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Congratulations on the birth

Hooray! – a new life has begun! Whether son, daughter or even twins – in the circle of relatives and acquaintances it is, so to speak, obligatory to congratulate on the joyful event. Like? We give a few tips!

Congratulations on the birth of a daughter

In the following we have for you Congratulations and sayings for the birth of daughters Collected, with what you can congratulate the joyful parents.

  • The greatest gift parents can give their daughter is a happy childhood.
  • The sky is shining, it’s a delight,
    Now you have your own little sun.
  • Your little daughter is really splendid – we are very happy with you. Congratulations.
  • You had three wishes:
    1. something sweet
    2. something exciting
    3. something to play with
    What did you get?
    A little daughter!
    This is the sweetest surprise we can think of.
  • congratulations on the daughter! What a treasure!
    And certainly this sentence is true:
    A little daughter, graceful, fine,
    is always the house sunshine!
  • A little daughter – how happy I am about that!
    And therefore I congratulate today
    Especially loving you both.
    You are actually to be envied!
  • When it comes to size, your daughter is still very small.
    When it comes to happiness, she’s certainly the greatest!
  • All here in this house,
    happy about the sweet mouse.
    We immediately fell in love with her,
    Are so happy that they exist.
    welcome you wonderful child,
    in this world where your new life begins.
  • Hooray hooray, the little princess is here! The best congratulations from all of us on the birth of your daughter.
  • The dearest and warmest congratulations and blessings on the birth of your daughter! Your little mouse will certainly give you many moments of happiness. May your little princess grow in security and one day become an equally loving mother.
  • Hooray – your little princess is finally here! We congratulate you on the arrival of your little one and wish you all the best for your family! You can be truly proud of such a pretty girl.

Congratulations on the birth of a son

A progenitor is born! Below we have given you Sayings and congratulations on the birth especially for male offspring listed.

  • A little boy – healthy and splendid, we are very happy with you!
  • Even if your little one often roars at the top of his voice,
    for grandma and grandpa a dream came true.
  • The greatest gift parents can give their son is a happy childhood.
  • With your little son you are three now,
    we send good luck and health with.
  • We send 1000 congratulations on the birth of your son and hope to meet him soon personally.
  • A little boy, oh how wonderful – I am very happy with the parents.
  • To your offspring I wish all the best, much joy in life and above all health.
    To you two I wish strength, perseverance and an angel patience.
    Together you will remove all obstacles from the way.
    Congratulations on the birth of your parent!
  • Best wishes for your little boy!
    Finally your little boy has come into the world, we have heard with much joy!
    The two young feet are still small, but it will not always be so.
    Congratulations to your son!
  • Hurrah hurrah, the little prince is here! The best congratulations from all of us on the birth of your son.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your son! A little angel now enriches your life. And even if sometimes a B is added, which makes him become a brat, you should never forget:
    Children are the wings of man.

Congratulations on the birth of twins

Do you want to hear Twins Your friends or acquaintances with love welcome, then we have the right sayings for you:

  • We are doubly happy for you – for your double happiness!
  • Once you are, twice your offspring. Congratulations!
  • A pair of twins was born to you.
    I almost swore before!
    Of course I congratulate you.
    But tell me, where do you get the diapers??
    And then also all the stress?
    If the boy is shy, the girl is perky?
    I think that all this is happening.
    For you will now be double joy.
  • Two boys/girls! Congratulations! It seems to me
    That will soon come in handy!
    So everyone always has one,
    with whom he/she can speak properly!
  • The mother is smiling, the father is shining,
    finally the offspring is here.
    Who would have thought of the stork,
    that it has brought double.
  • Today I come to the conclusion that I have to congratulate double.
    A pair of twins! I am very happy with you!
  • Nine months they have talked about us non-stop,
    now they can finally hear us!
  • Two girls! That is really nice!
    The mountain of work in which you are,
    will cover double joy. –
    Congratulations on the lovely duet!
  • The stork came, wonderful!
    With twins to you even.
    And when he came, there was something going on,
    because his package was quite big,
    because it contained a double happiness,
    very sweet babies, two of them.
    I wish you therefore
    also double happiness and blessing!
  • Congratulations on the double baby happiness! May you have a wonderful time together as a foursome, with lots of love, joy, happiness, security and health. I wish you that with all my heart.

