Let the kite fly: tips and ideas for kite festivities

Reading Time: 2 minutes Autumn has arrived and with it the time to fly kites – fun for the whole family. But which dragon is suitable? Should you just buy one? Where to fly the kite? Read here some ideas on how to organize a kite party yourself.

Flying Kites: Tips and ideas for kite festival

Autumn is traditionally the time to fly kites. But not everywhere is the opportunity to participate in a kite festival. Organize your own party. A short notice with date and meeting place and you’re ready to go!

Make kites yourself: The utensils

It is nice when the celebration begins with the construction of the kite. For this you can buy kits in relevant stores, or you reflect on your own childhood and build the kite all by yourself. You will need two strips of light wood, a piece of strong string, some glue and strong paper and a roll of fishing line.

If you don’t want to be satisfied with the very simple kites, you can also find suggestions or. Building plans on the Internet.

Instructions: make your own kite

But we want to make a simple kite. For this purpose, the strips are connected to each other in a crosswise fashion and the string is tied around them at the ends. Thus, a basic framework is created, which is placed on a large sheet of paper. Now cut off about five centimeters of the string surrounding the cross and fold it backwards over the string. Coat the inside with glue and press it down tightly.

The kite is almost ready. Attach a piece of string about 1.5 m long to one long end and knot paper loops on the string. Now attach another string once at the top and bottom of the kite and once from right to left. At the point of intersection, tie the reel with the fishing line and the kite is ready to fly. Of course, it is more beautiful when it is painted colorfully. Whether a funny face or a play of colors, maybe even a bird, there are no limits to the imagination.

Competition in kite flying

All children can build such a kite at the beginning of the kite festival. Then small competitions are held. Who has the most beautiful kite? Who can launch his kite first? Whose kite rises the highest? When all kites are in the air, it makes a beautiful picture and it is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

The right place for the kite festival

Please note, however, that kites must not be launched near power lines and that the length of the fishing line and thus the height of the possible ascent is limited. If you can invite an experienced kite maker and get him to demonstrate something with his kites, the party is complete. And who knows, maybe it will become a tradition?

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