The perfect christmas gift for the affair: dos and don’ts

What do women and men find beautiful?

Which gifts keep the distance, yet are not too impersonal and which attentions harmless? When Christmas is approaching, it is not only difficult to choose the right gifts for everyone, but also to decide who you actually want to give gifts to this year all. Family and close friends are the first things that come to mind. But what about a Christmas present for the Affair? Aren’t gifts already a limit you shouldn’t cross when having a secret liaison, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or Valentine’s Day?

Christmas gift for the affair – yes or no?

An affair lives from its lightness – you meet for an erotic adventure, a few hot hours and tingling sex. On the other hand, you often share very intimate moments: You like each other and therefore would like to make each other a joy for the feast of love. Still, the question remains whether a Christmas gift for your affair crosses the invisible line of noncommittal passion?

To answer the question of whether a Christmas gift is appropriate for the affair, consider something briefly: How intense is your connection? See each other only rarely and irregularly, perhaps only every few weeks or even months? Then your affair will certainly not expect a Christmas gift from you. But if the connection is more permanent and you have regular appointments, then gifts are certainly a pleasure. Then express with a small Christmas gift for the affair that you enjoy your relationship and would like to say thank you to the other person. No matter how close your connection is, consider the following when choosing gifts: Even if you are already very familiar with each other, the gift should not be too emotional. In order not to cross the intimate boundary, innocuous trifles that are not too personal are a good idea. You should show that you have thought of the other, but do not want more from the other than this affair. Otherwise, misunderstandings could quickly arise if the affair interprets the nicely meant gesture as a kind of love message.

Fact is: Everyone is happy about small attentions

Small gifts keep friendship alive – even if it is connected with erotic adventures. Gifts belong to Christmas like potato salad on Christmas Eve, like the Christmas tree, the cookies decorated with sugar icing and the crispy Christmas goose. Therefore, no one can actually go wrong when a Christmas gift for the affair and would like to give the other person a little pleasure. Finding the right gift for close friends, parents and siblings or spouses is relatively easy: you usually already have an idea, know the preferences and what the other person is happy about. But if the acquaintance is mainly limited to the intimate realm, there’s only a fine line between gifts that are too impersonal and those that are too emotional. In addition, a too personal gift from the affair partner is unfortunately very difficult to show publicly. Therefore, choose your Christmas gift for the affair wisely.

Gift ideas for the affair

If you have decided to get a Christmas gift for the affair, the question still remains: what gifts are appropriate for an affair?

  • A Christmas gift for the affair should follow the principle that it could also come from the girlfriend or work colleague. Innocuous and not too personal are especially vouchers. The affair can choose something nice and does not have to explain to the partner. Vouchers are also typical gifts that are given at work. It does not always have to be the classic drugstore or book voucher, but can be a little more creative. A voucher for an erotic dinner can be a welcome mood for a hot night. Here, however, you should make sure that a restaurant in another city is chosen so that there is no danger of being discovered.
  • Lingerie or love toys probably fall out of the category of harmless gift ideas – unless they are to be used immediately and disposed of afterwards. For a long, hot night, however, this can be quite a good gift idea. However, keeping them at home is dangerous, unless you have a good excuse at hand. Jewelry or clothing items are good gifts if they turn out in a way that you could give to yourself as a gift. Because it’s hard to explain at home why the boss gives his employee a gold necklace. are still among the hottest and hottest Christmas gifts. If you have sophisticated nude photos taken of you, then you have two perfect gifts at once. Framed or on a big screen for your partner and on a small, almost invisible USB stick for your affair. Keep in mind, however, that they either look at these pictures only together with your affair, or choose the picture details in such a way that your erotic charms, but not your face is to be recognized. If the affair should end at some point, it is not a good feeling if you do not know what will happen to the nude photos.
  • With a little planning, a special hotel arrangement or maybe even an erotic weekend can bring your affair another tingling incentive. And also a joint wellness day with partner massage quickly becomes a varied foreplay and is an ideal Christmas gift for the affair. Search the Internet for the special hotel stay: on a lighthouse, for example, you can be guaranteed to be alone. Maybe the affair partner is also happy about a joint Tantra seminar, which has the advantage that you as the gift giver still benefit from it.
  • A Christmas gift for the affair does not always have to be material. Wrap yourself at the next meeting but simply and let your affair unpack again. Or organize an intimate scavenger hunt at your meeting place and hide erotic specialties like handcuffs or aphrodisiac chocolates.
  • If it really should be only a small attention, also the classics always make joy: a box of chocolates, a good bottle of wine or a music CD can be enjoyed together at the next meeting.

Just follow your intuition. Choose a Christmas gift for your affair, Which offers the greatest possible discretion. Even small attentions can bring joy. Be inspired by shared experiences when giving gifts. For example, is there a song that you have often heard together?. There are so many possibilities to thank your affair partner with a small attention for the beautiful hours.

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