The best youtube downloaders: download movies and music – here’s how to do it

A YouTube downloader lets you download music from YouTube and save it in a format you can also use on your PC or phone. Since YouTube doesn’t like this, it’s sometimes a bit awkward. GIGA shows you how to download MP3 music and movies from YouTube.

YouTube doesn’t want you to download music or movies from there. For this reason, some YouTube downloaders suddenly fail, even though they worked yesterday: The video portal has simply changed the code for the files or locked out certain programs. This is especially complicated on cell phones because Google, the owner of YouTube, doesn’t allow corresponding apps in the Play Store. We explain to you how it works anyway.

You can find legal MP3 downloads at these sources:

YouTube downloader for all – online

Regardless of your operating system, there are websites where you can download movies and music from YouTube without having to install anything. You need neither a smartphone app, nor a program or browser plugin.

As a rule, these services work in such a way that you copy the address of a video, enter it into a text field on the web page and then this page will download the YouTube video and you can then download the whole movie or just the music. This works regardless of your operating system and it does not matter if you use a PC, tablet or any cell phone.

At these websites you can download videos and music from YouTube:

    Just enter the address of the video and the site will load a preview. Then click on "Download MP3, to download only the music or click on "Download MP4", to save the whole video. This site sometimes has problems with downloading long videos. Here you can also download sound and movie files from YouTube. However, here you even have the choice between different resolutions and file types. Here you can download YouTube music only. Copy the address, enter it into the text field, and click on the button. Then select an output format and bitrate and click on "Convert File", you can download the music.

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YouTube downloader apps for Android and iPhone

For Android you will not find a YouTube downloader on the regular way. YouTube is owned by Google and Google doesn’t want that to avoid trouble with the music industry. But this does not mean that such apps do not exist.

/> Image: GIGA / Screenshot

The APK file of the Android app "TubeMate" you can manually install from other sources and then open the videos in this app. On each page you will find a download button, with which you can download the whole video or only the sound in different formats. The music tracks are saved on the device right away in your music folder and can now be played at any time.

/> Image: GIGA / Screenshot

For the iPhone there is the "AppVideo Fly Lite“. However, it is more of a "video manager with a download function". You can use it to visit YouTube, play videos and save them to your iPhone or iPad if you wish, so that you can also play them offline at any time.

Download YouTube music on PC

If you want to download music from YouTube, you have several options on your PC. On the one hand, there are of course the websites described above, which you can also access without having to install anything. This can be handy if you’re sitting at a work computer, for example, and don’t have installation permission.

Another option are browser plugins that offer video or music download while browsing YouTube. Again, you will have a Google problem: YouTube downloaders are banned in the Chrome Store.

/> „YouTube MP3 Download" is an add-on for the Firefox browser, which is one of the few 1-click solutions for downloading MP3 music from YouTube. The plugin puts a red download button under each video, which you only need to click to extract the sound from the movie and save it as MP3.

And finally, there are programs that allow you to download YouTube videos. For example, there is the"YouTube Downloader HD“, which is available as freeware for Windows, Mac and Linux. The small tool has an input line for the addresses of YouTube videos and you can then select in which quality the download should be made. Then it fetches the video and saves it in MP4 format on your hard drive. If you only need the sound, you can simply convert the MP4 file to MP3 format.

/> The"4K Video Downloader“ is also free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Unlike the first program, you can choose whether you want to download the whole video or just an MP3 file from YouTube.

So there are plenty of ways to download videos and music from YouTube with the help of various YouTube downloaders. The download itself is for your pure private use by the way legally and from the regulation to the "private copy" covered. With the tools presented here, nothing stands in the way of expanding your music collection.

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