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How could it be otherwise? Also in my podcast I guide you to more self-determination and freedom in your business. Good time management is only the beginning.

pure inspiration, tips and impulses for solopreneurs, self-employed and entrepreneurs.

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Reviews: What others are saying

  • Informative

Great, informative podcast!

Find the podcast very good. Learned a lot about time management through it.

Nice podcast. Helps me a lot to improve my time management

Super . always new and helpful impulses with sympathetic Swiss dialect

A great, varied and inspiring podcast for the big and small challenges in self-management.

A very good and always motivating podcast, which always inspires me to question and improve my own way of thinking and working in the area of productivity. And sometimes just to listen.

Very motivating potcast with lots of suggestions for anti-time management. Looking forward to every new episode – also his blog and his courses are highly recommended

I listened to this podcast today and it impressed me very much. I also googled Warren Buffett right away. And there I wanted to briefly mention that the quote is from Stephen Covey. Please continue such great podcasts!

A really very helpful podcast on the topic of time, resp. Self-management. Many good tips, very practical and pleasant to listen to.

What is the problem in my disorganized everyday life?? Ivan Blatter sums it up very clearly and puts his finger in the wound. The podcast helps me not to let go in organizing my everyday life, blocking time and also taking time for FDA’s self-management. My current suggestion: Take a break at noon too. I felt caught that I only take the 10 minute break in the home office and push in the food instead of relaxing and then at the end of the day I am totally exhausted. Remedy: don’t get involved in just getting things done or even accepting appointments during this time. Thanks!

Mostly interesting and valuable for my work.

Your tips are very valuable for me. I can take from each episode, something for me. Although I work as an employee. And what more could you want. Thanks for that! VG, Ralf

In the podcast you always get new impulses about time management and productivity, or you are reminded of what you already know. Always entertaining and delivered with Swiss accent in a charming (and well understandable) way. You can tell that Ivan Blatter is "on fire" for his topic and not only gives interesting presentations, but is also very competent in the subject matter. Many tips are good to implement in the workplace or for yourself and the podcast helps to stay up to date on the topic. I always look forward to the new episode – thanks for that!

Ivan Blatter gives valuable tips to have more time in business and life. Greetings from the "Living with Meaning" podcast

Very good, helpful strategies. Thank you very much!

Mega helpful!! Can only recommend:D

Ivan delivers week after week very good tips for time management. And the whole thing also in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. Please keep up the good work Ivan!

Always inspiring – thank you!

Here I have found a lot of valuable suggestions for me in the last few years. I really like the approach of not only presenting tools or methods or even hyping them. The topics go far beyond time management. Here the whole human being and not the highly efficient working robot is in the center.

Dear Ivan, first of all I have to say thank you very much for your mostly great podcast, which I have been following for quite a long time now. A clever choice of topics and your very pleasant voice make the episodes very entertaining. I also like the fact that you don’t overdo it with the self-promotion! Other providers could take a leaf out of my book. However, there is one thing that annoys me more and more; in your case, I can easily pin it down via the episode with the Kanban boards: "FOCUS" is the "fashion sow" that is currently being driven through all the real and virtual villages by all the time schedule experts. Whether I am focused or not has absolutely nothing to do with the tools I use! Sure, there are bad and good tools, but the idea that there is a "one get’s all" is simply unrealistic. Therefore I found your discussion about sense and nonsense of Kanban boards not purposeful, because so some may think now "Kanban is stupid" To this a parable: If you cook, you need a whole number of different tools: knives, pots, pans, whisks etc. I have never heard anyone whine about losing focus because they can’t do everything with the frying pan and then declare the frying pan stupid. To say: If I am aware of my tasks and their requirements, I can and have to use different tools – this does not contribute to a dispersal. If you use a lot of tools and constantly lose focus, you might not be aware of your tasks and literally try to "fry the egg with the whisk" Best wishes and many more exciting episodes to you and yourself, the Michael

A very good, pleasant podcast with a very entertaining and likeable speaker. The tips are helpful and the tools for implementation very appropriate. Thanks

Due to the good tips, I have been able to increase and "calm down" my work behavior! Thank you!

Everything about time management and self-management respectively – but not only the tools and methods are described, Ivan goes into how to deal with work and stress factors as a person in the long run by z.B.taking time for himself and his family. The podcast is very good to listen to, is flawlessly implemented sound-wise and has a pleasant speech tempo for my taste. The train of thought is always clearly recognizable, so you don’t always have to concentrate on listening. He has a very positive, relaxing effect on me and often helps me to start the day well. Keep it up!

Time for the right things

Until now I thought time management only consisted of to-do lists. In this podcast, the complex topic is brought closer and always the reference to practice is established. I have already implemented some tips and hints and it works. Also the other products z.B. I can recommend the audio book by Ivan Blatter.

I work as a motor vehicle expert in the field and wanted to get back to the topic of self& Employ time management to have more time for myself and my family. Here I found exactly what I was looking for. Simply prepared and good to listen to. Perfect for the time in the car between appointments. Learning from role models! Thanks a lot. Keep it up.

