Seven simple money-saving tips that will set you back a lot of money in your everyday life

Often the month comes to an end and you don’t really know where all the money went. You feel the same way? From now on simply save daily.

1. Cook more at home

Whether it’s in manageable amounts here and there: a coffee-to-go, a nut bun for breakfast, or a sandwich from the bakery for in-between snacks – or in larger sums for restaurant and bar visits. For (fast) food you probably spend more money than you think.

Eating out with friends every now and then is not a bad thing, but whether it has to be a large cappuccino and a sweet pastry every day on the way to the office is another question. Most of the time, you gobble up said "snacks" in such actions at lightning speed, which then also has nothing to do with conscious eating and so not only additional Calories means, but also often leads to a hunger that soon reappears.

Cooking You therefore prefer Home and possibly take the leftovers back to work for tomorrow’s lunch break. Then, if you have your own bottle in your pocket that you can fill up with water anywhere on occasion, save You also at this point unimagined sums for drinks on the go.

2. Avoid unnecessary expenditures when cooking

A high meat and fish consumption for example, is not only not good for your own health and our environment in the long run, but also your Budget For the weekly grocery shopping will be suffer greatly. Therefore, reduce your meat consumption as much as possible and cook mostly vegetarian food. If you consume meat and fish, however, it makes perfect sense to reach for high-quality products to do both the animals and yourself a favor. And then the rule is quality over quantity.

In addition, it often makes sense, seasonal and regional products to buy, just at Fruit and vegetables usually save you more than you thought.

If, for the final crowning touch, you still want to focus on stimulants like Alcohol and Cigarettes can do without, or if necessary these somewhat reduced consume, remain to you also at this point again save large sums of money.

Watch out, that’s another way you save on cooking:

When cooking, use a suitable cover on pot and pan and use one to your vessel the suitable hotplate at save energy.

When cooking with an electric stove, it is also recommended that heat water in advance with the kettle, because here too you save energy and thus money.

3. How to save money while shopping

With this tip save you don’t just save a euro or two, but also buy a few things at the same time healthier a. When you go shopping for the week*, you already have a rough idea of the dishes you would like to prepare during the week and buy a corresponding amount of food more selectively for cooking one. The overpriced sweets and salty snacks that often end up in your shopping cart in the form of spontaneous frustration purchases after stressful days at work are thus left behind saves.

As banal as it may sound, pay attention to the following when shopping offers and reduced article. Even products that are about to expire can usually be kept in their original packaging and refrigerated for much longer than the best-before date promises.

4. Don’t always buy everything new right away

Do you want to hang a picture on the wall at home, but otherwise you do not need hand tools great? Just ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances, for sure you will find someone there who would like to give you something lends.

But if you do a lot of DIY at home and the constant asking the neighbors is too annoying, just look in the Internet according to used tools. On classified ad portals, the Used goods offer, you will often find one or the other Bargain. This also applies to Flea markets and Thrift Stores.

5. Get rid of old junk – that way you can make room for new things and earn some extra money

The principle with ebay classifieds works of course also in the opposite direction. So it is quite useful to clean up every few months and perhaps also to part with long forgotten, thickly dusted objects. However, this does not mean that all your stuff has to end up in the garbage can. Well preserved can be prima resell, and who knows, Maybe there is even a valuable collector’s item lying in your attic.

6. Jogging, swimming and cycling in nature or yoga and pilates in your living room

Sport is important, everyone knows that. To keep fit or as a balance to the office routine: most people are looking for a sporting activity that is fun and can be easily incorporated into the agenda.

But such a subscription to the gym is not always cheap. If you spend a large sum of money a month on this kind of equipment and then force yourself to go on the treadmill every three weeks after work, you are clearly doing something wrong.

But if you don’t want to simply give up exercise, there’s an extensive range of home workouts on YouTube. And even outdoors, sweaty hiking trips, bike rides and jogging laps can be made, and that too for free.

Especially during the lockdown phases of the Corona pandemic, many amateur athletes realized how good it is to exercise alone and at a distance at home and outdoors. Save you therefore Monthly fees for the gym and buy instead rather a yoga mat and a few light dumbbells for home. Maybe even used, for example on ebay classifieds.

7. Enjoy digital and/or second-hand media

With many newspapers and magazines a Digital pass offered, often for much less money than for the printed edition.

If you like to read books, you can also save here. Get either a pass for the City library in your area or buy second hand books, as for example on online portals how reBuy.en. But in bookstores and supermarkets you often find a box of so-called „Defective copies", That may have a few quirks in the cover, but still read flawlessly.

Also Movies and series you can watch cheaply by foregoing regular visits to the cinema and not buying every movie anew on DVD or Blu-ray disc but, for example, from friends or on Amazon Prime Video borrow.

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