Congratulations as a dear greeting to the young parents

Do you want to the parents your congratulations to the birth with a nice saying communicate? Then you are right in this section!

  • Three things have remained from paradise: the flowers of the day, the stars of the night and the eyes of the children.
  • Parents hold your hand
    of their child for a certain time.
    But his heart they hold forever.
  • Two things children should get from their parents: Roots and wings
    (J. Wolfgang v. Goethe)
  • Children are like travelers looking for their way. We would like to be responsible companions to them.
  • Who thinks wealth is everything, has never seen the smile of a child.
  • Every newborn child carries the message that God has not yet lost his trust in mankind.
    Rabindranath Tagore
  • An earth without children
    would be like a night without stars.
  • Children’s noise is the most beautiful music of the future!
  • A baby now lives in the house,
    the world will look much brighter.
    The little one will bring you much joy,
    he should be happy and laugh a lot.
  • The smallest feet leave the most beautiful traces.
  • A child makes a house happier, everyday life more interesting, love stronger, nights shorter and days longer!
  • Great things always begin in small things – We congratulate you on the birth of your little daughter / son.
  • A piece of mama, a piece of papa and a whole lot of wonder! (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  • Congratulations on your promotion! you have now officially reached the rank of "mom" and "dad! Congratulations!
  • A childhood full of love is a life full of happiness – you are the best parents a child could wish for. All the love from me for you.
  • A child is love in human form!
    We warmly welcome the new earthling and wish all the best for the birth of your daughter / son! Enjoy the family time together and take pleasure in your sweet baby every day anew!

For the birth in general and addressed to the child

The birth of a baby is a unique and wonderful moment. Share your joy with the new parents through a general or to the child directed saying from our compiled list:

  • I wish for you: that you love as if no one had ever hurt you, that you dance as if no one was watching, that you sing as if no one was listening, that you live as if paradise was here on earth. (Irish proverb)
  • A child makes a house happier, the everyday life more interesting, the love stronger, the nights shorter and the days longer!
  • Big things always start small – We congratulate you on your little daughter / your little son.
  • You still seem so lost, so delicate and tiny. And yet – since you were born brightest sunshine shines deep into our hearts. (Anita Menger)
  • It’s written in the calendar all big and thick, you can see it with one look. An important day with a big party, on which you let yourself celebrate strongly. Congratulations on your birth!
  • Tonight I woke up, an angel brought me a message. I ponder, I ponder, what kind of message would that be?. Finally I remember: Today is your birthday!
  • A baby is a gift from heaven: it still carries the sun’s rays on its face, the shine of the stars in its eyes, and the moon’s smile on its lips. (Barbara Schniebel)
  • In the eyes of a newborn child the miracle of life is reflected
  • A baby makes the love stronger, the nights shorter, the balance smaller, the home happier, the past paler and the hearts bigger!
  • A little head, a little nose, ten cute toes, all around a creature, so sweet to look at. A mouth to suck, soft silky hair, two wondering eyes, a dream came true!
  • Four feet big and small walked alone for a long time, now two tiny little feet go with you every step of the way.

Proverbs for the birth, especially addressed to the mother

To become a mother is a special, very wonderful moment. Share your joy with the little baby’s mama through a matching Saying or congratulation:

  • Not only is the child born through the mother, but also the mother through the child. (Gertrud von le Fort)
  • Mommy is your new name,
    Mama you are now called.
    New title, new role,
    is that already known to all?
    We congratulate you
    to your little treasure
    and wish you in life
    the best place in the sun.
  • Look, a little human child,
    came to you now quite quickly,
    Enchant you, love you,
    every day, on cloud nine
    you will float, even moan sometimes
    surely yawn – because the little one,
    does not make you blind with love,
    it opens your eyes only, for a world,
    which (name of the child) hopefully likes!
    Congratulations on the birth of your child!
  • You have become a mother today, you have given birth to a little person. Quickly get out the confectionery and the bottle of expensive champagne. For a glass in all honor, to the birth, is not to deny you. But despite all the celebrating, always be good to your baby
  • A birth is often very difficult, but afterwards it doesn’t bother anyone anymore! Very big the luck and also the joy, but that is celebrated today! Much bigger is the happiness, when mom comes back with the child!
  • A mother also understands what a child does not say. (Jewish proverb)
  • Only a mother alone knows what it means to love and be happy.(Adelbert von Chamisso)
  • Because God did not want to do everything alone, he created the mothers.