The first thing that struck me was Ican’s Swiss dialect and his polite way of expression. This contributes significantly to the fact that I just love to listen to Ivan. Ivan prepares the topics with the necessary basics without overloading the listener with too much theory. After the introduction to the respective topic, pragmatic suggestions for action follow, which make it easier for me to try things out, or rather, to find a solution. implement.

I listen to Ivan Blatter from the beginning, his podcast inspires& is unbeatably well geared towards taking your own development into your own hands and managing your everyday life profitably& to create with passion*****

Ivan Blatter talks about strategies for getting the most out of yourself and your time in this inspiring podcast. Not only does he make it informative and exciting, but also with such a pleasant manner and voice that you just have to like him! Thank you dear Ivan and dear team!

Short and concise and very sympathetic, Mr. Blatter describes how we can regain our scarce time for ourselves.

As a competitive athlete and entrepreneur, it’s not easy to juggle it all. Ivan delivers even for a professional many valuable impulses and new ideas for personal development. Super. Rayk from the Entrepreneur Knowledge in 15 Minutes podcast

This podcast is simply an absolute MUST for all who would like to have more of themselves. Ivan’s upbeat and engaging way of telling things makes this podcast worth listening to minute by minute. Keep up the good work Ivan!

Have listened to the podcast only ca. 1.5 years discovered and have all consequences "caught up. I look forward to each new episode and inspiration. Have since then worked strongly according to the Eisenhower principle and now I live according to GTD i.V.m. Todoist => nothing gets lost. Todoist is now also used by many work colleagues and also by the board of directors! My boss (CEO) wants me to be a "delegation star" and introduce more employees to my methods. But since everyone has to find his own way and methods, I can "only" recommend Ivan’s podcast. ;-) The Swiss-German is also very very pleasant to the ear. Thank you IVAN!

Listening to Ivan once a week is absolutely enriching; it’s not about squeezing more things into the day but using your time productively and thus balancing the day. Thanks for the tips! Adrian / Digitaltreuhaender

Ivan Blatter always manages to convey the essential components of a functioning time management in an inspiring and pragmatic way. It is especially positive to note that he openly refers to his sources and also clearly states what his opinion is on certain approaches. Clear direction for the listener, without paternalism. Please keep up the good work .

I am enthusiastic. For some time after my course on time and self management, I was looking for more . found ivans and Lars website and podcast. I am of course enthusiastic about the accent, the short concise way of Ivan as well as the super tips. I find it not overloaded with topics. I am just groping to find my focus again. The episodes helped me to "get my head around it" again. Thank you

Great Podcast. I have already listened to many episodes while driving and have learned some new things as well as repeated known things from which I benefit in my daily work. Nice side effect: listening to the podcast motivates me to improve myself more and more. Thanks!

A very helpful podcast. Well presented and presented in a very charming way.

Top Podcast. More than 5 stars are unfortunately not possible

In each episode meaty suggestions and thoughts on the subject of self and time management. Many exciting interview partners, for example Bernd Geropp. Have listened to all episodes within a very short time since ‘discovering’ the podcast. Special touch: The Swiss dialect. In the first minutes it took some getting used to, but in the meantime it has become the special charm of the podcast. Currently in the top 3 for me!

Ivan always has exciting topics, which are well and understandably prepared, very informative!

This podcast gets to the point and Mr. Blatter has managed that I could finally bring order into my chaos with a few and basically simple tips! It is fun to listen to the PC on the way to work and implement things immediately. I can only recommend the PC!

Who of us today still has time to give away and does not show gratitude for optimal time management?. With its sympathetic style, this podcast sheds light on the issue. Super greetings Poli

Does not have ‘the solution’ – but helps with the implementation. Thanks for that.

Really a great podcast that has opened my eyes in many places. Thank you!

. Because you cannot manage time. Thanks Ivan for your helpful, refreshingly honest tips!

Ivan Blatter is very pleasant to listen to. He covers a wide range of topics, even for supposed time management professionals. I like the reduction to the most necessary to be productive.

Had first read the book on GTD and with further research first came across Ivan’s blog. Then came for me the podcast. With all the info I was able to build my own time management system which helps me a lot to get more organized. Everything is also very well structured and with the transcription many episodes become checklists in my TODOIST. I like the chosen music as well, because it is unobtrusive for me and also the background music for the book application is also well done. The sound quality is also always great. Can’t for the life of me find anything negative;-) Thanks for the content. Am curious about the book:-).

I discovered the blog and also the podcast of Ivan Blatter a few days ago and now consume little by little what I have missed so far. Many seht good tips and approaches can be found here. As Ivan says, not everything fits for everyone and my desk is still not empty, but you can implement or try the things that fit for you personally. As an employee, you often do not have the freedom as a self-employed, but there is still a lot that you can implement. Thanks a lot!

Great, informative podcast about time- and SElbstmanagemant and everything that goes with it. Pleasantly narrated.

