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Get drunk faster

Today we’d like to address an interesting question, "How do you get drunk faster??". The background of this question is unknown to us. But we will explain in a structured and clear way how to "get drunk faster". What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.

Part 1 of 3: Choosing the right beverages

Monitor the ethanol content. Different beers, ciders and other strong drinks have different alcohol content; if you want to get drunk quickly, choose drinks with a high ethanol content. This level is usually indicated on one side of the bottle; a high number means you are more likely to reach a state of intoxication quickly.

  • Strong beers often have an alcohol content of 15-18% and tend to be produced by small, independent breweries rather than large companies.
  • Beers with an alcohol content of about 11% are also quite strong. If you can’t get a drink with 15-18% alcohol, at least try to consume something with about 11%.

Do not forget your limits. A few strong beers can really push you to your limits, so slow down your drinking pace as soon as you feel "tipsy".

Insider tip: Choose cocktails with light drinks.

Mixing spirits with sugar-free soft drinks, so-called diet or light drinks, allows you to reach a state of intoxication faster. This is because normal drinks are "recognized" by the body as food, slowing down the absorption of alcohol, while diet drinks are not metabolized by the body as food, so the alcohol is absorbed quickly.

People don’t necessarily notice that they get drunk faster when they drink cocktails with alcohol and "light" drinks.

Try spirits with carbonation.

This type of drink can help you in your efforts; order champagne, spritzer, or another cocktail with bubbles. Carbonated spirits include champagne, sparkling wine, spritzers and cocktails with tonic water.

Opt for strong spirits instead of beer. These products get you drunk faster because they have a higher alcohol content. In particular, it is useful for your purpose to consume shots, as they allow you to ingest a high dose of ethanol in a short period of time.

Remember that drinks can be stronger or weaker depending on the policy of the bar you visit. For example, some bartenders pour far more than a single serving of alcohol when making mixed cocktails.
You can also order a "double" version of the drink so you get two cans in one drink. If you want to drink more and drink faster, this is a good technique to use.

Liquors likewise have a high alcohol content; abusing them will make you feel sick, so try not to drink more than one or two.

Part 2 of 3: Eating and drinking effectively

Drink in a relaxed manner. High levels of stress can slow down the process of getting drunk. Doing something stressful or experiencing an anxiety-provoking situation while drinking may hinder your goal.

Try to calm down before a late-night binge. Before going out, engage in an activity that usually relaxes you: Watch your favorite TV show, read a book, or do some deep breathing exercises.

Go out with friends who help you relax and who don’t add to your stress; if you’re with people who trigger anxiety, you may not get drunk as quickly.

Eat properly before a "good night". Alcohol should never be consumed on an empty stomach, as this is very dangerous; however, do not binge eat before going out. Food slows the body’s ability to absorb alcohol; if you start drinking after eating too much, it will take longer to get drunk.

Eat a light meal a few hours before you start drinking. Choose z. B. A salad with chicken, a light sandwich, a portion of fish or a small pasta.

Never drink on an empty stomach. While it is a safe way to quickly reach a state of euphoria, it also increases the likelihood of feeling ill. This behavior seriously endangers your health.

Drink in groups. If you consume alcohol with friends, you are more likely to drink quickly. People finish their drinks faster when they are with a lot of other people. A faster drinking pace gets you drunk quickly and increases the amount of alcohol consumed in a night; all of these factors guarantee a quick hangover.

Part 3 of 3: Safety considerations

Be aware of your limits. If you want to get drunk in a short amount of time, you need to know how far you can go to avoid getting sick. Be mindful of the amount of alcohol you can consume and maintain control.

You may know from past experiences how much you can drink; for example, you know that after the fourth drink you get sick and lose your memory.

If you’ve never drank before, you may not know when to stop. Try to pay attention to your feelings; if you feel physically unwell or experience a strong dizziness, you should stop drinking alcohol. You can also ask a friend to watch over you and let you know if you are in danger of losing control.

You should always be aware of the situation even when you are drunk; however, it is not easy to do this when you are trying to get drunk quickly.

If you feel like you are getting very "tipsy", take a break. You don’t have to drink alcohol all night to maintain that state of intoxication; when you’re drunk, you should stop.

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