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Write an application in German

am looking for work in a German speaking country and want to apply for a job? Or do you have a German exam coming up soon and want to prepare for the "written expression" part of the exam? If so, here is everything you need to know about writing a job application.

Examination part: Written expression

Starting from language level B1, but especially in level B2, writing a job application is a frequent topic in the written expression exam. You can prepare this essay very well with sentences that serve as building blocks for your application. You only have to complete the sentences with the information from the respective job advertisement. The length of the text in exams is about 140 to 180 words.

Look at the structure of an application. Read all the sentences and then do the exercises! At the end you will find all model phrases for an application also as a PDF to download.

Application for a job

You can write your own application with the following sentences.

Header: Personal data and employer

Name and surname
Street, house number
Zip code, city of residence
Phone number
E-mail address

Date and subject

Bonn, 12. May 2019

Application as… (identification number/reference number 353635)
Application for the position as..


Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear Mr…, (If the contact person is known)
Dear Ms…, (If the contact person is known)

Introduction: What is it about??

I have read with great interest the job advertisement of your company/authority, in which you are looking for a…

I would like to apply for this job as …
I would like to apply for the position advertised by you as a…
I hereby apply for the position advertised by you as a… (reference number:37810).

Body A: Who Am I? What can I do? (According to the requirements in the job advertisement)

I have very good written and oral German skills (B2 diploma), which I am currently improving in a C1 course.

In addition, I speak fluent English and French at B2 level.

I am currently improving my German/IT/EDP skills in an advanced course lasting several months.
I have deepened/expanded my… skills in an advanced course lasting several months.

In the course of an internship/continuing education/training, I have familiarized myself with the latest methods/the latest research/the latest technologies.

In the course of my internship I have acquired …
In the course of my previous professional activities, I have become familiar with …
During this activity I have acquired knowledge in…

In the course of my studies, thanks to several internships, I have acquired knowledge in…

Main part B: What can I do? (in relation to the tasks in the job advertisement)

I am happy to take on responsibility, but at the same time I attach great importance to teamwork, in which communication with each other plays an important role.

I also enjoyed and successfully worked in a team in my previous job.

I am able to work both independently and in a team on projects.

My strengths include adaptability and a high degree of resilience.
My strengths include flexibility and great reliability.

I like to work in direct contact with clients and have many years of experience in this field.

Thanks to an internship I did with you last year, I have already gained a personal impression of the tasks and requirements in your company.

Final sentence and farewell

I am convinced that I will meet the requirements you will place on me to your complete satisfaction.

I look forward to your reply.
I am pleased about the invitation to an interview.
I would be very pleased to receive an invitation to an interview.

Yours sincerely
Kind regards

Write application – model as PDF

For home use and for German lessons, you can download the free PDF on the topic of writing a job application download.

Writing a job application – exercises for B1, B2 and C1

In the following exercises you will learn step by step the most important phrases for a job application. In exercises 1 to 6 you will learn certain aspects, then in exercise 7 you will practice the most important sentences of a job application.

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