[✓] The tone is relaxed, it is also laughed at times. The episodes are neither too short nor too long. They correspond to the topic and are not artificially protracted. [✓] There is not much advertising for other products, and if, then only for relevant topics. [✓] Good mix of practical tips (todo list methods, concrete apps etc.) and motivating speech, which testifies to experience. You just have to start implementing everything. ;-) I am happy about every new episode!

Thanks a lot Ivan(after so many episodes I tend to doze;))! . and see above!

Super Podcats. Here you get a lot of information. It’s just fun to listen to the podcast. Always looking forward to a new episode

Ivan Blatter’s podcast is well structured, informative and offers many useful tips that can be implemented directly. Thanks. Gladly further in such a way!

For almost half a year I have been listening to the podcasts by and with Ivan Blatter with great enthusiasm. I can always take a lot from the suggestions and tips and try to implement a lot of them. The voice is very pleasant and sounds cheerfully positive. I am looking forward to further follow.

Without much fanfare, many good suggestions for everyday life and that too in the for me very pleasant "Swiss High German". I listen again and again with pleasure.

This podcast surprises me again and again with suggestions and ideas for time and self management and thus also for more satisfaction. Directly applicable, understandable and entertaining at the same time. Thumbs up! :-)

For the many great tips and this very relaxed and very profound podcast!

The podcast is pleasant in length and very good in terms of content.

Dear Ivan, I enjoy every episode and always discover exciting new possibilities and approaches for me to try them out directly. My today’s daily routine is not insensibly shaped by you.

Even I as an already older science lady (. who now wants to sustainably reduce her paper ‘wealth’ accumulated over the decades in order to get more free space to supplement my financially very meager pension with freelance tasks. ) am very happy to have stumbled upon IB’s podcasts: IB’s tips on productivity tools together with the so nicely delivered motivational kicks have already ‘boosted’ me – fine !

I know Ivan personally, as I had the pleasure to meet him at an event almost a year ago. He is an absolute professional and knows what he is talking about. Ivan and his podcast belong to the more relaxed and objective types. This fits perfectly with the topic of time management, which Ivan knows better than anyone else. In his podcasts the listener finds concentrated knowledge without unnecessary gibberish. All aspects of time management and his special way of storytelling make "Simply Productive" an absolute insider tip. Ivan, please keep up the good work.

Many podcasts about time/self management give more or less narrow guidelines, which can be seen as a "simple workhorse" not to be taken over so easily. It may be easier for self-employed people, but there are many things that an individual can’t change so easily without coming into conflict with his colleagues. Here Ivan Blatter goes other ways. As the podcast title announces, simply productive. Tips that make me think "Yes, that could work, I have to try that" while listening to them." Podcast 5 corresponds to my personal experience – here it’s about working standing up. I have an el in the office. I need a height-adjustable desk and work sometimes sitting, sometimes standing. This gets me very well, so I can understand the statements in the 5. Podcast only confirm. I also like the way the podcast is discussed. Calm, subtle Swiss accent, appropriate music – please keep it up Every now and then the podcast is changed to adapt to current changes in podcasts, in Ivan etc. adapt. Makes it come alive. Nice also the double kick with Bernd Geropp, a nice change when two professionals talk to each other.

It is wonderful to listen to Ivan. Whether in a double kick with Bernd Geropp or solo: each episode offers real added value, is very professionally prepared and the topics are presented in an appealing way. Precise, like a Swiss clockwork. I wonder where it comes from? :-)

Ivan Blatter inspires me again and again to rethink one or the other aspect of my own work organization. And some of the tips and tricks I like to use in my own self-management seminars. Thank you, Ivan, for your enriching impulses. Keep up the good work!

In time management everything is already invented, we already know everything. Not at all: Ivan always manages to set new impulses, to see things in a new way, to think ahead. An absolutely useful podcast for everyone who wants to work on himself and become better. Thanks and keep it up Rainer

This podcast is always fun and gets you ahead!

very cool podcast and blog! Ivan Blatter manages to take the listener with him, to inspire him and always brings a smile to his face, even with complex topics! For all who seriously want to work on their time and self management. Many thanks, Ivan!

A podcast that gives the essentials in a short and clear way. Lots of ideas to take over, look forward to each new episode

As a listener of the first hour I am still looking forward and waiting for the new podcast from Ivan. A podcast with this quality, in terms of content but also technology, is rare. Ivan’s friendly manner (and accent) always brings me new tips and eye-openers with every podcast. So I can manage my time better and better to be more relaxed in the day.

Ivan Blatter’s podcast is always a pleasure to listen to. There are always valuable and implementable tips. A highlight for me are the Doppelkick episodes with Bern Geropp.

Very valuable tips presented in a compact way. Makes really addicted ;)

a great podcast with valuable tips

Ivan Blatter describes the common problems of the self-employed and freelancer especially in terms of time management. Good descriptions and instructions, and a wonderfully cheerful range that puts you in the best of moods when listening to it.

