The most beautiful christmas markets (winter markets) in london

Christmas in London is a special experience. Whether Christmas shopping London or a visit to the Christmas markets in London. For every taste there is the right thing to do in London before Christmas.

It’s almost time again and the gates of the Christmas markets in Europe open their doors. It smells of cookies, mulled wine and pine needles. A special experience are the Christmas markets in London.

London is one big Christmas market.

Besides the big Christmas markets, especially in the shopping streets like Oxford Street and Regent Street, there is so much to see that a visit to one of the Christmas markets is not really necessary, but what would the pre-Christmas season be without a visit to a Christmas market / Advent market / Christkindlmarkt.

The most beautiful Christmas Markets / Winter Markets in London

The biggest and most famous Christmas market is the London Hyde Park Christmas Market, also known as Winter Wonderland known .

Admittedly, at first glance Winter Wonderland looks more like a fairground than a Christmas market.

There is a Ferris wheel and many other rides.

But Christmas does not come too short here. There is a German Christmas Market here respectively. Bavarian Village.

The entrance to the Winter Wonderland is free, but there are a few attractions, which cost and for which you have to order online tickets in advance.

These include the Ice Bar, Cinderella on Ice, and ice skating in Hyde Park. If you have one of these tickets, you also get through faster at the entrance (fast track).

Otherwise, it may take a few minutes to reach the entrance. At the entrance, handbags are looked through and drinks you bring with you have to be handed in like at the airport or drunk up on the spot before it’s said:

Christmas Market London Hyde Park

The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in the heart of London is huge and has several entrances and exits, and areas.

As already mentioned, there’s the Bavarian Village, but Thor and northern countries like Sweden also send their regards in the form of themed bars and matching food and drinks.

Of course, as with our Christmas markets in Austria, there are also baubles, hats and Christmas decorations to buy. All kinds of food and drinks are represented here. First of all mulled wine (Gluhwein).

In Winter Wonderland there is also an Icebar, where it is -10 degrees Celsius and where even the "shot" glasses are made of ice. The entrance costs around £14.

I skipped the Ice Bar because I have already spent the night in an igloo, so I already know ice bars and I know in Tyrol what it means to spend at -10 degrees Celsius in ice and snow. Brrr.

I would have been more interested in the Cinderella on Ice performance, but since I didn’t know exactly when I would be in Winter Wonderland and have time, I had to drop this item. Tickets must be booked online in advance.

If the Winter Wonderland is too much for you, you can also have a look at the smaller Winter Markets as an alternative.

Alternatives to Winter Wonderland

Southbank Center Winter Market

The Southbank Center Winter Market was recommended to me by a friend from London. At first I was a little disappointed with this Christmas market in London, because the stalls and the atmosphere right by the Southbank Center didn’t blow me away.

However, right next to the Southbank Center there is the promenade along the Thames. Along the promenade, as well as under the bridge are the stalls with Mulled Wine, drinks, food and of course gift ideas.

In the evening, the illuminated Southbank Center Winter Market is certainly nice to look at. Especially because the London Eye and Big Ben are in the immediate vicinity.

Winter Market at Tower Bridge

On the banks of the Thames is the small, fine Winter Market with a view of the Tower of London opposite as well as the Tower Bridge.

I had the misfortune of being there in the morning and everything was still closed resp. The first stands have slowly opened.

The Christmas market at Tower Bridge is really small and manageable, but in the evening it is certainly nice to enjoy a mulled wine with a view of the illuminated Tower Bridge.

Alternatives to the Christmas Markets

Guided tours in London at Christmas time are especially interesting if you want to be "kidnapped" stress-free through London to the most beautiful Christmas hotspots.

The London Pass might be of interest to you when visiting London: You get free admission to over 60 attractions as well as a day ticket for the hop-on/hop-off bus. There is also the option to add the Oyster Card (cheap to travel on the tube).

Christmas Illumination London

The shop windows and the illuminations in London are just as recommendable as the Christmas markets.

The illuminations of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street and Carnaby Street are particularly impressive. These are located in relative proximity to the Winter Wonderland.

Carnaby Street: where Christmas and Carnival celebrate together

Very christmassy decorated is also the Covent Garden Market and Leadenhall Market. There is a delightful little bakery in Leadenhall Market. The breakfast there tastes wonderful (vegan options too) and from the 1. From the second floor you can see directly into the Christmas decorated interior of the market.


  • London Pass: The London Pass might be interesting for you when visiting London:
  • Oyster Card: There is also the possibility to add the Oyster Card (cheap to travel with the subway).


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Very nice impressions! I’ve actually never been to a Christmas market outside of Germany and it’s really nice to see what it’s like elsewhere. Very inspiring!

Looks really good! I was at the Seiser Alm South Tyrol last year, that was also very atmospheric. Maybe we will go to London soon& LG

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