Winning fans on facebook

How to gain first fans for a company page

Gaining fans on Facebook is a challenge, especially for young companies or companies new to the social network.

How to create an initial fan base with relatively simple means to address the appropriate target group with marketing and customer service is explained in this article, including a matching infographic:

The world’s largest social network has long since ceased to be a place where large, multinational corporations present themselves. Smaller or regionally active companies have long since found their way into the Facebook news of their local or more specific target group in order to inform about products, spread news or answer customer inquiries. To effectively deliver news and information to the social media world, it is necessary to gain fans. Freshly founded or newly registered companies on Facebook are therefore faced with the challenge of convincing users to "Like" a company page-on the Facebook page.

The sheer number of fans should not be the only or even the most important indicator of success in social media strategy. User interaction, customer feedback, the reach of individual posts: these are all factors that should not be ignored when measuring the success of a social media channel. Especially companies with niche orientation or regional companies often can’t score with thousands of Facebook fans. This is also not necessary, as long as the existing fans are provided with target group-specific information and feel addressed. A large number of Facebook fans does not add value to a business if those fans are not interested in the business, posts or products.

Nevertheless, fans are of course important and necessary for a company page to have a basic audience for Facebook posts in the first place. But how to get first fans as a small company, without spending large budgets on advertising or the (unprofessional and non-target) purchase of fans?

First steps to gain Facebook fans

In order to create a first base of fans for a Facebook page, there are several possibilities, which usually cost little time and money, but can be very helpful when starting a page. In our infographic, we have summarized a few steps that can be used to expand the circle of Facebook fans.

Basic first steps for a Facebook page

An important step that every page owner should do at the very beginning is to fill out the profile as completely as possible: the name of the company, basic information, address, opening hours, contact options, as well as profile and cover image should be up to date and reflect the company (for the selection of images, see our post on optimal image sizes on Facebook). This information ensures that people searching for the company on Facebook will also recognize it directly and understand that this Facebook page is the official presence. Also important: filling out the imprint, since corresponding information is also necessary on a Facebook page.
Another step is the selection of a suitable Facebook URL, through which interested parties can directly access the Facebook presence. A unique, easy-to-remember address that can be directly linked to the company is advantageous. Since this Facebook URL will appear in the best case in many other places, an address should be selected and determined in peace – a subsequent change is almost impossible.

Invite friends and turn them into fans

One of the great advantages of Facebook is the linking and interaction of many people with each other – a "Like"-Click on a Facebook Page is also shown to people who were not previously directly linked to this page. Therefore it is worthwhile to make private Facebook friends aware of the company’s presence and invite them to "Like" the page with a few clicks to mark. A little tact is required here: Not all of the private friends must necessarily be interested in the company, the products or the information that is presented there. You should therefore be careful when selecting invitations and avoid sending spam invitations.
But invitations can be sent not only directly on Facebook. It is also advisable to draw attention to the Facebook presence via other channels, for example by e-mail or on other social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram. In the e-mail signature or in the descriptions of other appearances in the net it is possible to refer to the Facebook page. Alternatively, publish posts exclusively on Facebook and then share those posts by mail or on other social networks. It is also possible to generate attention offline for a presence on Facebook. References to your own Facebook page can be placed on stationery, business cards, flyers, in brochures or in the store.

The next steps: Content& Facebook advertising

With the steps mentioned above, a few fans should have joined the own page. In the long term, however, the focus should be on one topic in particular, in order to attract new fans and keep existing fans in line: exciting& Varied content!

The contents, which are published, should be exciting, varied and aimed at the respective target group. Interesting insights into the company or important and current information are well suited to use a Facebook page as an extended arm of one’s own Internet presence and to interact with fans and interested parties. Especially through social channels, a customer feedback can be picked up quickly and easily. Content should be published at regular intervals and the user’s own contributions should be at least indirectly related to the company, the products or the offer and contain added value for fans and customers – this added value can serve as entertainment, as information or as exchange. A company should additionally get involved in the discussions under the posts, read visitors’ comments and answer questions – social networks are not a one-way street and questions and comments related to content must be reckoned with. This exchange should be seen as an opportunity. Questions about products, for example, can be answered quickly, easily and in a way that is visible to all visitors. This way it is possible to convey the feeling that the company is approachable, communicative and customer-oriented. The interaction rate of visitors is important – over time, it will become apparent which content is being responded to (z.B. Images or videos) the fans respond particularly well. Based on this, the social media strategy can be developed accordingly.

Advertising on Facebook

In addition to the above methods, advertising can of course be used to draw people’s attention to a Facebook page. Facebook offers many possibilities for this, where good results can be achieved even with small budgets. The appropriate target group should always be kept in mind. It is advantageous to target people who might be interested in the company instead of targeting a huge, broad mass. Fancy and appealing visuals make the ads stand out and it pays to add variety to the ads. Further, for example, advertisements can also be created that are played out specifically to visitors of the company’s website. Many more hints, tips and instructions on the subject of "Advertising on Facebook is offered by the platform itself – a look at the extensive documentation is worthwhile.

Summary: After the setup, it’s all about the content!

All in all, there are many ways and means to attract new fans to a company page on Facebook. Once all the important information about the company has been entered into Facebook and a certain amount of fans has been collected, the most important thing is the content that is published on Facebook on behalf of the company. Good and engaging content gets fans interacting with the content, talking about the company and thus reaching more people on the social network. As an additional boost to reach, advertising on Facebook can be used to reach even more people who have not previously interacted with the company.

With good preparation, high-quality content, a feel for and an open ear for the target group, you can be successful on Facebook, even as a small company. It is important to remember that the number of "likes" is not the same as the number of "shares"-information is not the measure of all things. Authentically communicate with fans and provide Facebook page visitors with content that is actually relevant: This can get you off to a good start in the Facebook world.

Do you have questions about Facebook advertising or do you need support in the area of social media? Contact us now. We look forward to your message!

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