Proverbs for the birth, especially addressed to the father

Being a father is hard and wonderful at the same time. For all friends new fathers we have here the most suitable Sayings and congratulations collected:

  • Finally your baby is here,
    surely you think to yourself: Hooray!
    From now on I can be a real father – the tiny one is so sweet and small.
    Do not be disappointed – it will not be easy.
    Just help as much as you can and always be there for the little one.
    Then you are a really cool dad.
  • From today you are now dad and will always remain so, that is quite clear.
    Enjoy the time. Being a father is a beautiful gift.
    Not only short-lived manhood.
  • I wish you and your family only the best,
    on baby’s first cradle day.
    Happiness, health and happy times,
    love each other – best never to quarrel.
  • From today you have a lot to do,
    after all you are daddy now.
    We wish you health, happiness and courage.
    Should it ever be difficult: We are happy to help! Everything will always be all right.
  • Nine months I was allowed to annoy mom .
    Now it’s finally dad’s turn!
  • Being a father is a gift,
    not just a fashionable thing to do.
    Now you have a lot to do,
    you are finally daddy now.
    Therefore we wish you all the best,
    Happiness, health and a lot of courage.
  • Your wife shines like the sun today,
    Your life also seems to be full of joy.
    The baby you both have,
    will be beautiful like the mother and talented like the father.
    We now wish the family happiness
    happy mementos,
    love each other always and be happy,
    healthy and lively anyway.
    And take care of the baby small,
    because it will always be with you.
  • "Becoming a father is not difficult, but being a father is very".
    With this well-known quotation from Wilhelm Busch, in which there is so much truth, we would like to congratulate you and your wife on the birth of your first child.
    Now there are new challenges for you. You are now new parents and we wish you much joy, power, patience, strength and love to accompany this new earthling on his way into the wide world.

Proverbs for the birth, specially addressed to the child

A nice idea is to address the child directly. Here you will find loving Sayings and congratulations to the newborn baby:

  • You still seem so lost,
    so tender and tiny.
    And yet – since you were born
    shine brightest sunshine
    deep into our hearts.
    (Anita Menger)
  • I wish you: to love as if no one ever hurt you before,
    that you dance like nobody is watching,
    that you sing as if no one would listen,
    that you live as if paradise were here on earth.
    (Irish proverb)

Congratulations on birth: short rhymes

Short rhymes are especially suitable for a Greeting card or a WhatsApp to the new parents.

  • May happiness and joy always accompany you, we wish your treasure health for all times. Our warmest congratulations on the birth of the progenitor.
  • I wish you three luck on all ways and for all time God’s blessing.
  • You have mastered this really well, we are already totally thrilled by our grandson. Many warm congratulations on the birth of grandma and grandpa.
  • Congratulations to the baby brother, have fun and laugh, soon you can make games with him.
  • Even if the little one roars vigorously – finally our dream of a grandson has come true. Congratulations from the new grandparents.
  • A sweet baby, how wonderful! Congratulations to the parents.
  • A little treasure so healthy and fine, we wish him all round sunshine.
  • See you soon! Then your baby will get a kiss – until then we send this dear greeting. Congratulations on the birth!
  • Somewhere in this world, a newborn starlet joins us.
    Let it be guarded by heavenly angels by day and by night,
    That it will be in our world have done the best things.
  • What a child soul
    from every look promises,
    so rich is hope
    a whole spring is not!
    (Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
  • You give the world a new life.
    Can there be anything more beautiful?
    (Frank from Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  • Hands, feet, little nose, tiny – that must be our granddaughter. We congratulate you very much and we are looking forward to the time as grandma and grandpa.

Proverbs for the birth adapted to SMS length

As a special service we have in this category Sayings and congratulations on the birth on SMS length adapted so that you can tell mom and dad your own joy about the offspring with a short message.

