Supplementary income: from when can you supplement your salary with hartz iv??

Quite a few people in Germany work for wages that are not enough to pay the daily costs of living. While some people only have to worry about whether they have enough money for their next vacation in Spain or whether they can buy a new flat-screen TV, people in the low-wage sector worry day after day about where they can get the money for food or even an apartment. You work full time, but still do not earn enough to live on. In order to help such people, the legislator has created the possibility of supplementing his low salary with the help of Hartz IV. But from when can one top up his salary with Hartz IV?

From when can you top up his salary with Hartz IV?

An employed person is entitled to a supplement with Hartz IV if he or she earns less than 1.200 € gross earned. This amount increases to 1.500 € if you have to take care of at least one child. But how much exactly an individual receives in the end, is calculated from the amount of income and the need he has.

What belongs to the income?

In principle, income includes everything that a person entitled to benefits receives in cash. This includes for example:

  • Income from work
  • Wage arrears
  • Christmas and vacation bonus
  • Unemployment or sick pay
  • Tax refunds
  • Maintenance payments
  • Child benefit
  • Capital and interest income
  • Income from renting and leasing
  • Homeowner’s allowance
  • Lottery winnings

The following income is not taken into account:

  • Basic pensions according to the Federal Pension Act
  • Blind money
  • Care allowance for educational use for the 1. and 2. Foster child completely and for the 3. Foster child at 25% (for full-time family care)
  • special allowances (Ex.: emergency aid in case of disasters, honorary contributions from public funds)

It should also be noted that the gross income is always the decisive factor.

Can something be deducted from the income?

From the income can actually be deducted something, which leads to an increase in the benefit of Hartz IV. Deductible expenses include, for example:

  • taxes due on the income
  • compulsory contributions to the statutory social insurance
  • Advertising costs
  • insurances required by law (ex.: Motor vehicle liability)
  • Additional allowance of 30 € per month for adequate private insurances

In addition, an allowance is granted on income from employment. Thus, the first 100 € from an earned income is not taken into account. This is the so-called basic allowance. In addition, 20% of the part of the gross income above 100 € up to and including 1000 € remains free of charge. In addition to the other two allowances, 10% of the gross salary over 1000 € up to the upper earnings limit of 1.200 € or. 1.500 € not credited.

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Supplementary income: From when can you supplement your salary with Hartz IV??

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Supplementary income: From when can you supplement your salary with Hartz IV??

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Hello, my girlfriend, we do not live together, receives ALG II. She is on 15 hrs. employed plus. Overtime and time account. The net wage is about 1080 EUR. With overtime and time account she comes to ca. 35 – 40 hrs. the week. Now the Arge demands that it should be examined by official. Previously she was due to illness (knee surgery) almost a year at home. Your Std wage is approx. 17 EUR. Overtime is deducted at less per hr. paid out. The time account must be accumulated in accordance with the company agreement and paid out in part if necessary when too many hours have been accumulated. Now the Arge is trying to bring my friend into full time and probably not have to pay more. The problem is unfortunately no employer pays this high Std Lohn or. employs full time. That is, the net income will not change. Can anyone give me a tip on what to do here without wanting to go to court right away? Thanks a lot. E. Pupils

Good day. Do I have a right to harz 4 if my husband is the only one earning and I have no profit with my self-employment?. My husband must therefore pay for our son and my education?

Although Schutzkto Harz 4 ( almost never credit on it Except emergency sum because of debit fixed – Vers auto etc
Nevertheless Kto of Fa ?Incasso plundered kto now empty ??
I always have larger expenses pharmacy 120.- doctor Gymnastic auto inst.Costs gasoline etc -Ps continuously -different
Why do I have alleged protection Kto if all -Alle have access to it
Greeting H.Miner

good evening!
I am a single mother of three children from BW and currently receive ALG 2.

I am now considering taking in a foster child in standby care.

In what way would the care allowance be counted towards my Alg2??

In the Bereitschaftspflege there are also times in which one has no foster child, all this is very irregular , how is proceeded here

I am currently in the parental year, but I am still waiting for my parental allowance. My partner earns 1093€ net per month. We currently have for us three only his money available and have to pay from it car, heating costs, food, installments, property tax, waste fee, telephone etc. In good German at the end of the money is still too much month … we have the right hartz4 dazu zubekommen

I am single and live in a burdened family house, 80sqm.
Abtrag 250€ mtl
180€ to the public utility (electricity, gas, water, sewage)
In addition, all the costs incurred such as property tax (70€ per quarter), insurance (300€ a year), garbage 40€ per quarter)
Chimney sweep (130€ per year)

Earn 1327€ gross monthly.

In addition, I still have a current loan (165€ mtl.) and the normal expenses for phone, food, drink.

Am I entitled to a top-up or costs of accommodation? How to calculate it? Would be grateful for help.