Time management made easy! helps you to organize yourself. to optimize the personal self-management. With the Swiss dialect a special treat. Very entertaining – great! Thank you and keep up the good work! :)

Dear Ivan Blatter, since I came across your podcast a few weeks ago, I can hardly get away from it. It is so wonderful to listen to this charming swiss charm. I have already implemented many of your tips and I am noticeably more relaxed in my daily work. Thank you so much for your podcast.

I have already listened to several episodes of Ivan Blatter’s podcast and I am always very impressed, especially with episode 121 with Bernd Geropp about further education for solopreneurs. Two experienced experts talk from the sewing box and give inspiration and great impulses, how you can develop personally and entrepreneurially as a solo entrepreneur.

Thank you for this good podcast!

I came across this podcast two months ago. A highlight for me, so now I listen to earlier episodes as well. There are many confirmations and many new suggestions there. And Ivan captivates you immediately with his calm manner and his voice!

for this wonderful podcast. I always listen to it on my way to work.

Ivan doesn’t come across as Dale Carnegie-like and delivers his information in a relaxed way. Even though much of what he says is actually quite logical, it is thought provoking. For me a very recommendable podcast.

Ivan Blatter not only manages to convey interesting and useful content in his podcast – his great way of speaking also brings the whole thing across in a lively way. Every episode here is worth listening to. Thanks and keep it up!

Super inspiration, highly recommended

This podcast from the very likeable Ivan Blatter brings added value in the shortest time in the (professional) everyday life. Makes addicted!

With the contributions of Ivan I have the feeling to use my time even in the car now sensibly. Ivan is constantly improving the quality of his podcast, not only technically but also in terms of content. Many topics you have already heard, but he manages to bring them back into consciousness and motivates you to work on optimizations.

Very nicely done podcast with many suggestions.

When I found the podcast, I downloaded it immediately after the first trial listening. Listen to them z.B. gladly while driving! Many topics from work& Private. Told with humor, good voice that you like to listen to for a longer time. Many examples! Highly recommended!

One of the best Poscast ever

Entertaining and always new and exciting content. Especially the many tips are highly recommended.

it’s always fun to listen to Ivan’s podcasts, soon I’ll start from the beginning again. The new episode 112 was great, it is now clearer to me what Ivan does exactly when he is not producing podcasts. ;-) Overall very recommendable, everyone can implement something of the tips!

A really great podcast, I’m always looking forward to new editions! Keep it up!

A podcast that comes up with fresh ideas always has two new points that I can integrate into my personal workflow.

This podcast has helped me a lot to recognize and address my deficits in anti time management. Many thanks

Ivan manages to get to the heart of the matter even in short episodes! Always super good tips and help with which actually everyone can immediately do something. Respect for it! But also in general an extremely sympathetic person who is a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the good work :)

The various podcasts have been accompanying me for a while now on my way to work, sometimes even on a walk in the fresh air during a break. I have listened to a few by now and listened to every single one to the end. With none I have pressed before the end on the stop – and delete button! Now it is up to me to implement certain things as well.

Ivan always has good impulses for me and my self-management. I don’t listen to every episode, that would be too much for me, but every time I listen in, he manages to give me at least one valuable thought or impulse again. Recommendable!

I have been listening to the podcast for a long time and I always find it exciting and I like to be inspired by Ivan. Greetings, Thomas

Great, I really like the new concept.

Hello Ivan! Actually I always have time, the question is what to do with it. The phrase "I don’t have time" is one that I made up to myself approx. 10 years, because that is nonsense. I decided 2 months ago to broaden my horizon again. And then I came across this super PodCast! Why super? The book tips are very helpful, as are the tips on the apps that increase my productivity but are also fun to use! I can only say, keep up the good work. I enjoy listening! Best regards Augusto

The podcast is very very helpful and really offers great tips every week that are good to use in everyday life! Thanks!

Well done and very exciting. I really enjoy listening to the podcast now – whether I’m jogging, driving or waiting, it doesn’t matter. Since I only recently discovered this podcast for myself, I still have ca. 100 episodes ahead of me. The first ones really had it in them and help significantly in the daily work routine. Thank you very much Ivan, keep up the good work!

Listen to it! Extremely great, helpful podcast. Thank you, Ivan Blatter!

Ivan Blatter pulled me in from the beginning, his way of explaining things is absolutely immersive! Especially as a self-employed person I always quickly come to the limit of performance and available time. Ivan Blatter simply helps me with his knowledge to change things, to make a real change! His style is captivating, keeps you awake and makes you curious! Keep up the good work dear Ivan Blatter, I am eagerly lying in wait to learn more from you! Thank you or Merci.

Since I discovered podcasts more than two years ago as an ideal medium for my way to work, Ivan Blatter accompanies me regularly on my way to the office. The topic of time management is not only exciting for me, but above all instructive. Ivan inspired me with his podcast and blog so much that I started my own blog and podcast. Thank you and good luck for the future. PS: The new format from episode 100 on is absolutely great! Looking forward to many more episodes.

