Miscarriage: what if the pregnancy ends abruptly?

Miscarriage and stillbirth | What if the pregnancy ends abruptly?

Why a dead child must also be born

When the anticipation of having a baby ends abruptly with a miscarriage, it is a terrible experience for every woman Photo: peter brauers – stock.adobe.com

A miscarriage is the early end of a pregnancy Pregnancy! It happens before the unborn baby is viable outside the uterus.

For most parents a catastrophe! They grieve very much for their baby.

Miscarriages are unfortunately frequent. Almost every third pregnancy ends like this. Often even unnoticed. Women get their bleeding a little late and do not even know that they were pregnant.

Why does a miscarriage happen?

A common cause of early miscarriages in the first months are disorders in the genetic material of the unborn child, which would make it non-viable.

When unborn babies die in the womb toward the end of pregnancy, it can also be due to metabolic disorders in the mother or a looping of the umbilical cord, cutting off the baby’s oxygen supply.

What does the doctor do in case of a miscarriage?

If an embryo dies in the first three months of a pregnancy, doctors can either wait and examine the affected woman regularly, or a scraping of the uterus ("curettage") is done immediately.

In advanced stages of pregnancy, the woman must deliver the baby naturally, this process is induced with medication.

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Why do dead fetuses have to be born?

The child is not delivered by cesarean section because the risk of complications is much higher in such an early stage of pregnancy.

The uterus is still quite small and the muscle layer is thick, a cesarean section at this stage can promote problems in later pregnancies.

Does stress play a role in miscarriages?

Sometimes yes. There are psychological reasons for miscarriages. Some women have recurrent miscarriages for which there are no medical reasons.

Pretty sure it also plays a role Strength of the desire to have children a role. Some couples put themselves under a lot of pressure. This can lead to making pregnancies more difficult, but also to losing the children prematurely.

Does age matter?

Thanks to modern medicine, the risk of miscarriage in older women is no longer as high as it used to be.

Pregnancies between 30 and 40 are the norm today. On average, women give birth ten years later than in 1970. Reproductive medicine, prenatal care and obstetrics have now adapted to the increasing age of mothers.

But: If you are well over 40 and still wish to have a child, it is still better to consult your doctor (if possible beforehand).

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How soon to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

According to the experts, there is nothing against sexual intercourse soon after a miscarriage – as long as the woman feels physically able to do so. However, couples should not rush it and give themselves time. Closeness and affection may be the better choice in the days following a miscarriage.

★ However, a renewed pregnancy soon and the resulting joy can also help after a miscarriage to get over the grief of a failed pregnancy.

Should affected couples seek psychological help??

This is advisable if you notice that the loss will burden you for a longer period of time. Therapy does not always have to last for many months or even years. Often even a few sessions help. The significance and severity of a miscarriage for couples is not easy to assess. Affected couples should consult with their physician about.

How do I explain to family and friends??

Keep the circle small! Those who did not know about the pregnancy do not have to be informed about a miscarriage either. In the family you should be open. This takes the pressure off the unpleasant topic for all involved.

If you have grieving parents in your circle of friends or family, you should always keep in mind: For the parents who have lost a child, this baby is an irreplaceable loss. So you should not try to comfort them with the prospect of "many more children".

When should the pregnancy be announced?

The reason why many women do not announce their pregnancy until after the third month has something to do with the fear of losing the child after all. The risk of miscarriage is highest in the first three months.

That is why 13. Week a good time to go outside with the beautiful news. But if you prefer to share your happiness sooner, or even wait longer, that’s also right.

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