  • I rejoice with you on the most beautiful baby in the world. Congratulations!
  • Finally the long time of waiting is over. We are happy with you! Congratulations
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little one – we are happy with you!
  • My warmest congratulations on the baby. Good health to the little one and quiet nights to you!
  • Perfect! We congratulate you and your wife very much to the duo.
  • About your baby I just heard. Congratulations! High may it live!
  • Babies are like little suns. You bring in an inexplicable way light, warmth and good feelings into our lives. Congratulations on your daughter / son!
  • On your sweet treasure we would like to congratulate you very warmly. We are already happy to see the little girl/boy. Send us with pleasure times a photo over!
  • Cuckoo, friendly greetings and the very warmest congratulations I would like to send you briefly. To your little baby I wish a healthy future with all good things.

Poems and sayings for the birth

Many poets have already taken on the miracle of birth. Here you will find a small selection with which you can wish the parents per WhatsApp or on a Congratulations card your heartfelt congratulations can transmit:

  • Welcome to this earth
    We wish you only good little child
    Your life shall be very happy,
    just as happy as your mom and dad are right now.
  • New life is in the house,
    already the world looks much nicer.
    The baby should bring much joy,
    shall be cheerful, shall always laugh.
    be blessed with many gifts
    and have a beautiful future.
  • Four feet, large to medium small,
    went alone for a long time.
    Now go soon on step and step,
    two tiny little feet with.
  • All my best wishes for the parents and their newborn child.
    From now on and in addition at step and footstep two small feet more run along in the family.
  • With joy we have heard, the baby has now arrived.
    Gone is the time you waited,
    now we start into the new happiness!
    Even if the nights are noisy for the time being,
    this noise is soon abated.
  • What a child’s soul promises from every glance
    so rich in hope a whole spring is not!
  • A sweet baby, just wonderful,
    congratulations to the parents!
    We wish your sunshine,
    may it be accompanied by happiness and health!
  • Baby’s life has begun,
    there is nothing more beautiful in the world.
    Mom and dad will give him a lot of love.
    A happy family that keeps it safe.
  • Loudly resounds the jubilant tone
    for the proud parents and son:
    May you always keep to each other
    Love and trust – in all years.
  • The offspring is here!
    A girl/boy, hurray!
    Congratulations on the birth of your baby!
  • children are eyes,
    who see what we have long been blind to.
    Children are ears,
    who hear what we have long been deaf to.
    Children are souls,
    who feel what we have long been dull for.
    Children are mirrors,
    that show what we like to hide.
    (old Chinese proverb)
  • In human life it is like on the journey.
    The first steps determine the whole way.
    (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • Who says there are only seven miracles in the world, has never experienced the birth of a child. Those who say wealth is everything have never seen a child smile. Those who say that this world cannot be saved have forgotten that children mean hope. (Honore de Balzac)
  • There is nothing more touching in life than to hold a little person’s hand for the first time and feel that we are his roots in the tree of life, which give him support and security. (Reinhard Becker)

Do you as parents want to announce the birth of your child?

With these sayings, verses and poems you can the love for your child with friends, relatives or the whole world share:

  • A little mama,
    A little daddy,
    the rest is a lot of wonder!
  • Without children the earth would be a desert.
    Jeremias Gotthelf
  • Ten little fingers and ten little toes:
    It is like a miracle .
    Finally we can see you.
  • We are happy about our son, we are grateful and infinitely proud.
  • You have now much responsibility, says the prudence.
    It will be difficult sometimes, experience says.
    You are very lucky, says love.
    We say: Our baby is here!
  • Look the stork has brought us a sweet baby,
    with joy we received it and laughed.
    Already today we are looking forward to the future together tomorrow,
    even if we will soon be plagued by the first worries.
    But today it is first to celebrate and laugh,
    soon it’s already changing diapers and night walks
  • So near and yet so far,
    the child is here, we love him infinitely.
    We still can hardly believe it,
    but the nursery room is already ready.
  • Children are like a book in which we should read and in which we should write. (Peter Rosegger)

Thank you notes to relatives and friends

we received many congratulations and gifts for the birth of the child? Then our matching Thank you notes surely liked:

