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Due to the great usability and the moderate costs, the online platform gets One.com in comparison especially good notes.

Besides this the program convinces Web Designer from Magix due to the large selection of functions and design templates. Here is a special function for image editing built into the program.

Due to its self-explanatory and intuitive usability combined with low costs, even Wix recommended without restriction.

1. With a few clicks to a professional web presence

Whether for a large company or a small online store: a clear and well structured homepage is the key to economic success. If you want to create and design a professional looking homepage, you don’t necessarily need a longtime education in webdesign anymore.

A good web design software enables even inexperienced users without knowledge in programming to create their own homepage as a designer, to customize it with images and different content and finally to put it online.
Users who enjoy designing their own website themselves can not only let off steam creatively, but can also Save money. Because a web design software is a lot cheaper than the cost of a programmer. In addition, they can realize ideas according to their own ideas, without consultation with a developer.

2. What is a web design software useful for?

A web design software usually contains all necessary functions to create a new website or to change it as desired. Right with the start of a new project the designer lands on the control panel, on which the first draft of the web page is visualized. Here, the user plans the structure of the future web presence and arranges the various pages hierarchically. After the completion of the architecture of the website follows the design and creation of the homepage. Also for this task no special programming knowledge of the designer is necessary. With the help of a modern web design software, the user simply imports by drag& Drop text content, images and videos that he wants to publish on his homepage.

Other tools and features of the programs are suitable for special web projects. A good web design software allows, for example, among other things, the embedding of special buttons or navigation functions such as a shopping cart, which in a Online store are essential. Included in the software package, some providers also deliver free gigabytes of web space, so that designers can expand their website with new content after creating their project.

How we compare

What distinguishes a high quality web design software? What features are essential in a good web design software?

What features for the creation of the website should the user pay special attention to? In order to offer interested parties an orientation aid for the decision for the suitable web design program, the web design software test has compared the best web design programs with each other. Webmasters looking for the right web editor can quickly find out which is the best web design software for their requirements in our comparison tests.

In order to evaluate the different web design programs fairly and accurately, the comparison is based on four criteria. From the grading of the individual categories – in each of them a maximum of five points can be achieved – an overall grade for each software results. This results in the placement of the web design software. However, readers should not forget that the comparison is only intended as a guide. Which program is ultimately best, each prospective customer must weigh for themselves.

offer and function

In the first point of evaluation, the overall offer of the web design software is analyzed. We collect information about the cost of the software and about the number of computers on which the web editor may be used at the same time. In addition to price and license information, readers can find out if the web design software is offered in a free trial version. This program demo is very useful if prospective web designers are still undecided and want to put the program’s capabilities to the test before making a purchase.
In addition, the editors pay special attention to the various tools that the web design software provides for building and managing the website. Of course, the functions that the software offers for planning the site map are particularly important. High quality web design programs also allow the implementation of various image and audio effects. Such additional features enable designers to personalize their web presence imaginatively and innovatively. Last but not least, make sure that the programs have an area for search engine optimization. Thus, a web design software that provides information and statistics about the visibility of the website is rewarded with plus points.


However, a good price-performance ratio and a wide range of features are not all that a web design editor should offer. Before buying a new software, the web designer must also find out about the specific system requirements that must be met in order to use the software smoothly. In the "Performance" section, we therefore take a closer look at the technical features of the different web design programs. Of course, the operating system is central at this point: Is the software exclusively for Windows programmed or is the program also in an alternative format for Mac– and Linux-Users available? In addition, information about the free working and hard disk space, which the PC needs for the web design software, is collected here. Some programs also require a good internet connection for their functions to run correctly. With which Web Design software this special requirement is to be absolutely fulfilled, the readers experience in the different test reports.


Web design software is mainly aimed at users without in-depth knowledge of HTML or CSS. However, some products are quite complicated to use, so sometimes even experienced programmers encounter difficulties when using them. In the third category we therefore evaluate each software in terms of its user-friendliness. Here those software products receive plus points, whose interface is clearly and intuitively arranged. In this section, we also consider whether the web design software provides a clear introduction to its elementary functions. A software wizard that accompanies the first steps of inexperienced users makes it easier to get started with the new program. Furthermore, important operating elements come to the fore here: Can the user simply drag&drop his content? Import drop? Can it easily correct revision errors by using the Find& Fix Replace?

Help and support

The last evaluation criterion deals with the various means provided by the manufacturers to support their customers. At first the analysis concentrates on the homepage of the developer. Many providers provide online a manual for the use of their software, which users can download for free. Sometimes even video tutorials can be found, which provide a general introductory overview of the most important functions of the program. In addition, a well sorted FAQ section is helpful, which explains the most important terms in an understandable way. For users who like to get in touch with other web designers, there is a forum available in some cases. Interesting information and solutions to common problems are regularly published here. Last but not least, customer service is crucial. For most software providers, the support team can only be reached by e-mail. Software developers who provide a telephone hotline in addition to this service achieve a good rating in this category.

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