The cat pees on the sofa

The cat pees on the sofa! Oh no, it can’t be that now. Nevertheless, it is a sad reality, the cat has done it. Why only? Many owners are then usually faced with a puzzle and show annoyance. After all, the task of cleaning is not one of the nicest of its kind. Nevertheless, it must happen and quickly.

The cat pees on the sofa – With young animals and senior cats may be turned a blind eye there already once

The young cat

Kittens, who have not yet mastered the 1 x 1 of housetraining perfectly, for them this circumstance is nothing special. After a long nap this can happen quite often.

There they are allowed to relieve themselves before it happens on the sofa in the living room. Straight young cats can control their bladder only with difficulty, so they need to be put in their litter box from time to time. This is how to avoid such mishaps.

The old cat

Also Senior cats often have a problem to hold their urine. That’s why it makes sense to always place the litter box where the old cat likes to be. This saves the cat a long walk to the litter box and makes it less tempted to urinate directly on the sofa where it has just taken a nap.

Just when the cat is restless in its behavior and begins to sniff everywhere. Then usually the time is reached, where the cat litter box is urgently necessary.

The observation gift of the owner is always required, he knows his animal best and also knows when it is time to visit the cat toilet.

The cat pees on the sofa – The big cleaning is announced

If the mishap has been discovered by the owner, it is now important to, Rest to preserve.

The cat is put first on the toilet to signal, here you have to do your business in the future. We have the article "cat litter box training" for you on this subject. The place on the sofa, where you peed on it, must be cleaned afterwards.

If the owner cleans in the presence of his animal, this signals to the cat: "Wauw, my owner has interest in it." It will automatically become a repeat offender. That is why the cat does not linger in the living room while the puddle of urine is removed.

So if you go into the living room with a paper towel, you should make sure in advance that the cat stays outside. As a first step the Stain once dabbed dry. Once this is dry, the Odor fights become.

If the urine stain is still fresh, it helps to press several layers of kitchen towels on the affected area on the sofa. A lot of urine can be absorbed. Then the kitchen roll must not be spared. The more kitchen towels the better. Several long layers can absorb a lot of liquid.

The cat pees on the sofa – The smells of the cat urine are to be neutralized

The cat’s urine stinks and not even that badly. That is why the owner must be busy cleaning at the beginning before using the affected area odorless is made.

If you only remove the puddle of urine from the sofa, the result will be that the Ghe smell of cat urine settles in the fabric and the cat is henceforth always tempted to pee on the sofa.

The cat’s urine is enriched with hydrogen sulfide, amines, ammonia and mercaptan. These substances are responsible for the highly unpleasant smell of urine.

Ammonia-free cleaning agents

Ammonia-free cleaning agents are very good to fight the unpleasant smell of urine.

Conventional vinegar

Conventional Vinegar, as it is in stock in every household, can also do this. It will be diluted 1:3 with water. This diluted mixture is then applied generously to the affected area to neutralize the odors.

Various home remedies in powder form also help

The cat owner may use Baking soda, cornstarch or Soda operate. The powder in question is applied to the affected area of the sofa. Gently massaged in with a fine brush. It is recommended to use the powder work overnight to let, so that the effectiveness can also unfold. The powder is vacuumed off the sofa the next day. Who does not want to wait until the next morning, simply shorten the exposure time and use a damp cloth. With this the powder is wiped away and with one wipe everything is clean again. But not because the stain is just too stubborn? In such a case, it is quite helpful if the baking soda, alternatively the cornstarch, is mixed with enough water to form a paste. With this paste the stain on the sofa is then processed. The effect is not long in coming.

The soda – the miracle cure par excellence

The list of odor removers on the market is almost endless.

But Who says that an odor remover for cat urine always must be expensive? The best example that even an inexpensive product shows its effect is the odor killer Natron. Sodium bicarbonate is considered true miracle cure, If the cat has peed on the sofa. It disinfects, it removes bacteria and neutralizes the bad smell of urine. Thereby quite classical natron can be bought, as it is offered in every supermarket.

The powder, which is usually hidden in a small bag, is sprinkled on the sofa. it is allowed to soak there for 2 hours.

If you remove the urine with a kitchen roll or a rag, it can not penetrate deep into the tissue.

The substance bicarbonate of soda can do this, so bicarbonate of soda absorbs the excess liquid of urine and removes the bacteria. They can not spread further. In addition, the odors, which were triggered by certain ingredients of the urine, are neutralized.

After a 2-hour exposure time, the powder of the natron is sucked off the sofa again with the vacuum cleaner. The sofa smells fresh again and is clean. Many cat owners try their luck at cleaning with stain salts. Natron is for it certainly however the better alternative.

The cat pees on the sofa – Remarkable home remedies help further in the fight against odor

The coffee or espresso powder

The Coffee or espresso powder not only provides a good cup of coffee in the morning, it also helps to minimize the unpleasant smell of cat urine. It is important to note that the sofa on which the cat has peed must have a dark fabric. Once the urine is eliminated, the coffee or espresso powder is sprinkled on the stain. Powder may be used there leave to soak in for a few hours, before it is sucked off again.

The mouthwash

Mouthwash is actually responsible for the good breath, but not only that. What provides good breath, also helps to neutralize odors of any kind. Among other things, the smell of cat urine. Before applying the mouthwash to the stain on the sofa diluted with a little water. If you use colored mouthwash, you should make sure that the sofa also has the appropriate color. Otherwise should be to clear mouthwash because it does not rub off.

The aroma of citrus

What smell cats can not stand at all? It is the aroma of citrus fruits and this can be perfectly used to contain the smell of cat urine.

But the risk that it will pee on the sofa again is thus minimized.

Because once she has chosen the sofa as her quiet place, the temptation is great that she will always use it for her purposes and that really does not have to be. We recommend as an alternative a cat sofa.

The cat pees on the sofa – She may sleep on the sofa at night

The cat is really granted to spend the night on the sofa. Then it should 2 1/2 hours before their night’s rest no more water get handed (cf. Why does the cat pee everywhere?) . Cats can sleep well 7 to 8 hours through, without having to do their emergency urination.

Provided – it is removed before going to bed the bowl with water. In addition, the cat should be Going to their toilet once more before their night’s rest is due.

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