Self-employed? On the way there? Or you are employed and have no ambition to change it? Totally don’t care! This podcast is recommended for absolutely everyone! Highly interesting topics, exciting interviews, great personalities … and all that rounded off by the charming and likeable manner of Ivan Blatter. Thank you very much!

Highly recommended! Listening is fun. Very good explanations and assistance. Unconsciously made "mistakes can be discovered and corrected. Many thanks! Keep it up :-D

I have been listening to the podcast since 2013 and never miss an episode. Have really already put many tips and suggestions from Ivan into practice.

The extremely sympathetically conveyed thought-provoking impulses, tips& Tricks and the concentrated know-how around the topic of time management have actually made my life easier and more productive. Thanks for this and congratulations on 100. Podcast episode, all of which I have listened to!

How to forget the self-evident. Good podcast that puts the tips and tricks in front of you!

My congratulations to the 100. Podcast! I think he is very good and I am positively excited about the planned collaboration with Bernd Geropp, whose podcasts I also like to listen to. I wish you continued success!! from U. Radtke, 28.8.2015

I listen regularly on my way to work. Very informative and always interesting.

Here everyone finds interesting tips around the topic time management and motivation. The episodes are good to listen to and fun to listen to.

At the beginning of 2015, I came across the podcast medium, which was new to me. Ivan Blatter is to blame for the fact that I have been able to learn an incredible amount since then. Thank you for the high quality episodes. Everyone who wants to broaden his personal horizon must listen to this podcast.

The podcast provides me with interesting food for thought and information on the subject of time management. As befits a time management coach, Ivan Blatter focuses on the essentials.

Great tips from Ivan and very charmingly deliv.

A great companion on my walks with the dog. Animating, inspiring and relaxing. The first episode changed my life and helped me not to overload my day with many tasks, but to focus on the essentials and to set a clear weekly plan for myself. Thank you Mr. Blatter.

… an absolute must .

What I like best is that Ivan does NOT tell you how to do more in less time. but shows other ways, which above all also take into account one’s own well-being and health. So there is a lot of advice and tips to increase motivation and achieve goals. Also very good are the contributions to energy management: How do I get a lot done during the day and still have enough energy for the important / private things in the evening. I have caught up on all the old episodes. I’m currently on episode: 66 and look forward to listening to many more running workouts long episodes.

A super podcast! Always gives new ideas and is exciting to listen to.

The podcast is really great! He has given me a lot to think about, and inspired me to come up with many new ideas.

Until each of these episodes was time well spent

I am a newcomer and am now at episode 43. But I have not "worked through" the episodes but have listened to each one with pleasure. It really brings me further. Little by little I am becoming an empty joiner, an early riser and I am fighting procrastination. But Ivan not only shows me the simple things we can do to get a grip on the daily madness at work, but also helps me to put on the brakes and to pay attention to health, balance and energy. Holistic anti-time management so to speak. I am already looking forward to the next episode. Thank you Ivan!

A great podcast that is now one of my favorite podcasts. Wonderfully lightly told tips that anyone can implement immediately. Thank you!

This podcast is highly recommended for anyone who is dealing with a lot of workload and stress at work. Ivan Blatter gives useful tips on self-organization, productive work and time management in an authentic and likeable way. Each episode is peppered with helpful tips that you can try without much effort. What makes me especially happy: Ivan Blatter knows that there is not THE solution. In his podcast and in his blog he presents many different methods from which you can put together your own self-organization potpourri. His tips help me day by day to get my work done, be more productive and enjoy my work more. Thank you very much, dear Mr. Blatter!

I have already listened to some of Ivan Blatter’s potcasts and learned a lot from them. With these potcasts good tips can be collected to be able to work more and more thoughtful, prepared and productive.

I have been listening to Ivan Blatter’s podcasts for some time now and found them good and practical in many ways. Especially the last podcast, in which Ivan tells personal things, appealed to me very much. It made the already dense intensity even MUCH more condensed. Absolutely recommended! Ivan, keep it up!

A really great podcast with a strong personality that makes the car ride fly by every morning.

The title "Anti-Time Management is absolutely true. Can also mean less is more. I have already gained a lot of time from Ivan’s tips. But the best thing is that this can always be further optimized and is also a lot of fun. Many thanks – greetings Frank

I came across Mr. Blatter through another podcast and I am very glad I did because he has helped me a lot with his podcast. If you want it more individual, but affordable, I can recommend the site effizienz-plus.I can only recommend it. There you get advice for a reasonable fee, also via text and video, can email questions at any time, to which an answer comes within 24 hours, and chat live once a month in the Q&A session. Use your time!

The podcast is well explained, not too long and packed with meaningful useful knowledge. Highly recommended, well worth it.

Keep up the good work, it’s fun and very motivating! Thank you!

