Writing an application for a part-time job (with templates) – update 2022

In this article, we explain how to write an application for a job or part-time job. Temporary jobs, mini-jobs, part-time jobs and student jobs have become indispensable in many industries. In Germany alone, there are currently more than seven million part-time jobbers. Whether you are a pupil, student, housewife or already employed – if you are looking for a part-time job, you should proceed carefully with your application. When applying for a part-time job, the same formal requirements still apply as when applying for a full-time job. Because you can’t necessarily get half a job with half an application.

If the job advertisement does not explicitly state that only a current Resume or one short application (cover letter and curriculum vitae), you should be sent by a Standard application go out.

A standard application includes the following documents:

  • The cover letter is basically the most important part of the application for a part-time job. It should include your motivation and provide convincing arguments why you are the right person for the job. Important qualities such as diligence, punctuality, reliability, openness and flexibility should be emphasized.
  • A Resume with current date is a must. Your resume should be tailored to you and include only relevant information about your previous jobs. Make sure that there are no major gaps in your resume. In addition, a picture is still an advantage. However, please refrain from using your last vacation snapshot for this purpose. &
  • References, proofs and certificates you should attach, if available. From these documents the employer can see to what extent you are actually qualified for the job.

You should always create all documents on the computer.

What else should be considered?

A Cover sheet with a picture is not absolutely necessary and can be helpful for one or the other side job already a little too much of a good thing its. Most employers are well aware that side jobs are usually only used as an additional source of income. If a picture is to be sent along, however, one must make sure that it not only looks professional but also fits the employer. In no case should you use private vacation pictures or snapshots!

Therefore your application should concentrate on the essentials. In concrete terms, this means that for "simple" part-time jobs, professional qualifications are less important. More important are usually a friendly way of dealing with people, a careful work and resilience.

In addition, it is important for lack of previous knowledge and experience important to make a virtue out of necessity, z.B. "My lack of experience in the service area, I can make up for with my high level of motivation and communication skills".

If the complete application is almost ready, should be absolutely once again the Spellingg be controlled. Since one often overlooks one’s own mistakes, it is advisable to have a friend or a relative to ask you to read the application again thoroughly and to correct spelling mistakes.

How to apply correctly by mail, e-mail or online?

If about a Application by mail is requested, all documents must be printed out. As a rule, only the cover letter needs to be signed. All documents should be placed in an A4 envelope and sent to the address indicated in the job description.

When Application by e-mail it is not sufficient to attach the documents to the e-mail as a Word file. On the one hand, a kind of small cover letter must be included in the e-mail, so that the recipient knows what it is about. Here is an example: "Dear Sir or Madam, Please find enclosed my application for the advertised position as XXXX. I would be very pleased about a positive feedback. Sincerely XXXX". On the other hand, you should only send the application documents as PDF files if possible. To do this, save the PDF files as PDF files. It’s easy under> file> Save as> File type: PDF

Online applications are applications where you submit your data and documents directly to the job provider on a website. Since these portals differ greatly from one another, you should pay particular attention to entering or uploading all the information in the right place. Here, too, you should pay attention to spelling.

Free download:

Here you have the possibility to download a template for a cover letter as well as for a resume. Please make sure, however, to adapt this individually to the advertisement and to you personally.

When you’re done, have a friend or family member double-check everything for correct spelling.

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