“Relaxed into the blackout”: how broadcasting downplays a drama

A prolonged blackout is arguably one of the greatest threats to a modern industrialized nation like Germany. Public broadcaster nevertheless wants German citizens to "relax" about a blackout with its own Instagram channel. Aha!?

In a blackout, things go dark – and unfortunately, that’s not all.

A blackout is not a short power outage. Because then the power fails not only in the house, but nationwide, and for a longer period of time. Within a few hours the first supply bottlenecks occur, after a few days the complete supply collapses and a little later the public order. All areas of life are affected. Studies on the effects of a lockdown are now also available.

A short, sober insight – but beware: it’s not funny.

No water, no hygiene, but epidemics and fires

Water supply would no longer be guaranteed in many places, because without electricity, groundwater pumping is no longer possible. Especially for higher areas it would look bad here. Flushing toilets would fail, personal hygiene and clean clothing would become difficult, and hygienic conditions would soon no longer meet the usual standards, which would also endanger health. Clogged toilets could lead to the spread of diseases. Where wastewater lift pumps fail, wastewater can also escape from sewers and flood basements.

Without cooling, the danger of fires increases, especially in industries. Those trying to cook without electricity would also have to be careful not to burn down their own homes. Without water, it is difficult to extinguish such fires, which can quickly lead to wildfires, especially in cities.

Animals die, no fruit& Vegetables, no transport, traffic jams

It would also be difficult with the food supply, which is also needed for survival. In Austria, according to a study, three million people would no longer be able to provide for themselves adequately by the fourth day at the latest, and after seven days that would be about six million. Lack of air conditioning and ventilation would damage fruit and vegetables. The failure of electrically operated milking technology soon leads to the death of dairy cattle. Pigs and poultry in large farms would also die after a few hours. The processing food industry would immediately fail anyway, and with it also the supply of the trade. Individual warehouses could survive longer than two days thanks to an emergency power supply.

Transport and traffic would also be interrupted after a few hours, whether on the road, on the rail, in the air or on the water. Traffic jams would form on the roads because gas stations would no longer be in operation and cars would gradually run out of gas. Without traffic lights, it would quickly become chaotic, especially in the cities. This would also make it difficult for rescue and other emergency services to operate, which would be urgently needed in the event of a blackout. If you’re in an elevator, you’re out of luck, and if you’re trapped in a subway or train, you’re out of luck too. Electronic door openers would fail, which would be immediately noticeable in supermarkets, for example.

Hospitals and mobile networks break down, violence breaks out

If emergency care in hospitals fails – after two days at the latest – it will be really chaotic. But medical care would become a problem even before that.

Even communication with each other would be limited. Both landline telephony and mobile networks no longer function in the event of a blackout. TV stations could still broadcast with emergency power supply, but what use is that if the citizens can no longer receive the broadcasts via their TV sets?? Also the internal communication of authorities would fail completely after a few days.

Theft and robbery would soon dominate everyday life, especially in view of the spreading food shortages. Public order could not be maintained after a few days. Riots in prisons would also occur. Especially in the cities, there would probably be riots and open violence on the streets. Those who manage to leave the city in time and move to relatives and acquaintances in the countryside are to be congratulated.

WDR wants Germans "relaxed in the blackout guide

You probably already have enough. If you want a more relaxed tune-in to the lockdown, you’ll find it on an Instagram channel from Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). This is called "climate.neutral" and circles around renewable energies and energy policy. The TV broadcaster does not deny the risk of a blackout on its Instagram account, especially if Germany phases out both nuclear and coal power.

To prepare the Germans a bit for this scenario with a few tips, show them "climate.neutral" in a post, as they "glide relaxed into the #blackout".

The astonishment on the net has been great since then.