This podcast is absolutely recommended if the topics of time and self-management are of interest to you. I find Mr. Blatter very likeable. He has a pleasant, calm voice and presents his content professionally. His strengths reveal themselves, in my opinion, especially in the interviews. Absolutely congruent conversation. He does not interrupt his interviewees and seems honestly interested in his counterpart. Someone should do that first. Mr. Blatter, what about a career in German TV as a presenter?? Lanz and Co. can pack :-)

Thank you for the podcasts that motivate me to keep going and improve. I like the practical applicable examples and tips. But always with the afterthought that you should pick out what suits you. As I live in Cambodia I appreciate this kind of input especially.

I always listen to him while driving. You also learn something!

Great podcast, thanks for the incentives and the verbal mirror. One recognizes oneself again.

Thank you very much, great impulses every time, keep it up, thanks

I enjoy listening to the podcast and am always inspired and motivated. Has already shortened some car trips for me! THANK YOU

Ivan Blatter does a great job – he covers topics that would require a whole library elsewhere. In my opinion one of the best German-speaking productivity trainers!

Nice podcast, some familiar, some new on the subject of self and time management! thank you, keep it up . :-)

I’ve been with him since the beginning, and the tips are still very informative, concise, immediately applicable and exciting.It is great that some things are briefly repeated, so they remain present. Ivan Blatter lives his philosophy: he is simply productive! Thank you! LG, Uta Beerhenke

I have listened to many of the podcasts in the last weeks and find tips, tools and other valuable hints in every single podcast, which I can incorporate into my (office) everyday life.

I have recently become a fan of Ivan Blatter’s podcast! The episodes are short and full of great tips, explained in such a way that you feel encouraged, strengthened and motivated afterwards! I can recommend the podcast without reservation!

simply good tips. even for a coach there is always something to develop. Thank you IVAN Blatter

Lots of important and good information clearly and simply researched. You can hear the enthusiasm and the heart blood for this topic.

It is fun to listen to the podcast. The topics are always very exciting and bring you further if you implement them. If you should listen to a business podcast, then listen to this one.

To make a long story short: The podcast is just different. Few interviews, real-life testimonials and a very personable delivery.

Super Podcast. Sympathetic and also very helpful (also for students)!

Ivan Blatter presents tips every week in a competent and sympathetic way that make you think about your own lifestyle. "Simply Productive" increases the motivation to make your life more elegant and productive and gives with each episode many valuable tips on how to achieve this. Thank you, Ivan Blatter, for your great podcast!

Ideal during the car ride to the office etc.

The title made me curious and already after the first episode I knew, this podcast is ingenious! The approaches are so simple but Ivan is solo right about it. And the best: Many simple tips that are incredibly helpful!

Class podcast with helpful tips that have already triggered many a change. Very pleasant voice and overall well done.

The topic with which Mr. Blatter convinced me is the constant interruption mainly by emails. I was not even really aware of the problem, even though it of course massively disturbed and hindered me. Through the podcast I was able to learn many helpful tips and the implementation of basic things makes itself promptly noticeable! Since ca. 2 Weeks (I also follow the email courses – worthwhile!) my way of working has improved abruptly. Especially with the tips on to do lists and dealing with emails. Because let’s face it, no one ever taught us how to use these two tools, we are self-taught. All the better to have an outside look at one’s own habits. Mr. Blatter manages this excellently.

Simply well explained, in all brevity sympathetically conveyed knowledge bites

Highly recommended. Very objective, does not blindly follow only one pope.

Great medium and always interesting. Qualitatively also well implemented.

the podcast is a friendly motivation that I like to listen to. keep it up.

Bravo. Your inputs are varied and easy to implement. Thanks for your contributions!

Top work and dad also free of charge! Simply super tips from a professional.

The podcast stands out very pleasant! On the one hand it is always very well structured and from there well comprehensible. The speaking rate is reasonable and the recording quality is suitable! Secondly, there are always very good tips. That makes it one of my top – favorite postcasts. And last but not least is the "self-promotion" so charmingly packaged that I would gladly give 6 stars for it if only it would go. Thank you Ivan Blatter!

Briefly and concisely one is pushed on important things. A great podcast

Thank you for your contributions, I try to implement them daily. Here the absolutely deserved rating

A great podcast. Very interesting topics, good food for thought and all in a very pleasant voice

Simply productive = simply brilliant! Keep it up!

Always helpful for daily life. Often it’s the little things we already know that make keben easier to use. Ivan Blatter brings them back to mind and adds the icing on the cake.

Ivan Blatter is the new star in the self-management sky.

When I listen to this podcast there is no more dead time for me.

Hello Mr. Blatter, thank you very much for this extremely informative and helpful podcast. In every episode there were so many good tips, I think they helped me a lot to increase my productivity. Thanks a lot

that helps me focus, stay on top of vexed topics and create motivation.

I came across Ivan Blatter’s podcast by chance some time ago. His contributions to the various topics are almost addictive. I have listened to 25 podcasts within a few days (…) and have already implemented some of them. Ivan Blatter hits the topics exactly, his tips are tried and tested and easy to apply. I am looking forward to more productive inputs and visit the website regularly. Thank you Ivan Blatter.

