Protecting the weakest

Protecting the weakest

The German Bishops’ Conference threw its weight behind Saturday’s "March for Life" in Berlin. The Catholic Church, he said, is committed to "protecting the lives of unborn children as much as the lives of born ones".

This is what it says in a greeting to the participants by the chairman of the Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, published this Monday.

"Good success and lively participation"

Literally, the Munich archbishop explains: "Therefore, we are pleased about the support in these concerns and hope that the various initiatives each contribute in their own way to promote and maintain the social awareness for a comprehensive protection of human life."The cardinal wished the march "a good success and a lively participation". In the coming year, the "Week for Life" of the two large churches will again deal with the protection of every unborn child.

In Berlin, the march to 13. The rally is organized by the "Bundesverband Lebensrecht", an association of 13 pro-life organizations. The rally’s theme this year is "Protecting the most vulnerable: Yes to Every Child". Last year’s rally, according to organizers, had more than 7.500 participants from all over Germany.

Marx refers to the Pope

In his welcoming address, Marx went on to explain that it is becoming increasingly "normal" in society to test the health of children during pregnancy. However, prenatal diagnostic possibilities do not always correspond to therapeutic options. Therefore, abortion is often substituted for the lack of treatment options. "This must be clearly contradicted," the president of the bishops’ conference urges, citing Pope Francis.

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