It’s kind of cute how the WDR channel "Klima.neutral" already informed the German citizens how they can "relax in the #blackout"..
Have fun still with #Energiewende, #Atomausstieg pic.twitter.com/gU5fXUnBhB

— Philip Plickert (@PhilipPlickert) January 9, 2022

No satire. But bitter truth. With "climate.neutral" of the WDR may enjoy you proverbially "chilled" the weekly power failure. pic.twitter.com/60cb85B5fm

— Grantler (@oida_grantler) January 9, 2022

"Relaxed into the blackout" – do you still have all the cups in the cupboard @klima_neutral ? The #oRR has become a hoard of left-green activists,not fulfilling its mandate according to the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty and not worth a single cent of its compulsory fees #DefundoRR #Blackout https://t.co/J6fjdAJN6h

— Patrick&& (@berren1) January 9, 2022


In Vienna you will be able to admire the successful integration of the hundreds of thousands of social tourists from all over the world who were imported by the leftists. I am already looking forward to this elk test of the left-left social romanticism today. Surely you will meet Ludwig, Rendi, Bello, Kogler and Meindl-Reisinger on the streets, when they will advise their traumatized skilled workers on the lootings.

And? Better than the scaremongering in the text!

All true so far.
They will already notice if they are not full of word donations and the first one hits them in the face . supplies ect.should be hoarded discreetly.

The only thing that is wrong: in Austria will continue to give water ad water pipe and if not then you have to dig id forest to groundwater or stream.

The gasoline is actually the crucial point!! I hoard 60liter of fuel. Whether I may . I’ll see you when I’m driving and you’re fighting at the gas station.
In Africa this year I saw generator houses at gas stations. First I asked myself why.then I term that the generators pump up the gas when once again power outage is.
That does not exist with us !! Africa is ahead of us.
Sad that we have this soon necessary and of course may pay.

WDR a cockchafer station by government grace and at the same time a protected workshop.

From WDR you can see how far down it goes intellectually if you vote left. Let no one believe there is a floor!
Blackout is a real danger and the start-up can take a long time. After few hours chaos starts, according to security experts.

If such a blackout should happen, then it is willfully so wanted. The infrastructure can be maintained in any case. You only need to throttle the power for some industries. For example, BASF consumes as much electricity as the whole of Denmark, as was recently reported.

At the time of the nuclear power plant discussion in Austria there was talk that only 4 percent of the electricity demand is for private households. It will not have changed very much.

So when you have residential power and infrastructure collapse, there is intent behind it.

Blackout is blackout! there is no help to throttle electricity, because where there is no more flow you can’t throttle anything. Blackout means that the whole country! without electricity is, zero, nothing, off!

This is a power grid and not the whole country is connected to one cable and only one power plant. It is also not a matter of something technically breaking down somewhere, but that more electricity is needed than is available.

Please read about the fasting blackouts last year.
Tichys einblick gives you information on this

Our politicians and authorities are already hopelessly overwhelmed with the Corona crisis. If the blackout comes only one thing helps:
Help yourself, so God helps you!

They are not overtaxed at all. Terrorizing the population will probably work better than expected. They only pretend to be so patschert, so that one excuses them again and again what they actually cause.

Best to get out of the EU! No more euopean electricity mixing. With the home produced we would probably get through!

In winter we produce too little electricity because of the low water level in the rivers
In summer we sell electricity because of the many wassees id rivers.

An eternal cycle that the love energy lobby with more and more hydroelectric power plants keeps going .Only in winter it is not enough for us.there would be of course other solutions than nuclear.

Why is the Austrian example never treated internationally? ?
We are industrial nations without nuclear power.
That would be worth a treatment in the internat. discourse.
Also other countries like Holland have conditions for technologies
What became of the ebb tide power plants??

So I don’t think that there can really be a blackout with us. But I trust certain people with power that they want to prepare us there with the now more frequent mention of the topic simply for something they have planned as a means to maintain power again implement.

RIGHT. Create chaos and chaos again! Otherwise nothing!

The safest way is, if possible, a BIO farmer of your confidence. Also an own little garden, can cushion so some predicament.

"Children to power"
Pipi Longstocking sends her regards.
"Tens of thousands in eastern Berlin without heating and hot water for hours"
Google the above text. In Berlin it already starts.

Yes, for hours without heating and hot water. Very bad. People have been able to survive without hot water for two million years. There will be a few hours to survive.

Na na na fewe !
So linksversiffte have it certainly not with the bathing but when it gets cold because the electricity comes ad socket and in the DIY store all sockets are sold out. Then it is already bad for leftie !

"relaxed into the blackout" guide". Something bigger (tragic) is in the air! Why is the topic of power failure always kept warm?!

