Please do not! 7 fatal mistakes every woman makes when shaving

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For many women, shaving their legs is part of their daily grooming routine, especially in summer. Nevertheless, some things are done wrong! Here come 7 mistakes that every woman is guaranteed to have made at some point when shaving.

  1. · Mistake no. 1: Shave in the morning
  2. · Error no. 2: Dry shave
  3. · Mistake no. 3: Use disposable razors
  4. · Mistake no. 4: Not changing the razor blade often enough
  5. · Mistake no. 5: Shave against the direction of growth
  6. · Mistake no. 6: Only shaving
  7. · Mistake no. 7: Get in the shower and shave
  8. · You can re-shopping razors with multiple blades here:
  9. · These funny beauty phenomena are guaranteed to know EVERY woman! You too?

Mistake no. 1: Shave in the morning

‘The early bird catches the worm’! This does not apply to shaving, because while we sleep, the legs swell easily. Behind this swelling can also hide a small part of the hairs. So if we shave our legs in the morning, they may become stubbly again as soon as the swelling goes down.
Our Tip: Better to shave in the evening before going to bed.

Mistake no. 2: Dry shave

Crap, no more shaving cream! How often do we stand in the shower and try to get the last bit of foam out of the can. When the can is finally empty, we often reach for a bar of soap (or worse: simply dry-shave our legs)!).
Our tip: If the shaving foam is all gone, rather reach for a hair conditioner as a substitute.

No desire to constantly shave the legs? Then read this: Growing legs: How to get silky smooth legs

Mistake No. 3: Use disposable razors

It’s okay to use a disposable razor every now and then if you z.B. When traveling are. But for your daily grooming routine, it is recommended to invest in a razor with four or five blades or an epilator. They guarantee a gentle shave and also reach the hairs in difficult places like the knee area. For a permanently smooth shave, you can also try light-based hair removal technology – it’s more expensive, but the results are all the more convincing for it.

Mistake no. 4: Do not change the razor blade often enough

There is nothing worse than ‘scraping’ the skin with a dull blade. It causes small pimples, redness, and in the worst case, even threatens infection, as bacteria can sit in the old blade.
Our tip: After 5-10 shaves you should replace the blade.

Mistake no. 5: Shave against the direction of growth

The generally known rule in which direction one should shave: against the growth direction. But if you shave from the bottom up, you run the risk of skin irritation and redness.
Our Tip: Shaves first IN the direction of growth, i.e. from top to bottom. Then you cream the legs again with shaving foam and can shave against the direction of growth – so from bottom to top. Once the hairs are shorter, the risk of razor burn and irritation is reduced.

Mistake no. 6: Shave only

Only shaving does not make smooth and sexy legs! Peeling twice a week is also a part of it. The microparticles in the peel expose small hairs that are hidden under dead skin.
Our Tip: It’s best to exfoliate on days when you’re not shaving. This way you avoid unpleasant burning sensation and give your skin a rest.

Mistake no. 7: Get in the shower and shave

Of course, you want to get done with your grooming routine as soon as possible. Experts but recommend waiting at least 10 – 15 minutes in the shower before you start shaving. This softens the hair and opens the follicles.
Our tip: Treat your legs to a warm shower of at least 10 minutes to make shaving comfortable.

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These funny beauty phenomena know guaranteed EVERY woman! You too?

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