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For all those who are affected by unemployment, we provide our unemployment benefit calculator. The ALG-1 calculator is based on your last gross wage. When using our calculator, please note that you must have worked for at least 24 months in an employment relationship subject to social insurance contributions in order to be entitled to unemployment benefit I. The calculation of the amount of ALG II is not possible with our unemployment benefit calculator.

If you receive unemployment benefits, you are entitled to an average of 60% of your last salary for a maximum of 12 months. If you have children, ALG I is 67% of your last income.

Calculate your ALG 1 entitlement

With our unemployment benefit calculator you can calculate yourself how much your unemployment benefit will be. As a rule, your unemployment benefit is calculated on the basis of your last earned income. Anyone who has paid unemployment insurance contributions for at least 360 days in the two years prior to becoming unemployed is entitled to this benefit.

Who is entitled to unemployment benefit?

Unemployment benefit is a self-generated social security entitlement that you have if you have paid into the social security system as an employee for at least 12 months within a period of 2 years. If one has z.B. within the last 2 years z.B. worked only 4 months, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. Then ALG 2, which is known as Harz 4, takes effect.

How much unemployment benefit do you get?

Unemployment benefit recipients receive 60% of their last net salary. With children, the entitlement to unemployment benefits is 67% of the net salary.

While receiving ALG1, you are still covered by health, nursing care, pension and accident insurance.

How to calculate the amount of unemployment benefit?

The calculation of the amount of unemployment benefits is relative to the last salary. How exactly the calculation takes place, you can follow in the following 4 steps:

1.Step Specification of the monthly gross salary in the unemployment benefit calculator

The calculation begins with the determination of the "assessment salary", i.e. a gross salary paid daily in theory. With a monthly (gross) salary of 2.000€, this would be 65.75€ per day.

The calculation is not based on the real working days, but on all days of a year:

2.000€ x 12 months / 365 days = 65,75€ Assessment allowance

2.Step for the calculation of the unemployment benefit

In the second step of the calculation, income tax, solidarity surcharge, and the social security lump sum are deducted from the assessment pay.

This will give you your theoretical daily net salary.

65,75€ – 5,94€ wage tax – 0,33€ Soli – 13,81€ SV flat rate (21%) = 45,68€ net salary

The entitlement to unemployment benefits refers to exactly 60% of this daily salary. The name for this is "daily benefit rate.

3.Step in the unemployment benefit calculator is the distinction with/without child

The calculation in the unemployment benefit calculator differs significantly with the specification of a child. The daily benefit rate is calculated at 60% for childless workers and at 67% for unemployed workers with a child, which is significantly higher. Therefore this information is important in the calculator

  • Unemployment benefit without child: 45,68€ x 0,60 = 27,41€ daily benefit rate
  • Unemployment benefit with Child: 45,68€ x 0,67 = 30,61€ daily benefit rate

4.Step of the calculator for the calculation of the monthly unemployment benefit

The daily benefit rate is multiplied by a flat rate of 30 days to determine their monthly unemployment benefit payment.

  • Unemployment benefit without child: 27,41€ x 30 days = 822,30€ unemployment benefit
  • Unemployment benefit with Child: 30,61€ x 30 days = 918,30€ unemployment benefit

Guide to dismissal and the threat of unemployment

Fear of dismissal, job loss and unemployment is the biggest concern of Germans. This guidebook helps you to take the necessary steps to react methodically and clearly structured to the threat of unemployment and job loss, to secure your rights and to take sensible measures for your financial and professional future.

What does progression proviso mean for unemployment benefits?

Since unemployment benefit is also a non-taxable wage replacement benefit, this income must be declared in the tax return. All tax-exempt income is included in the calculation of the tax rate. This calculation method is called progression proviso.

Find out in the progression calculator which influence wage replacement benefits have on your tax rate.

All information and calculations are without guarantee. The liability is excluded.

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