Why is the topic kept warm? Because we have come close to collapse several times lately with the electricity consumption peaks. But it will not always end smoothly.

The WDR is the worst one … But the Germans have elected quite relaxed red-green. But I don’t want to have to prove that Austria does it better ..

The German*innen wish themselves so much a carefree life in the multicolored
&Rainbowland full of colorful diversity&& equality and colorful
&Sunflowers for all, there have thoughts about something as evil as a blackout no place.

The Germans will have to learn to fight again, otherwise in a few years you will find them in the daily TV documentaries only as neutered offspring of particularly evil people who wanted to conquer and destroy the world.

Greens are out of touch with reality and stupid. With German Greens this situation is amplified.

Relaxed into the blackout. We already know similar announcements from other future prognoses like the "new normality" after the vaccination. You forgot to say that the new thing is to get boostered every 3-6 months for the rest of your life. After the third blackout, they will be analogous to the vaccination obligation with the justification of important infrastructures (such as e.g. the.B. the government bunker) to have to ration the energy supply and punish or imprison unreasonable or unsolidary "electricity guzzlers".

In such an extreme situation it would be also completely correct or is to be promoted also here the egoisms?

It is unlikely that animals die in agriculture due to a power failure, because in e.g. A pigsty with forced ventilation an emergency generator is prescribed.

Well then everything is in butter. Otherwise we do not need anything anyway.

@Bulls: when it comes to a blackout, no power is available for days over a larger region. For how long should the emergency generators with diesel last?? How many liters of diesel should a farmer store – as much as he is allowed lt. law and that unfortunately does not cover several days.

In case of need, it may have a larger quantity of heating oil.

The authors of the brochure mentioned in the article understand little and mix up a lot.

Food for 10 days is not needed for blackout scenarios.
They are only needed in case of a breakdown of the public supply (i.e.: if you can’t get the stuff from the supermarket or the discount store every day anymore). So if actually everything works (electricity, heating, ventilation, water, sanitation), but you can not go shopping.
We were close to that last year in March during the first lockdowns.
Food stock for 10 days makes sense if you have space, but has nothing to do with blackout.

Water for 10 days is impossible unless there is a stream running past the house.
Incl. Hygiene and toilet flushing require a minimum of 40 liters per person per day (in non-crisis times, it is estimated that public infrastructure uses 130 liters per person per day). Times 10 days makes 400 liters per person and in a four-person household then 1600 liters. And you still have to renew them regularly, because they can’t go bad. And how do you get water into the toilet or washing machine in a modern house??

For serious considerations, what to expect from the current blue-eyed jumping into an electricity system based on wind and sun, that is, what at the end of a power outage of several days everything will no longer work, because it is just not so easy to turn it on again after days of shutdown:
– Sewer system is permanently blocked with fixed feces in pipes, sewers and pumps
– roads are clogged by broken down vehicles (the tanks of the gas stations are underground, fuel cannot be tapped without pumps)
– Tap water supply is partly dry and/or contaminated with germs
– Production plants of companies are temporarily (cleaning) or permanently (solidified production materials) unusable
Food production cannot simply be "restarted", think of dairy cows that have to be milked several times a day (electrically), fattening pigs that are fed automatically and need ventilation for heat and ammonia removal), mass poultry farming, and also vegetables from greenhouses.

Anyone who seriously thinks that a prolonged blackout has to be endured because it is "unavoidable" in the course of the energy transition proves that he cannot see further ahead than the charging cable of his latest i-phone is long.

Water supply and disposal, the entire sewer network from the toilet in the apartment to the municipal sewage treatment plant comes to a standstill and clogs up. The stench of feces is the least evil.
Subways stop in tunnels, trains in the winter landscape, ski elevators in icy cold on mountains and elevators in houses. Electric doors usually can’t be closed/opened anymore.
Emergency generators – if available – extend life for a few hours, rarely longer than 1 to 2 days etc … etc … etc ..

The police alone will not be able to keep order. Our federal army – as far as self-sufficient – has to go to the front ..

Everything is not so bad, we will manage! &

……the Germans are crazy!I can’t get rid of the feeling that the more educated a society becomes, the more common sense is lost&

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