Win back ex: 3 new views and 9 tips guaranteed to help you

If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely hoping for a love comeback right now. You are going through a very difficult time emotionally with lots of ups and downs. So your heartbreak is your daily companion – whether you like it or not . You are probably asking yourself: how should I behave properly now? How can I win back my ex?? Are there psychological tricks?

If you want to finally stop feeling the pain of a breakup and are looking for the right strategy for a love comeback or a breakup, you can do it. looking for the right tipping switch trick, we have for you the 9 best tips to win back your:n ex!

Love comeback: 3 views

1. Treat the ex fairly

It doesn’t matter if you wanted the breakup, if your ex-partner told you about it or if it was consensual – there are always a lot of emotions involved!

According to this, you should try to control your emotions and not unthinkingly take them out on your ex(s). After all, at some point you fell in love with this person and shared a part of your life with him/her! Even if the breakup didn’t go great or there were some things that didn’t go so well in the relationship, you shouldn’t take this out on your ex rashly.

Behave in a reflective and adult manner, for example. Gaining distance and writing down your thoughts without formulating a hurtful message to your ex(s). Or by communicating with a good friend!

2. Loneliness or new chance?

In 99% of all breakups, heartbreak occurs. Stronger for some, less so for others. No matter how much you are mourning, you should definitely take this time! Be sad, be hurt and feel lonely. After all, a period of your life has come to an end that will certainly be remembered!

But also find the jump: Don’t fall permanently into sadness and loneliness, but also recognize the opportunity that has arisen with it! Try to see the positive things, z.B. that you can be much more self-determined and independent again.

Use this breakup for yourself and do something good for yourself! Think about yourself and take good care of yourself.

3. Accept or reverse the breakup?

Before you make any rash decisions about what to do, think carefully about whether the breakup was right or not. Try to distance yourself from your emotions or talk it over with a good friend before you take a step to win back your ex.

Often in the phase of heartbreak we do not see the rightness of a breakup and only hold on to the things that were nice. So go deep inside yourself and think about whether the relationship often made you happy or if it’s actually better if you go your separate ways.

Love comeback: 9 tips to win your:n ex back

If you have now come to the conclusion that you have made a mistake and want to win your ex back, here are the 9 best tips to help you do it successfully!

You have been dumped and you want to win back your ex

1. Put an end to your grief!

Before you start to win your ex back, you should get out of the victim role. It doesn’t go over well if you tell your ex all the time how helpless and lonely you are now. Be confident and detached – this will make you much more attractive!

2. Make yourself scarce!

Don’t tell your ex every day that you’re desperate to win him/her back. Try to find a good balance between independence and attention. How to radiate a contentment even without your:n ex, which will make you look more attractive.

3. Act casual!

Appear relaxed and even-tempered when you run into each other or write a few messages back and forth. Don’t give your ex the feeling that you are dependent on him/her. Maybe don’t write back directly or let your ex know how busy you are at the moment.

You have broken up and want to win back your ex

1. Think about it carefully!

First, you should be really clear about why you feel the need to win back your ex’s heart. Is it really that you made a rash decision that doesn’t make you happy, or are you just sorry for your ex?? Take your time and think about why you broke up and what it would be like if you got back together! Because it’s not fair if you give your ex hope every two days and then turn him/her down again.

2. Seek the conversation!

If you are now really sure that you want to win your ex back, then seek the conversation! Think about what you want to say beforehand and give your ex the opportunity to communicate openly. Make sure you can really talk things out! Find solutions to your problems together and be mutually supportive.

3. Allow your ex the space they need!

You have broken up and have certainly caused your ex a lot of grief. Accept, if your ex does not jump straight back into your arms, but first wants to think about it and needs space. By all means, give her/him the time he/she needs and don’t put pressure on him/her!

Winning back the ex after an amicable breakup

1. Use the breakup phase for yourself and grow through it!

Before you make any rash decisions, you should first think about yourself. Reinvent yourself and go after your very own desires and preferences. Take good care of yourself every day and find yourself – enjoy your alone time and be aware of who you are!

2. Turn off your self-pity!

If you decide that you want to win your ex back, don’t do it out of self-pity. Get on the same page with yourself first and then calmly weigh up if the relationship is worth fighting for. At the same time, it’s much more effective for a fresh start if both of you can rest in yourselves and approach the situation again with a clear head.

3. Make a final decision!

It is useless to change your mind every day. This way you will only hurt each other further and probably not find each other again at some point. So be clear about what you really want for the future!

Conclusion: The Checklist

If you have now given your heartbreak the space it needs, thought well about the breakup, and can act with confidence, there is nothing standing in the way of winning your ex back!

But now, to make sure that everything really goes well, we have put together a checklist for you at the end that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Allow your heartbreak to happen and meanwhile maintain a no contact policy
  • Be fair to your ex
  • Enjoy being alone and find yourself anew
  • Act casual, especially when meeting again
  • Look for the conversation and be honest with each other: Reproaches have no place there!
  • Find each other anew and work on each other continuously

You’ve just been through a breakup and have more tips that helped you process it? Or have you won your ex back and want to tell us about your experience?? Feel free to leave anything you want to know in the form of a comment below!

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