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A letter for you

Maggie receives a miraculous letter completely unexpectedly and sets out to find its writer. A journey that will change their lives forever.

Our Media Library tip for you: When young Maggie unexpectedly receives a miraculous letter, she sets out to find its writer. A journey that will change their lives forever.

Maggie doesn’t think of herself as a special, awesome person. Anyway, she can never seem to live up to her parents’ expectations: Her mother never says anything nice to her and her relationship with her father doesn’t exist at all since her parents’ divorce. She somehow gets by at school, but is not always honest and rebellious. And right now she has only one thing on her mind: singing in her band. What does her future look like there?

In the midst of this challenging life situation, something unexpected happens: a letter from a complete stranger named Sam Worthington is written directly to her. What he writes to her in it does not remain without effect. An unknown person seems to know Maggie better than she even knows herself. How is it possible? Maggie sets out on a journey to find the letter writer – a journey that will change her life, and herself, forever.

"A letter for you" is a beautiful, outstanding film for the whole family (FSK: from 0). An hour and 25 minutes in the process takes you into an unpredictable story right from the heart of life and full of unexpected twists from the pen of refreshingly authentic film producer Christian Vuissa.

The film’s producer and excellent ensemble of actors

Vuissa graduated from Brigham Young University and is best known for producing films in the faith and family genre From. Christian is particularly gifted at creating stories related to faith, family and life in such a powerful way that the fundamental longing of almost every human being is expressed in his films, including "A Letter for You" ("The Letter Writer") "Baptists at Our Barbecue", "A Good Man" or "Plates of Gold" reflects. Vuissa himself said about his goal as a film producer: "My intention as a filmmaker is to portray real people; people you can relate to. I am interested in exploring humanity in everyday situations and experiences".

About the film "A Letter for You a us film critic writes the following personal review: "The miracle of "Forever with You" is subtle. It touches your heart like a gentle rain. The crazy thing about a Christian Vuissa movie, and it’s definitely in "Forever With You" ("The Letter Writer") again, is that you sit there watching the movie and think to yourself, "Boy, this is pretty basic and essential.", that seemingly out of nowhere, tears run down your cheeks and you realize what a wonderful movie is unfolding before your eyes." (Source:

Lead actress Aley Underwood shines with a remarkable portrayal of Maggie’s transformation. In the beginning, she portrays Maggie as a very selfish and rebellious teenager. Then, when Maggie meets the letter writer, a change in her nature, personality, demeanor and behavior begins from that moment forward. Aley Underwood plays it so convincingly and incredibly soulfully that her body language, facial expressions and even the tonality of her singing changes noticeably. See for yourself how well she manages to do this.

Aley is surrounded by an excellent ensemble of actors. The wonderful Bernie Diamend, who portrays Sam Worthington, the letter-writer, is an essential part of this. A seemingly grumpy older gentleman who is all too aware that he can make a difference in other people’s lives in the time he and they have left to do so. Actress Pam Eicher is convincing in her portrayal of a frustrated mother who has become hard and who herself blossoms again in the course of the change she experiences in her daughter’s life. This is especially evident in a very quiet scene between mother and daughter towards the end of the film, which is heartrending and extremely emotional. See the film and experience this moment for yourself.

"A Letter for You" Is a powerful, inspiring drama full of humanity, warmth, encouragement and inspiration.

Awards and nominations of the feature film "A Letter for You"

  • Winner "Best of Show, Accolade Awards, California"
  • Winner "Audience Choice Award, Lancaster Children’s Film Festival, England"
  • Winner of the Love Unlimited Film Festival, California
  • Official Selection International Family Film Festival, California,
  • Official Selection Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt
  • Official Selection Green Bay Film Festival, Wisconsin
  • Official Selection Tiburon International Film Festival, California
  • Official Selection Greenville International Film Festival

This is what viewers write about the film (source Amazon.en):

"What a wonderful and great film Do you know this feeling: you watch a film and you can’t get away from the content and the main actors?. This film is indeed brilliant, the main actors are great, the script is perfect, the camerawork is steady and you just feel the whole film. It is really worth it: you have to try it out. I have done it. I gave some people a small letter with nice and uplifting words. The reactions exceeded my expectations. The film shows a grandiose idea of how we can get along better and more easily with other people. And even meet new people or friends. My family and I – we love this wonderful movie. Please buy and be as enthusiastic."

"We need encouragers This film should be watched by as many parents as possible whose children are going through puberty. This film shows what matters most in helping young people cope with puberty:
Not criticism is called for, but encouragement.
We should not focus on the weaknesses of young people, but on their strengths, encourage them, support them and confirm them in what they are doing. That’s exactly what this film does, telling the story of how an old man’s words change a young girl’s heart. I can wholeheartedly recommend this film."

"Very interesting A story that is very entertaining because so unusual and not predictable! A teenager who is not very happy receives a touching letter from a stranger. With this the girl is very surprised and encouraged. But if you think that it will make everything better, you are very mistaken. It must pass many new tests to grow from it. I especially liked that every scene was so unpredictable and therefore also entertaining!"