  • With all your congratulations, gifts and smiles, my arrival on earth was beautiful and I thank you with all my heart for it!
  • A child is the most beautiful gift, but we were also very happy about your gifts. For this we would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!
  • For quite a while, our four feet walked all alone. But now, step by step, two little feet go along with us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the many gifts and congratulations on the birth of our parent / daughter.
  • There are always miracles – especially when a child sees the light of day. Thanks to all who have sent us greetings, congratulations and many gifts.
  • Thank you to all the loved ones who wrote to me about the birth, welcomed me into this world with a thousand beautiful things: Pants, shirt, socks, sweater, bib, diaper, towel, pacifier, rattle, ball and cuddly bear, chamomile bath and much more, what the baby’s heart desires, you have given me everything. Therefore, to greet you, I had this photo taken by me.
  • For nine months you have only talked about me, now it is time for you to hear me as well. I guess the first thing I learn is "thank you" because the many congratulations and especially the fragrant gifts are really huge.
  • Our little sunshine, snowed into the world. He has received many gifts, we have accepted them all with gratitude. But now we would like to thank you once again, you really thought about creative gifts. We have photographed our angel for you to decorate your card.
  • We would like to say THANK YOU. …for the kind congratulations and the beautiful gifts for the birth of our son/daughter. The overjoyed, grateful and proud parents!.
  • Sheepless nights, full diapers, baby bottles everywhere, a trip is like a move. Yet we hold happiness in our arms. Thank you for the congratulations and numerous gifts.
  • Thank you… …for the visits, …for the many congratulations and kind words, …for the beautiful gifts, …for the generous vouchers and wads of money …and for the cute little dresses and great toys that we received for the birth of our sunshine [insert name].
  • For the many congratulations and gifts for the birth of our sunshine [insert name], we would like to thank you very much!
  • We say thank you for the numerous messages and congratulations on the occasion of your birth. Countless baby gifts are already in the cupboard. We were very happy about that and so many people thought of us.
  • A child is a great gift. But we got even more gifts and for that we say: THANK YOU! You have supported us super and for that we are really grateful!
  • Da Da Da Thank you. . for the many cards, gifts, visits and congratulations! I was very happy about it. In the past few weeks I have experienced a lot, met countless dear people and developed into a bright bundle of joy.
  • Children refresh life and gladden the heart. (Friedrich Schleiermacher) (name) enriches since (date) our middle. From the very beginning, we have received so much warmth, attention and special wishes from you. Now it only remains for us to say: thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
  • Looking at a newborn child is like opening a gift that you have not been allowed to open for months. Curiously we hold the baby in our arms, this miracle of perfection, which surpasses everything that has ever existed in the life of a mother. Many thanks for all the wonderful congratulations and gifts for the birth of our little daughter / son!

Congratulations on the birth are generally a nice tradition.

All new parents are happy to receive congratulations on the birth of their child. Whether it’s an elaborate greeting card, a quick phone call, or birth sayings via text message, each of these gestures shows that friends and family share in their personal happiness.

You also want to show your joy about the baby and wish that your good wishes do not get lost in the mass of congratulatory sayings and congratulators?

Are you trying to formulate a successful saying or a few suitable sentences, but unfortunately you just can’t think of anything?? Or you have just become parents yourself and are thinking about which verse should be in the birth announcement?

Many famous authors and poets have already thought about the miracle of birth. Whether you take up these thoughts directly or add your own ideas to the congratulations on the birth of a new citizen of the earth depends entirely on your taste and creativity.

We have collected numerous congratulations on the birth of a child. Whether humorous verses, which conjure up a smile in the face of the young parents, matching Sayings for the birth of a son, of a daughter or even of Twins, short Birth sayings adapted to SMS length or also thoughtful sayings and humorous poems: Have a look around at your leisure. Maybe you will find the right one for you and inspire the proud parents with it.

Whether you choose a beautiful quote or verse from the Bible or just get a little inspiration from the suggestions: Please keep in mind that the cards and announcements are mostly kept as keepsakes in photo albums or boxes of childhood memories.

Sayings for the birth should therefore be friendly, appropriate and timeless. Someday the baby will grow up and enjoy reading what friends of the family and relatives have written about his arrival in this world.

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