The 3 most important factors to build muscle fast!

Many people go to the gym – sometimes for years – and have almost no successes. You want to build muscles, but don’t want to gain a gram. You want to become stronger and more powerful, but almost nothing is happening.

Do you know this?

If you want to build muscle mass quickly, you will inevitably have to deal with all the factors that influence the muscle building process.

Many men want to gain weight resp. Build muscles and go to the gym for it. However, they often have the problem that despite regular training they do not gain weight and do not really get relevant muscle gains.

If you don’t manage to build muscles, it means that your training still needs to be optimized in certain areas. But not only the training, there are other factors that are absolutely essential for muscle growth.

The most important factors for muscle building are listed here in this article and shown exactly, so that you finally gain weight and finally you build muscles quickly. Because it is really the case that everyone can gain weight and build muscles and it works for everyone in principle according to the same system.

No matter what genetic conditions you have, for everyone it is possible to build muscle mass and gain weight.

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Factors of muscle building

How fast you build up muscles depends in principle on yourself and whether you really pay attention to everything that is necessary for it. The more exactly one heeds the really important things in relation to the muscle structure, the faster one builds up also muscles.

One thing I can be said in any case: Anyone can build muscle!

But in practice, most of those who have the goal of building muscle still barely build muscle. You then train for many years and have only moderate success.

Therefore now once concretely to the factors, which are really important, in order to develop muscle mass.

You can divide this into exactly 3 areas.

The 3 factors of muscle building:

  • The strength training
  • The diet
  • The regeneration

These are the points which are important. absolutely essential in muscle building are!

All 3 points are very important. indispensable. You have to pay attention to all 3 things, otherwise the muscle building will never work. It is not enough to have a perfect workout. If, for example, the diet or the regeneration does not fit, then you will still not build muscles. In the same way, if you eat very well, but in return neglect your regeneration, even then you will not build muscle.

All 3 factors must be taken into account.

Following once a more detailed description of the 3 points..

The strength training

The training must be natural to the own person. A typical mistake is not to train according to any system. Doing arbitrary exercises in an arbitrary order that don’t fit together as a whole. It is important that the training builds on each other. So if you train in a jumbled way and just do any exercises, you will not make progress.

In addition, it is also important to use different training principles and then change them again after a certain time, so that different stimuli can act on the muscle.

Actually, the muscle always gets a growth stimulus when you do any strength exercise. In the beginning it doesn’t matter which exercises you do. The muscle will grow if you make some kind of effort, because at the beginning the muscle grows the fastest. Nevertheless, you should start as early as possible to carry out your training according to a certain system. The system could look like this, that you train 4 -8 weeks according to a certain training method and after that you change your complete training.

That is, you choose certain exercises, split your training on several days, do a certain number of repetitions and training sets and after 4 – 8 weeks you change the complete training. So you get after a few weeks new training stimuli and the body responds with muscle growth.

And this is in principle the big secret of muscle building. The muscle responds to each training with muscle growth. Anything that is strenuous will cause the muscle to become stronger. However, this effect slowly diminishes over time, if you consistently do exactly the same workout.

That’s why it’s so important to add variation to your training program. In this way, the muscle is always faced with a new strength challenge and then has a reason to become stronger and more powerful.

If one Regularly to the training walking, lifting weights, exerting oneself strongly and then still at About 6 – 15 repetitions remains, then the muscle will grow – without exception!

Furthermore, you have to make sure that you also go to the training regularly.

You can’t go to training regularly for a week and then suddenly take a break for two weeks. After that, go back to the gym for a week and expect the muscle to grow perfectly. If you don’t have regularity in your training and don’t follow through with it, then unfortunately you can’t expect your muscles to grow really well either.

Here again is an overview for effective strength training:

  • Heavy and exhausting training (of course not for beginners)
  • Variation in training
  • Regular training

These 3 points must be followed in order to achieve reasonable muscle growth.

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