Send invitation cards in time – what are the deadlines?

Celebrating with people you care about is everyone’s greatest wish when customizing their invitation cards. Whether for the wedding, the round birthday or communion and christening, it is of course the family may never be missing at a big celebration of course.

Depending upon cause further estimated guests come. While a baptism, communion or confirmation is more of a family celebration, a birthday party and wedding, silver and gold wedding are joined by the best friends and some loyal companions.

But when is the right time to send invitation cards, so you can be sure of many acceptances? It depends on the occasion and actually, too early is always right. Because if the invitation is forgotten by an invited guest, it was not important to him and he stays away. This may be unpleasant at first, but cannot be changed.

We have provided here a free overview (no registration necessary) for the shipping times. Just click on the picture or this link, it opens a new window. Then just save / print the PDF.

Time and distance

If you invite to a wedding or a round birthday, you should consider whether there are guests who have a longer journey or even come from abroad. Not seldom it is also the occupation, which prevents to be present with a festivity. Shift work can really get in the way then. Also the time of the celebration is to be considered. In the summer months is the main vacation season and the vacation is usually submitted early in the year. So the invited guests must be informed in time, so that they themselves have the opportunity to plan better. Because who wants to miss a wedding or another great party?

Wedding invitation

The wedding date is set. But since the future bride and groom themselves are still at the very beginning of the preparations and no details of the wedding ceremony are yet known, invitation cards would be too soon. Save The Date cards give the opportunity to inform the dear guests about the date in advance. It is hereby ensured that the guests also really have time. Save The Date cards mean short and sweet, "You are invited, details to follow.". Save the Date cards are usually 1year to 6 months sent before the wedding date.

6 to 3 months before the date, the invitation cards should follow, which will then also go into more detail about the celebration. A deadline for commitments and possible cancellations is set. A nice idea are response cards that can be enclosed with the invitation cards to hopefully receive a positive response in a timely manner.

Some of the invited guests will be glad to know the date as early as possible, because they want to please the bride and groom with one or the other performance or speech. And there a certain preparation time is of course advantageous. By the way, this also applies to silver and golden wedding invitation cards.

The birthday party

Do you plan to celebrate only "one" birthday or is it the round birthday, which would like to be celebrated properly?

If it is only about the presence of the guests, it is enough to inform them ca.14 days to inform them in advance. But maybe it is the wish of the birthday boy or girl to be entertained by friends, for example on a round birthday. Then 8 to 6 weeks before the day of honor the right period. Guests must of course be given time to rehearse skits, jokes, etc. be given.

However, there are also those who are just bored of celebrating a birthday and find pleasure in hosting a theme party. Depending on the theme, the guests must be given enough time, i.e. also the opportunity, to get the appropriate outfit. All in black and white is easy, but with the motto "Huttengaudi" not everyone has Dirndl or lederhosen handy in the closet. 70s or 80s party ‘s are also the rage, shirts with Prilblumenmuster and tight pants in block stripe design has also not everyone. Lucky if the special dress code is not explicitly requested in the invitation cards.

Other celebrations

We have provided a free overview (no registration necessary) for the shipping times here. Just click on the picture or this link, a new window will open. Then simply save / print the PDF.

The baptism and communion or even confirmation belongs almost exclusively to the family, whereby with the baptism, the godfather or godmother must not necessarily come from the own family. Godparents should be informed of course also highly solemnly and above all in time with a self-designed invitation about the time of the baptism. 6 to 8 weeks are already not wrong with baptism and communion.

If you keep to the deadlines as good as possible, nothing can go wrong. guests should thus have enough time to prepare for the celebration. Cancellations due to illness are always to be expected and unavoidable.

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