The marriage proposal woman to man: how to succeed in the role change during the engagement?

We have long become accustomed to women holding leadership positions, deciding for themselves whether and when to have children, and generally living self-determined lives. But when it comes to a change of role in the marriage proposal, both women and men often react hesitantly at first. But what are the reasons that the marriage proposal woman to man is still so rare? And how do you succeed as a woman in making a marriage proposal that marks one of the most beautiful days in your life? We show how this special milestone becomes a success when the marriage proposal comes from the woman, and with which marriage proposal ideas for women you score with your partner.

Why do women actually wait for the man to propose?

The reasons why so rarely the marriage proposal comes from the woman are similar in many cases. Some women simply wish to continue the familiar tradition in which the man proposes marriage. Often this is perceived as the more romantic option. Some women also fear hurting their partner’s pride by simply taking over this task, which is widely regarded as a "man’s job. Last but not least, there is also in the ladies’ world the fear of a "no" as an answer to the marriage proposal. But these doubts can be removed with a few tricks of the trade.

Should a woman take the marriage proposal at all?

Self is the woman – if this is your motto, nothing actually stands in the way of the marriage proposal as a woman. After all, we are in a time in which emancipation is progressing steadily. So why stop at proposing marriage to the man? If you are unsure how your partner feels about this change of roles, just clarify this discreetly in advance. For example, bring up cases from friends or the celebrity world where the marriage proposal was from the woman to the man. How your partner will react? If he basically likes the idea of "woman proposes marriage", you have (almost) a free ride.
But in addition, you should also find out if he is not already planning to propose marriage to you. If he is just looking for the right marriage proposal ideas for the man, consider sending him this part. However, if you do not see any signs that your life partner is thinking about a wedding proposal, but is still positive about getting married, go for it calmly. Women do not have to wait at all until their partner falls on his knees in front of them. Just make the wedding proposal yourself. But when is the right time for it?

How long should you wait as a woman to propose to your boyfriend?

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if the appropriate time for a marriage proposal woman to man is given:

  • Are you yourself sure that you want to get married?
  • Assume that your partner is ready to get married?
  • Have a good relationship that has a future?
  • Assume that your partner is okay with not being the one to propose marriage?

These questions will help guide you in deciding whether you should propose to your partner in the near future. If you are sure that this is the case, only the appropriate ideas are missing. We have a few romantic and also original suggestions below for inspiration.

How do I propose to my husband as a woman?

Especially important when choosing a suitable idea for a wedding proposal to the man:

  • a great, atmospheric setting and
  • A marriage proposal that is individually tailored to the partner or the relationship

Proposing marriage on vacation

If the marriage proposal to the man should be unforgettable, ask him yet in your favorite vacation destination. Match a romantic moment for it, such as at sunset on the beach or during a great hike.

Wedding proposal in nature

You both like to be out in nature? Then a marriage proposal during a picnic or a relaxing walk in a romantic atmosphere might be just the right idea.

Marriage proposal for adrenaline junkies

Your partner likes it a little more exciting? Maybe you ask him during a skydive if he wants to marry you?

Idea for sports fans

If your future husband is a fan of a sports team, why not put the marriage proposal on a game?. Especially good for this is the time during a break in the game. However, plan an alternative in case your partner’s favorite team loses.

Whatever idea for the marriage proposal to the man you implement: The most important thing is that it suits him and comes from the heart. If only the question of the appropriate engagement gift would remain to be resolved.

The engagement gift: are there engagement rings for men?

The selection of a suitable engagement gift to the woman is quite simple. The classic is a diamond engagement ring. However, men can not do so much with this. A plain man’s ring is still a nice idea for the engagement though. In addition, you as a woman certainly do not want to do without the engagement ring. For this, the following solution has proven to be effective:
After proposing, choose engagement rings together that you both like and that will forever remind you of the day you got engaged.
If you know your partner’s tastes very well, you can of course choose the two engagement rings in advance and present them to your man right away when you propose marriage. Look also once in our column partner rings around for suitable pieces of jewelry for both partners.
Tip: Keep in mind that men’s rings are welcome to be a little wider and more simple. If you want it to be something special, go for textured materials, such as those with relief or grain. You will achieve a particularly comfortable feeling when wearing a ring made of titanium, which is especially recommended for men who are not used to wearing rings.

By the way: During the 1950s, it was common for both the man and the woman to wear an engagement ring on their finger. In this respect you preserve with this solution also a small piece of tradition.

What can a woman give a man as an alternative to an engagement ring when proposing marriage??

You want an alternative engagement gift for your husband? A good idea are other jewels. Popular are wrist watches, but also a chain or bracelet with engraving or noble cufflinks are excellent as a gift for the engagement.

In our online store for wedding rings you will surely find the right piece of jewelry for your big moment. Browse at your leisure through the versatile models, let yourself be inspired and conveniently order the ring that you like – gladly also with your desired engraving. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent team – we will provide you with comprehensive advice.

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