With his likeable and relaxed manner, "Der Blatter" manages to make the topic of time management, or better energy management, so palatable that you can listen to all the episodes in one go. In the 26 episodes so far he deals with the exciting and helpful topics of self-organization. It motivates without that one notices it and without unnecessary Chaka to change finally once or other with itself. Yet the whole thing is so ingeniously simple (Jony Ive would say "not simply reduced – concentrated!") – like my Victorinox – only that really necessary – but it works flawlessly. Thanks a lot and stay tuned!

I find Ivan’s ideas super!

I have just listened to the last episode and am thrilled. Thank you for this great podcast!

Very likeable, well presented, informative, useful and above all immediately practical to implement. Thank you.

a lot of tips and tricks in the podcasts you really start to think and motivate yourself to work more productively (try at least)

I have already been able to implement many tips and am very enthusiastic about this podcast. In addition, he has a pleasant voice, you like to listen to him and the background music is also well chosen.

The podcast is just great. Thanks!

I have listened to almost all in one go and am very enthusiastic. I immediately started looking for a list guide for the iPod and came across errands (free). Through data entry, I now have things that are not all "equally important" Are what I find very relieving. Also there are nice icons.

It is a real pleasure to listen. The tips can be implemented immediately. Simple, uncomplicated and practicable. Time management is a real pleasure.

The tips in the podcast are interesting, explained briefly and concisely and can be implemented well in practice! I look forward to every episode.

Super entertaining and informative podcast on the "anti"-Time management. It is structured in such a way that you can also pick out individual blocks from the topic, as you like it and what is needed. No one-size-fits-all approach like in other time management podcasts or books. @Mr. Blatter: You have a very pleasant way of presenting, and a sympathetic voice ;-)

Interesting, well done and the tips implemented, time saving made easy!

One of the best podcasts ever in this profession. Entertaining and at the same time instructive, makes you think and with high practical relevance thanks to grounding. I look forward to many more great episodes.

Excellent podcast, pleasant voice and good content. What more could you want. :-)

I like this podcast very much. It helps me to look at many things from a different point of view and improve myself personally. I recommend this podcast to anyone who struggles daily with many tasks and really wants to enjoy life.

. please continue!

Interesting and simple tips.

Many thanks for all your contributions. Podcasts, webinars, blogs and much more. Your whole package is very valuable. I can highly recommend it to everyone who has eyes and ears. I had the chance to meet Ivan Blatter at a project management forum in Base and to get to know him as a speaker. A real pleasure. with heart, joy and enthusiasm convinced Ivan leaves. An absolutely authentic personality. I am looking forward to the next contact with a kind, charming and very competent colleague. Thank you Ivan!

Again and again exciting information to become more productive yourself. Thanks!

Until now I only knew the website of Ivan Blatter. I liked his writing style right away; straight, honest, practical and with a twinkle in his eye about human weaknesses. Ivan Blatter knows how it looks on some desks or Pc’s or better still in the heads of the owners. He manages to clear the chaos, to take the pressure off and to point directions out of the paper or thought jungle. In this podcast you find all these elements again, paired with a pleasant voice. Great!

For a long time I was looking for tips for a better time management. Nothing helped until I came across this podcast. Ivan Blatter convinces and motivates me all along the line. I also highly recommend his website and especially his webinars.

Is very practice oriented. No theoretical treatise. Enjoyable to listen to. Because it is formulated so succinctly, it can also be implemented well. I listen to all the podcasts multiple times.

At "itunes-browsing on vacation at the pool i found this podcast on my iPad and immediately listened to the episodes available at that time. And I was taken by the practical podcasts. Even if the implementation of the tips is sometimes a bit difficult, I try to take one or the other to heart – and that works out anyway! I now look forward to each new episode. And that alone deserves a good rating, Mr. Blatter! By the way, this is my first review I’m writing here at the podcasts. But you deserve it, Mr. Blatter! And by now I am also a fan of your website

I recently retired as an electrical engineer (after 30 years) and am taking some time off to recharge by listening to podcasts and taking online courses in various fields (MOOPS). I came across this great podcast to brush up on my German and strengthen self-management techniques (to kill two birds with one stone). I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast on both accounts and hightly recommend it.

The podcast is fun. Unreservedly recommended. Motivates, enlightens, questions one’s own actions, etc. Thumbs up!

justifiably current in the itunes rubric "new and noteworthy" Listed. ivan blatter gives applicable tips and provides new perspectives on the topic of (anti)time management in short, easy to follow podcast episodes. recommended without reservation!

I have been using GTD for quite some time and I guess I am more of a creative worker. Here’s why it’s been sitting idle for a few weeks now. Ivan Blatter’s podcast on the subject has now got me back on track though, and I’m going to streamline my GTD system accordingly :-). Thanks. A great post.

Very useful podcast, recommendation

Practical tips, easy to implement!

