This is how we proceed when you have a tree felled

Traffic safety, construction, aesthetics, acute diseases, these are just a few compelling reasons for tree felling. It is also clear that you are not allowed to do everything you want with trees on your own property. In the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, according to the "Ordinance for the Protection of Trees and Hedges in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg" (Tree Protection Ordinance) from 17. September 1948 basically all trees and hedges protected, although there are many exceptions to this. But when a tree may be felled and how to do this professionally, you will learn from our "tree care and tree felling" team.

Permits for tree felling are a must

Wherever trees grow, certain safety precautions must be taken to ensure that they do not pose a danger. There are situations, however, where tree preservation is not the first priority, but rather other priorities. If the tree obstructs a construction project, impairs a residential use, or is severely damaged resp. If a tree is dead and in danger of falling, it may be removed. In case of acute danger, z.B. by storm the tree or. the resulting threat must be eliminated immediately. The shortening resp. Removal of branches or twigs also requires a permit, if they are in danger of breaking or if they obstruct the access to the property or if they shade the street lighting. But before you get a permit, the responsible authority weighs the importance of the tree for the environment and its ecological value and then makes the final decision.

Tree felling for masters& Master – everything from a single source

Before a tree is removed, we always arrange an on-site appointment with our customers to find out what the actual condition is and whether a tree needs to be cut down at all. Our experience shows that a tree often does not have to disappear at all, but only needs a tree-preserving maintenance pruning. Our basic services in the field of tree felling include obtaining the necessary permits, which involves a lot of legal and bureaucratic regulations. Only then do we take care of the professional felling or the removal of the tree. Removal of your tree.

Secure the terrain

To ensure that all work runs smoothly, we secure the potential danger zone (double the tree length) by warning signs and barrier tapes as well as helpers carefully, so that neither humans, animals nor material assets are damaged.

Felling a tree – only a success with expert knowledge

Before we cut down a tree, we carry out a tree inspection. In this context, we assess the tree to see if it is hanging in a certain direction or if there are any rotten spots in the trunk area or if any scrawny branches in the crown could fall down during sawing – all this has an impact on the Determination of the felling direction. Then clear the work area and the setbacks. It is also important that no one is allowed to stay in the danger zone. Now we make a wedge-shaped cut – the so-called Fallkerb. After that we make a felling cut. In between we insert a wedge to prevent the felling cut from closing prematurely and trapping the chainsaw. Afterwards we drive the wedge with the axe into the felling cut, in order to bring the tree into the necessary sloping position. After that, the tree falls naturally to the ground.

Dispose of the felled tree properly

As soon as the tree is on the ground, we start its restoration. For professional disposal we use own Bushwhacker and truck for the removal. We can also remove the tree stump at your request. Otherwise you can also use it as garden decoration.

Maybe there are trees in your yard that already look dangerous and you’re looking for a tree cutting professional – then you’ve come to Meister& Master exactly right. Our experienced tree climbers take care of the professional execution of all work. Rely on our know-how and call us simply under 040 822 61 55. We are happy to help you in Hamburg and the surrounding area!

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