Miracle elixir and stink bomb

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© Fotolioa: Compost manure

Take . . .", this is said not only in cooking or health guides, but also in gardening advice. Especially when it comes to infusions and broths. The most versatile is the nettle liquid manure – a true miracle elixir for a green paradise. But also otherwise this "weed" can be controlled excellent to use in the garden.

Nettle liquid manure

Nettle liquid manure increases the resistance of all garden plants. For the liquid manure you need about one kilo of fresh nettles per ten liters, which you "ferment" for about 14 days lets. As soon as the foam has disappeared, the liquid manure is diluted 1 : 10 and applied to the roots.

I use large barrels half filled with fresh herbs for this purpose. The nettles are doused with rainwater and sprinkled a few times with primary rock flour. Fermentation begins very quickly, the contents soon resemble true stink bombs.

Growth is encouraged

But the effect is enormous. Plants with pale, light green leaves suddenly begin to grow after a few castings of nettle. Scientists have found few ingredients in the liquid manure, but this activates blocked substances in the soil and thus promotes growth. My tip: Apply late in the evening, then "evaporates" the stench until the morning.

There are other uses of the herb: for example, nettle mulch is a perfect material for covering the soil. Under tomatoes finely chopped leaves, for this do not use flowering or seed-bearing plants, sprinkle in a layer of three to five centimeters. The soil remains moist and the soil life is activated. For the earthworm this mulch is a favorite food, it produces a nutrient-rich earthworm humus from the dried herbage and the soil. Parade tomatoes, but also cucumbers, peppers or pumpkins can not fare better.

Compost liquid manure

An easy to make slurry is also the so-called compost slurry: Add a few shovels of ripe compost to a bucket of water and let it stand for several days. This elixir is also diluted 1 : 10 and poured directly to the plants. This is an excellent flower fertilizer that can be used for potted plants, balcony flowers, but also for herbs and in the vegetable garden.

Some gardeners swear by another "secret recipe": they fill all the weeds that accumulate in a barrel and let them ferment – as with nettle liquid manure. The weed liquid manure is said to have a similar – some even claim an even greater – effect. Again, the dilution key is 1 : 10, the liquid manure is never sprayed over the leaves, but always poured directly onto the soil.

Those who have taken precautions will now have less and less to do. The most important work:

Pour, pour and pour again: Rain in between brings a little relief, but potted plants and balcony cisterns must still be supplied with water.

Do not forget to fertilize potted plants and balcony flowers: From July, the permanent fertilizer often wears off and then must be "fed" The most important work is to use the stinging nettle liquid manure, otherwise the flowering will be over or diseases will appear.

Tomatoes water daily with lukewarm water, keeping the leaves as dry as possible.

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