Learning biology – tips and learning methods

We continue in our "… learning" series with biology: it is a fascinating subject, which at the same time gives many learners headaches. If you feel the same way, then you should read on and find out how to improve your exam results. If this is your first time on our blog and you haven’t read the previous articles from this series, be sure to check out Learn History, Learn Physics, and Learn French Online.

The subject of biology teaches us how nature and our body works. A good starting point is the admiration of the perfection of nature and the origin of life. With this Setting you are ready to implement the following 5 learning methods.

Tips for learning biology

#1: Learning technical terms

One of the most difficult parts of learning biology are the many different and sometimes complicated technical terms. Coelenterata, eukaryotes, aneuploidy, and so on. In order to understand all the concepts, we must first become familiar with the terms. A good approach to this is to use the Identify the root of more complex words.

Also, it is recommended that you research the meaning of the terms and write down, whenever you come across an unknown word. Well suited for this are z.B. flashcards you also sort by topics and shortly before the exam repeat can.

#2: From the general to the specific

If you want to learn biology effectively, you first need to study understand general concepts before diving deeper into the subject matter. For example, you need to understand what makes a mammal before you can say exactly what makes primates.

To successfully remember the differences and the connections, mindmaps are great to use. Information can thus be structured and illustrated.

#3: Visit the lab

Put what you learn into practice! Pay a visit to a laboratory now and then, experiment and be curious. The theory you learn will be more likely to stick and you will remember it more easily. Words can be easily forgotten, but experiences are more likely to be remembered.

#4: Use sketches

We’ve already written about this point in our Learn Physics article, but the same is true for biology as well. Sketches and drawings can provide clarity and Clarify concepts that are difficult to express in words. Get in the habit of incorporating sketches into your papers when studying biology.

#5: go through old exams

Ask classmates, fellow students, teachers or lecturers for old exams. Biology exams can look very different and it is therefore important to know, exactly what is required of you and what you can expect. Having to write a multiple-choice test, answer open-ended questions, or prove your skills in the lab? Leave nothing to chance. Practice, practice and more practice.

If you follow this advice when learning biology, and approach learning with a positive attitude and a dose of curiosity, you should have no trouble on future exams. How about you? Do you have any other tips that we should include?

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