"Tears I watched the film and was touched to the core. The tears just flowed. The film shows important messages and that these can come from anyone. The world would be brighter if we would all behave like this.
Thank you for so much depth and feeling. A message was sensationally packaged – faith in everyone!"

"A letter for you I liked the film very much because it is not so superficial. It reveals the desires and aspirations of youth, but also leads the way in a very beautiful and in-depth way to what makes life rich. He shows that inner values can easily be won, if you think away from yourself and let your attention fall on what is happening around you, i.e. at our side. This older gentleman conveyed wonderfully what matters in life – and it was beautifully portrayed how this affected the young girl.
A good film for those who value inner values. According to the motto: "If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself"."

"Simple gesture – just a few lines can change your life. As in this film, a simple but beautifully told story with a main actor who could not see the film because he died after the shooting, but he would have liked it.
The film shows that you should give your gifts to others. Simply beautiful and a little sad!"

"A silent film that touches For some, this film may tell a nice loving story, for those who enjoy and perceive this film with an open heart and open ears, universal wisdoms of our life open up. A silent film that touches and connects. No need for famous actors or grand special effects."

"A film with a deeper meaning The film really gives the impression that you can make people happy, even if you can’t do much, don’t have that much money or are just older. What a few kind words on a piece of paper can do to someone who just might have been missing that little nicety in their life. A very valuable film."

"Totally the beautiful film So first of all, the product arrived well packaged and undamaged with us. The film is really very beautiful, makes you think and helps to rethink. I can only recommend."

"Very very nice A film that reminds you once again what matters in life and that anyone can be successful if they use their key correctly. Really a film that goes to the heart."

"Really good film! Very, very positive film, which I will pass on especially to young people. Super message, well realized (even if predictable) and authentic protagonists."

"Great, touching film with a good message Christian films are sometimes not convincing in quality. This film is different, it is really well made and very touching and conveys good statements. I watched it with a group of 5 girls (8-11) and they all loved it."

"Worth seeing Very moving film. Beautiful story. An elderly, lonely senior writes letters to people he doesn’t know and manages to move many a heart. worth seeing. "

"Beautiful and inspiring film With depth. I would certainly look at him more than 1x."

"A really great film with great actors. Partly funny and partly very sad, so there is something for every taste. Highly recommended."

"A wonderful and very differentiated film Maggy has brought it in her last song to the point. There is something angelically good in everyone.
And that’s how the story develops in this film."

"Great A wonderful film. A sensitive and profound story. A real enrichment! In a time when everyone seems not to care about each other, this film does you good."

"Teens watch out As a teenager today, it’s not easy not to be a follower. But it goes and it’s important.
Good message to our youth."

"Very emotional, but beautiful An emotional film that helps young people in particular to understand that they are valuable and conveys the call to find one’s gifts and talents and share them with their fellow human beings."

"Super movie The film is ablolut super** and should inspire to rethinking . "

"To reflect Great actors, film worth seeing in this day and age, this film has touched me very much, I will definitely recommend it to others."

""I hope you know you are deeply loved…" The schoolgirl and hobby singer Maggy does not have it easy. Her math grades are getting worse, she fights with her mom a lot, and she has had little contact with her dad since her parents divorced. One day Maggy receives a letter from a Sam Worthington she does not know. The letter fascinates her: Sam seems to be the only one who has something nice to say about her. His letter is sensitive, warm and full of love. Full of curiosity, Maggy sets out to find this unknown man and learns through him what it means to use one’s talent.

At the beginning I found Maggy a little too rebellious. But after just a few scenes, I was able to see her as the letter writer sees her too: As an extraordinary, beautiful girl, deeply loved by God. My special favorite person is also Sam Worthington, played by Bernie Diamond. The old man is humorous, despite his old age very open, fearless and full of joie de vivre. I enjoyed the conversations between Maggy and Sam, as they complement each other very well and learn from each other, not only because of their age. Also, it was very nice to watch a movie without a developing love story between a boy and a girl for once.

Most scenes are accompanied by calm, pleasant music. When Maggy’s band plays, however, there is also faster, louder music to be heard, so there should be some music for everyone’s taste."

The film is very emotional because of the beautifully written letter and Maggy’s transformation. She learns what it means to act selflessly and make other people happy. From this she eventually gets her self-confidence and learns to go her own way without boyfriend, girlfriend and band. Especially the scenes towards the end have moved me very much and the last minutes some tears flowed.

Conclusion: A beautiful, emotional film not only for music lovers, but for all people who are looking for a quiet, deep film to reflect on."

"A great and also sad film. But very worthwhile to look at it. I can only recommend it. Top"

"A letter for you, for everyone A film that gives everyone the feeling to work on themselves and to develop their talents! Seeing, understanding and then loving!"

"Beautiful film More words are not needed – look at him! A very touching film, which offers a change from the TV program and the comedies and action films from the cinema. Clear recommendation!"

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