of the course, each for smartphone, computer and tablet:

Learn German online for Serbs: Software for learning German with menu navigation in Serbian

An average adult Spends three hours a day watching TV or streaming.
If you take just one hour out of it, you will already see fast progress.
And if you then watch an hour of movies or a series in German, you will progress even faster.

In addition, we require on average Half an hour per day for the way to work and wait 15 minutes at the supermarket checkout, at the doctor’s office, in a restaurant or on public transport.
Also you can easily use this time for learning, as you can use the online course in all these situations with your smartphone.

And if you don’t have a hand free because you’re jogging or driving, you can simply learn via the audio trainer.

With this course, it really doesn’t matter how talented you are, because it gives you a system that all the content always repeated at the optimal time.

New words, dialog texts and grammar are presented to you in perfect portions.
This allows you to learn the new language at breathtaking speed.

With the Basic German Course you will Level A1+A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (new window):

You will prepare yourself with this basic language course for common communication situations you will encounter in Germany.
By learning the basic vocabulary you will understand clear and simple sentences.
You will be able to converse and communicate in writing using simple sentences.

Together with the German advanced course (Deutsch fur Fortgeschrittene), you will reach the Level B1+B2 of the European Framework of Reference.

If you choose the complete package for German, you will even bring your language level up to Level C2.

To the reference level:
Since 2001 there are European-wide standards, with which the level of language courses is measured.
These standards from the Common European Framework were set by the Council of Europe to standardize the language reference level for language skills across countries.
Our language courses have been developed according to these European-wide guidelines.

. to the software of Sprachenlernen24

  • On which devices can I use the German course?

The online course works under Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), macOS and Linux, on which iPhone and iPad as well as on Android smartphones and Android tablets.

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