Good day,
I hope you can help me!
I am ALG II and wanted to know if I get a 600, – base job I get then no Aufstockung and how it is calculated .
At present I receive from the ALG II place 699,- in total what would come out with?
Thanks in advance

Good day,
I hope you can help me further!
I am ALG II and wanted to know if I get a 600, – base job I get then no Aufstockung and how it is calculated .
Currently I receive from the ALG II place 699, – total what would come out with?
Thanks in advance

How is that if you work in another state as seasonal opening and continue to tell the rent for his apartment (in the old BL) and earn only 944 net?…

Not season opening, but seasonal workers

I earn at 30 hrs.( otherwise there is no other job) a monthly salary of gross 1.161 Euro, net 897 Euro. I am single. Have insurances Hausrat, liability, accident, car insurance. I have to go to work and still pay off car loan. rent I do not have, because I live in an old house, but partly still with furnace.
Do i have a chance to get something through jobcenter?
Thanks in advance for an answer.

have the same problem. Would be happy if you can tell me what has become of you and you have received an increase.
was asked at the application for Quwitungen for wood, savings book or even the move out of the house .

iHave from September 2017 another employment contract the 32,5 ,
week at 9 euros gross/hour.
Can dsurch Polygelenkarthose u my kair Aufstockung zuputten spine
work eight hours a day at the most.
Is I entitled to top up?

I am divorced and provide for my own maintenance, I have 2 jobs, one I have a contract on an hourly basis, since I was now reduced hours and I currently there in the month approx.80 euros net get and in 2. Job I have a 450,.Euro job, where I get paid 442, – Euro net! Am I entitled to a supplementary living allowance and how much is the entitlement……And does the entitlement have to be paid back?.

we are a family of five, I myself am a housewife, my husband earns 1800, – gross . We already get Kinderzuschlag and housing allowance, we can hope for a top-up?

Good day I have, I have the problem just that today I got a call Habe from the Jobcenter Bremerhaven, the all power Einstellen want to 1.4.2017 as I am on 20.3.2015 At a temporary employment agency for 9.23€ and thus neither rent nor anything else can be paid since I then yes only at the end of April the first money get, and thus the of the housing society immediately threatened with a bailiff should the rent for April not be paid, Raus from the lease but they also do not want to let me although there are more than enough people looking for an apartment.
My fixed costs
364€ rent
57€ electricity
11.11€ liability
23×2€ train tickets Niedersachen tikket to see my son every week
30€ cell phone contract

I am neither on benefits from the welfare office nor ALG2
Each new employment contract Brings any problems with Once
Man finds work and you have to live 1 month without money.

Hello, I am also a single parent, my son is 16 years, but still goes to school.
Now my question: we live in Erzgebirge, my earnings are ca. 800- 900€, there is still maintenance and child support of 550€ in addition, have to bear all the fixed costs alone,
Rent, insurance, electricity, telephone and cell phone, all things that are needed nowadays. Ca. 800€ which must be paid every month. Could I hope for a top up?
Thanks in advance. Seni

Think da bekommst so ca. 220 euros. Level 2 with child. . Thus 1690 euro net. Since the highest earnings are calculated.

I am a single mother of 2 children. My big one is in 1. Training year and gets salary and my daughter is just started school. Now I was in November 2016 become unemployed until 20.December. Since I have again taken a full-time job. For these hours I have now 239 euros paid out. From what should I please pay rent etc? The AA has stopped the money for the whole month of December. Would I be entitled to a top-up now?? .

And what about the people who INTENTIONALLY keep their income small to continue to claim the money from the state.
Wife works 36 hrs. week at minimum wage. He self-employed (e-bay) sales, keeps the income intentionally low to continue to claim the top-up.

hello ,
work as a courier driver in long-distance traffic, have a grundhehalt of 1500 gross in addition 450 euro expenses come thus 1950 euro gross gesammt .
it go down to fixed costs:
490 euro rent
200 euro electricity
280 euro mobile, internet, phone and TV
then about 500 euro a month food just calculated for 3 people

do i have any right to top up? ?

Why 200 € electricity, every normal 4 person household has under 100,00
Why 280,00 cell phone(internet/telephone? More than 10,00 per phone is not necessary. Rest for 75,00. Makes 105.00 for 3 people I am a businessman and get along with it.

Am Aufstocken get vacation and overtime rausbezahl about 1500euro what I may keep Please

I am a single earner and have three small children. I in a full time job. My salary we no longer get by.. Thereupon I made an application for a top-up. my question would be what income I have to present.!
Do I have to declare housing allowance and child support allowance as well?
I thank you in advance!

With kind regards

Of course you have to. There is always only either housing allowance + child supplement or Hartz IV.

Question: I am a top-up and have now received my application for further approval from the Jobcenter (I live in a community of need with three other people). Now I noticed, my Regelbedarf has fallen to 184.57 €, so also with my husband. My big son is doing a social year and he does not have a regular need and my 9 year old son (has only KG) does not have a regular need either. I earn just 790 €. is that correct?

Question: was previously unemployed after school got m rent 780 € from the Job Center I have an apprenticeship get 400 € salary and only 129 € allowance .. Have but rent costs ca 450 m heiz&Strom. Can’t live on it despite training … If I quit my job, I’ll get more Hartz 4. can that be ? I am already 24, and do not live with parents … Thanks f advice. ,!

Can the alimony that you have to pay monthly also be deducted?. What is it like when a wage garnishment is in progress and what does deduction actually mean?.

So please, who is supposed to understand the last paragraph. In the Rhineland they say. You would have to have studied for that. I did, but I still don’t understand it.
Sad real

What is there not to understand?
I have not studied and no problem with it. Maybe read again and think?

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