Paint baby bed

Paint baby bed

You have a baby crib at home that could use a little renovation? Maybe you got a used crib as a gift from friends or family members who don’t need the bed anymore. In these cases, the surface of the baby crib may be scratched and damaged.

Or have you already found the perfect crib, but it’s not the right color – after all, the crib should match the rest of the color scheme in your baby’s room. Well, there is also the option of having a baby crib custom made, but that is usually a very expensive solution.

We have a much more affordable and most importantly safe alternative for you:
Painting the baby bed yourself. It’s far from complicated or difficult, and even if you’re not at all comfortable with brushes and paint, with our instructions, painting the crib and bars is a breeze!

Painting baby bed in just three steps:

  1. Remove dirt
  2. Sanding wood
  3. Painting baby crib with paint

But before you start shopping for paint for the brand new baby crib, you should read the following carefully:

Which varnish is suitable for children’s furniture?

The safety of the baby and also older children is above all else, so we must make 100% sure that the Varnish for baby cribs and also for children’s toys harmless and non-toxic is: For our crib, we use ADLER Varicolor, our acrylic paint in the color "Waldmeister" – from the "Alpine Selection" color card. A more subdued, unexciting paint color that fits perfectly into a neutrally decorated nursery and harmonizes very well in combination with mint or white.

ADLER Varicolor

✔️ Base and top coat in one

✔️ Environmentally friendly, low odor, water-based

✔️ For indoor and outdoor use

✔️ Weld- and saliva-proof

ADLER Tip: All those who prefer a natural wood look can also treat the wooden bed with the natural wood oil Pullex Aqua-Terra or the ADLER interior glaze paint. These products are also perfect for babies and toddlers.

This is what you need to paint a crib:

  • ADLER Varicolor
  • ADLER degreaser
  • Brush
  • Sanding fleece with fine grain

Paint baby crib in 3 steps, get started:


Step 1: Remove dirt

Step 1_Remove dirt

Before you start applying the paint, the crib must be free of dirt, because dust can contaminate the paint. Wipe the crib with a cloth with water, such as a microfiber cloth. ADLER Tip: Clean with ADLER degreaser for perfect paint adhesion.

Step 2: Sand the wood

Step 2_Sanding

Before applying the new paint, existing paint residues must be removed. If the wood has been painted before or has unsightly spots, sand it first with a very fine grit sanding fleece. Sand the wood to remove all traces of the existing paint. Remove sanding dust with a cloth.

3. paint baby crib with paint

Step 3_Apply the paint

The preparatory work is done! Let’s go: Open the can – stir well with a wooden stirrer and get to work with the brush!

Apply ADLER Varicolor with the brush "Aquamaxx" slowly and evenly. The brush is specially designed to work with water-based paints. Always pull the brush through from top to bottom, do not set it down. Apply the first coat of paint and approx. Allow to dry for 6 hours.

One coat is usually enough! If necessary, apply the second layer of paint afterwards.

And the crib is ready! So painting the baby bed yourself is done in a jiffy! Now the rest can be furnished.

By the way, with the ADLER Varicolor you can also paint the rest of the house Painting children’s toys or your changing table! It is usually not so much the vapors that are dangerous with varnish, but the harmful substances it contains. ADLER’s non-toxic paint for children’s toys has been tested and is sweat and saliva resistant! It is also available in many bright colors!

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