Pleasant voice, good and easy to implement tips – real recommendation

I like it very much, I listen to the podcast very much when I am on the road. Pleasant voice and practical tips. Thanks for this.

A very effective podcast. You can listen, you can implement the tips!

should be listened to whenever you are unmotivated ;) super!

Dear Mr. Blatter, thank you very much for the first five podcasts. I listened to number five today and, since I may/must be setting up a home office right now, will be sitting at a standing desk. :-)

Who invented it? ;-) The Swiss Ivan :-) very good explanation and summary as well as background music. I am looking forward to the next episodes .

The episodes so far

Here are the last few dozen podcast episodes. But there is much more (see below).

Older episodes

My podcast went "on air" in early 2013. Since then, I’ve already collected one or the other episode. :-) Here are 190 more, slightly older episodes.

    (25.10.2018) (18.10.2018) (27.09.2018) (30.08.2018) (28.06.2018) (31.05.2018) (03.05.2018) (19.04.2018) (05.04.2018) (22.03.2018) (08.03.2018) (20.02.2018) (06.02.2018) (23.01.2018) (16.01.2018) (12.12.2017) (28.11.2017) (14.11.2017) (24.10.2017) (17.10.2017) (04.10.2017) (12.09.2017) (31.08.2017) (25.08.2017) (27.06.2017) (20.06.2017) (06.06.2017) (30.05.2017) (23.05.2017) (16.05.2017) (09.05.2017) (25.04.2017) (19.04.2017) (11.04.2017) (04.04.2017) (28.03.2017) (14.03.2017) (07.03.2017) (28.02.2017) (21.02.2017) (14.02.2017) (07.02.2017) (01.02.2017) (17.01.2017) (30.11.2016) (22.11.2016) (15.11.2016) (09.11.2016) (01.11.2016) (25.10.2016) (20.10.2016) (30.09.2016) (05.08.2016) (14.07.2016) (30.06.2016) (16.06.2016) (19.05.2016) (05.05.2016) (21.04.2016) (07.04.2016) (17.03.2016) (03.03.2016) (18.02.2016) (04.02.2016) (28.01.2016) (21.01.2016) (14.01.2016) (07.01.2016) (19.11.2015) (12.11.2015) (05.11.2015) (29.10.2015) (22.10.2015) (15.10.2015) (01.10.2015) (24.09.2015) (17.09.2015) (10.09.2015) (03.09.2015) (27.08.2015) (17.08.2015) (14.07.2015) (29.06.2015) (22.06.2015) (15.06.2015) (08.06.2015) (01.06.2015) (26.05.2015) (11.05.2015) (04.05.2015) (13.04.2015) (31.03.2015) (22.03.2015) (16.03.2015) (09.03.2015) (02.03.2015) (24.02.2015) (17.02.2015) (10.02.2015) (02.02.2015) (26.01.2015) (19.01.2015) (12.01.2015) (05.01.2015) (18.12.2014) (15.12.2014) (11.12.2014) (08.12.2014) (04.12.2014) (01.12.2014) (28.11.2014) (25.11.2014) (20.11.2014) (17.11.2014) (14.11.2014) (12.11.2014) (05.11.2014) (22.10.2014) (15.10.2014) (08.10.2014) (01.10.2014) (17.09.2014) (10.09.2014) (03.09.2014) (27.08.2014) (20.08.2014) (16.07.2014) (09.07.2014) (02.07.2014) (26.06.2014) (19.06.2014) (05.06.2014) (29.05.2014) (23.05.2014) (14.05.2014) (07.05.2014) (30.04.2014) (23.04.2014) (09.04.2014) (02.04.2014) (26.03.2014) (19.03.2014) (12.03.2014) (05.03.2014) (26.02.2014) (19.02.2014) (12.02.2014) (05.02.2014) (29.01.2014) (23.01.2014) (15.01.2014) (08.01.2014) (18.12.2013) (11.12.2013) (04.12.2013) (06.11.2013) (23.10.2013) (09.10.2013) (25.09.2013) (11.09.2013) (28.08.2013) (14.08.2013) (31.07.2013) (17.07.2013) (03.07.2013) (18.06.2013) (04.06.2013) (21.05.2013) (07.05.2013) (23.04.2013) (09.04.2013) (26.03.2013) (12.03.2013) (26.02.2013) (12.02.2013) (29.01.2013) (15.01.2013)


alt="Ivan Blatter" width="150" height="150" />Ivan Blatter

I have been a productivity coach since 2008 and guide my clients to more self-determination and freedom in their business.

  • On the one hand, I help solopreneurs, self-employed people and entrepreneurs to improve their Time and self-management to get to grips with so that they have more free space.
  • On the other hand, I help my customers, to grow beyond oneself, so that they achieve what they really want.

With my extensive Blog, my successful Podcast and my book "Work smarter – not harder" I have already been able to help thousands of people.

In addition, I also help people who want to move forward quickly and specifically with my Offered.

Always true to my motto: Use your time, because it will never come again.

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