Revealed: this is where you earn the best in austria

New Step Stone salary survey 2021 shows where and in which professions you earn best in Austria. Unsurprisingly, the top earners are found in very specific industries. Very well surprising: Totz Corona, the average salary in Austria has increased by 8000 euros year-on-year.

Average salary in Austria rose during Corona pandemic Pexels / Tumisu

52.000 euros gross per year – this is currently the average annual salary of employees in Austria. Compared to last year, that’s still about 8.000 euros more: in 2020, the average salary was around 44.000 Euro gross per year. Records entered via the StepStone salary calculator by workers across Austria were examined.

Salary is and remains a taboo subject – but doctors and top managers get the most

The highest salaries achieve physicians (79.000 euros), managers (73.000 euros), financial experts (72.250 euros), such as investment advisors or controllers, and lawyers (63.650 euros). In terms of sectors, Austria’s key industries lead the ranking: In first place are banks (64.250 euros), closely followed by the consumer goods sector (63.600 euros), the chemical and petroleum processing industry (62.800 euros) and the pharmaceutical industry (62.500 euros). This is shown by the StepStone Salary Report 2021, for which the online job platform calculated salaries of around 14.000 employees in Austria has evaluated.

"Salary is a key factor when deciding on a job. And yet salary is still a taboo subject in Austria. This unsettles employees. They often don’t know what salary they can achieve in their job – and employers too rarely ensure transparency," says Nikolai Durhammer, managing director at StepStone. "We want to give both sides more orientation. With the salary report, we show what salaries are paid on average in the individual industries, occupational groups or regions."

In Vienna and Vorarlberg one earns best

Unsurprisingly, Vienna and Vorarlberg lead the way in terms of salaries. But even in Upper Austria and Salzburg employees still take more than 50.000 euro gross in the year with home. As in the previous year, Burgenland is at the bottom of the list, with salaries of around 10,000 euros.000 euros less per year than, for example, those in Vienna.

A comparison of cities this year, on the other hand, reveals a surprising picture: Linz and Bregenz are still in the lead ahead of Vienna (55.600 euros) tops the salary list here, followed by Innsbruck (51.700 euros), Graz (51.000 euros) and St. Polten (50.250 euros).

Those who are bosses have more in their bank accounts

Personnel responsibility pays off: Top management earns more than twice as much as employees without personnel responsibility. Salary levels depend heavily on the number of subordinate employees: while managers with up to four subordinate employees earn an average of 53.300 euros, executives with at least 100 subordinate employees already earn a salary of 96 euros.600 euros.

Salary increases with work experience. The best earners are the age groups over 60 (77.000 euros) and with more than 25 years of professional experience (66.000 euros).

Students get more pay – but not every degree is worth the same

Those who completed their education at university earn around 14.000 euros more per year than those without an academic degree. However, not all higher degrees count for the same amount: university degrees are consistently better paid than those from universities of applied sciences. Licensed physicians and employees with doctorates earn the most. A sector comparison also shows that employees with a degree consistently earn better than those without an official degree. Employees with a degree earn more in the banking and finance occupational field (87.600 euro best

When it comes to salary, the company in which one is employed plays a significant role. In general, the rule of thumb here is: the larger a company, the higher the salaries. Employers who have a maximum of 50 employees pay an average annual salary of 47.000 euros. On the other hand, those working for a company earning more than 5.000 employees is employed, may with approximately 12.500 euros more annual salary calculate. (ots/red)

StepStone Salary Report 2021: Background information

The StepStone Salary Report 2021 provides orientation on salaries in Austria. For job seekers and companies to find each other, both sides need the right information. Above all, this includes the salary. For the 2021 salary report, around 14.000 salary data analyzed, which were collected in the period April 2020 to April 2021. The StepStone salary report shows the average salaries of people in Austria, broken down by occupational field, region, industry and work experience. For reasons of comparability, only the data of those survey participants∙who work full-time were taken into account in the analysis.
For the full results of the StepStone Salary Report 2021, and to download the study for free, click here.

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