Wrap money gifts in an original way

There are endless ideas on how to wrap a monetary gift with a difference. Whether as a cash gift for the wedding or for a birthday is completely unimportant. The only important thing is that the gift can provide a lasting impression and shining eyes. We have collected for you unusual money gift wrappers that you can easily recreate.

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Tip 1: Money gift beer garden tinker

Beer garden money gift craft

Small beer garden

Beer garden gift

This is how one customer implemented it:

Testimonial Beer Garden Regina

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A beer garden money gift is not only a great surprise for a birthday, but also a highlight at any garden party. And the best thing about it: the beer garden is super easy to recreate yourself. Everything you need for this you can find here:

What you’ll need:

  • Personalized beer labels (you can find them here)
  • Beer glass with engraving (you can find here)
  • Various herbs in a pot
  • Paper bags
  • Beautiful basket
  • Money bills
  • Nice scarf, ggfl. Paper as a background
  • Straws

1. Put the scarf in the basket so the ends peek out a bit.

2. Put the potted herbs in the paper bags and place them next to each other in the basket.

3. Pack your personalized beer, as well as the engraved beer glass.

4. Write "beer garden in nice writing on paper (or print out a template) and glue the tag to the straws. You can then stick them into the soil of the herbs.

5. Fold the banknotes into a small butterfly and tie it with a cord to one of the herbs.

6. Tip: Put matching decoration, such as a pretzel in the basket. How to create a real beer garden flair.

Tip 2: Money gift for the wedding

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Money gift for wedding slate

Make your own wedding gift

A monetary wedding gift that will keep the eyes shining even after the big day – With the personalized slate or engraved wooden board, this idea is quite easy to implement! Attach folded bills to a nice model car using a bow so they look like empty cans on the back of the car. Then put the car on the slate or wooden board and ready is your self-made money gift to the wedding.
Tip: Roll with plasticine small snakes, which you put in front of the tires of the car, so that this can no longer roll away.

Tip 3: Unicorn money gift

Money gift unicorn

This is what you need for it:

  • Personalized cookie jar (you can find it here)
  • Colorful streamers (find z. B. in the decorating department)
  • Yellow cardboard (z. B. from the craft supplies)
  • Money bills
  • Bow

1. Cut out as many candle flames from the yellow cardboard as you want to put bills in your jar. In our case we decided to use three bills.

2. Roll up the banknotes and fix them with a small piece of tape, so that they can no longer roll up.

3. Glue the cardboard candle flames onto the banknotes so that they form a candle.

4. Fill the jar with colorful streamers and your money candles. Finally tie a nice bow around the cookie jar. Ready is a quick and beautiful gift of money!

Tip 4: Money gift for beer lovers

Money gift craft beer lovers

Money gift for beer fans

The perfect money gift for beer lovers we have here for you: easy to recreate and absolutely crazy to look at! Because chilling beer is also kind of cooking ;-) Here even in the true sense of the word.

That’s what you need for it:

  • Personalized beer glass with engraving (you can find it here)
  • Yellow jello
  • Gelatine
  • Marshmallows
  • Small change and banknotes

1. Boil the jello according to the instructions on the package and add an extra shot of gelatin so that the jello becomes a little firmer.

2. Put the change in your engraved beer glass and add the still liquid jello.

3. Let the jello cool down completely and give it as a "foam crown" the marshmallows on top.

4. Finally, fold your bills together and tie them to the stem of the beer glass with a cord.

5. Tip: Design additional personalized beer labels and give them away, glued on beer bottles, matching your money gift.

Tip 5: Money gift for the birthday

Money gift birthday DIY

Money gift birthday DIY

Watch the video tutorial

You’ll need:

  • Engraved wooden cutting board (find it here)
  • Colorful honeycomb balls in different sizes (z. B. at Amazon.en)
  • Cord
  • Money bills

1. Fold the bills into small packets and tie them with the cord so that they can no longer come open.

2. Tip: Let ca. 10 cm of the cord overhang so that you can attach the end to the honeycomb balls. This makes it look like the money packets are hanging on balloons.

3. Stick the honeycomb balls on the wooden board with a piece of double-sided tape. You repeat the whole thing with the money packs so that they don’t dangle wildly back and forth.

Tip 6: Flying bill butterflies

Money gift wedding butterflies

DIY money gift craft

Make your own money gift

Watch video tutorial

This money gift is not only a real eye-catcher at first glance, but even more beautiful at second glance. If you lift the lid of the cookie jar, the money butterflies fly out of the jar.

That’s what you need for it:

  • Engraved cookie jar (you can find it here)
  • Tissue paper (you can find it in the craft supplies)
  • craft wire
  • Money bills

1. Fold the banknotes in an accordion fold and put them aside. Next, fold the tissue paper into accordion shapes as well.

2. Take a banknote and a folded tissue paper each and connect them both by the craft wire so that it looks like a butterfly. Repeat this until all the bills and tissue paper are used up.

3. Now cut off a long piece of the craft wire (approx. 30 cm.) and connect the previously folded money butterflies on the long craft wire.

4. Tape one end of your craft wire with the butterflies into the lid of the cookie jar. When you open the jar, your butterflies can now fly out.

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