Your new pc gaming setup: what can’t be missing?

Whether you’re just starting out with gaming or have been immersed in the world of games for years: The right PC gaming setup is essential for a good gaming experience intense gaming experience. But what actually belongs to it? What hardware do you need for your computer and what accessories should you not be without?? We have compiled a checklist for you and explain which components should not be missing in any case!

This belongs to your PC gaming setup

Before we go into detail about the individual components of your PC gaming setup, we want to tell you what you need. We want to distinguish between the basics and those accessories, which you only need if you want to stream or plan to play in the ESL.

next to each other are keyboard, headset, controller and snacks

Gaming setup for beginners

If you have just discovered your passion for gaming, you probably won’t start with the high-end games. And even if The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 have got you hooked, you probably don’t need to start out playing at the highest, best, gnarliest settings. Therefore here our recommendation for your setup:

  • Gaming PC up to approx. 500 € (if necessary. already assembled)
  • Standard monitor up to approx. 150 €
  • Standard keyboard up to ca. 50 €
  • Standard mouse up to. 30 €
  • mouse pad to ca. 10 €
  • Headset / headphones / speakers up to ca. 50 €

A inexpensive gaming PC complete set you can buy for just over 500 €. Here is everything you need for the beginning. In some cases you can even use the integrated speakers in the monitor to play the sound first. However, we would like to recommend a headset as standard equipment – at least if you plan to play occasionally with friends.

And a high-end gaming setup?

You have been gaming for a long time, maybe even streaming or just want to get more out of your games? Then it is Time for an upgrade – not only of the computer itself, but also of the whole setup! This should now look something like this

  • High-end gaming PC from approx. 800 €
  • Gaming monitor from approx. 300 €
  • Gaming keyboard from ca. 80 €
  • Gaming mouse from ca. 50 €
  • Gaming mouse pad from ca. 30 €
  • Gaming headset from ca. 80 €
  • If necessary. Gaming microphone from approx. 50 €
  • If applicable. Gaming controller from ca. 50 €

Of course, you can always expand your PC gaming setup. For example, VR goggles are an absolute must-have for most gamers and bring even more variety with them. However, a gaming beamer can also enhance the gaming experience and Raise it to a new level. Simply implement what suits you, your gaming behavior and also your living conditions. Because especially for these two accessories you should not lack space.

The basis: The gaming computer

Okay, of course, in order to gamble on the computer, you first need a computer. This should be tailored to your needs and fit the games you want to play right now and in the future. Here you have the choice whether you want to buy the device or not assemble it yourself or buy it ready-made. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, a ready-made PC is simply convenient – here you get everything in one go and don’t have to deal with assembling it. If, on the other hand, you order the individual components together with the case, you can more freedom. You decide yourself where you need more performance and where less. Also the case modding – for which we have written an extra article – becomes so much easier!

You are still looking for a powerful gaming PC that you can customize yourself? Then have a look at the GamingGuru store – here you can configure your own computer and get it delivered to your home ready to use!

But no matter if it’s the ready-made computer or the self-assembled one: To have fun with your PC gaming setup for a long time, you should take a look at it, which components should be used respectively. are. Your accessories will then also be matched to this. We have already compiled individual guides in separate blogposts – so if you have specific questions, just click through here. So this is what you need for a complete gaming computer:

    : preferably with its own cooling system : should match the graphics card and the mainboard : match the processor to get the most out of it : must be able to supply the rest of the hardware with power
  • Mainboard: must be compatible with the rest of the components : for games at least one SSD should be installed at best
  • Case: must offer enough space for the components (v.a. pay attention to the mainboard!) : put here great importance on a sophisticated ventilation system
  • Software: think about an operating system (for gaming Windows is recommended)

Let there be light in the darkness: the right monitor

No PC gaming setup is complete without a monitor (or projector). Because only thanks to this you can finally see what you are actually doing and where you are going. So, in order to dive deep into a game, many gamers rely on relatively large screens with good resolution. We’re talking about 2k to 4k variants with a screen diagonal of at least 27 inches here.

But these are actually more good for those who want to fully enjoy the graphics of a game, i.e. players of RPGs. On the other hand, if you are interested in competitive gaming fast-paced games like CS:GO, Fortnite or PUBG, you should pay more attention to a good reaction time. What this means exactly and what else you should consider when choosing, you can read in our separate article on gaming screens.

Jumping, running, aiming: Input devices

To start gambling now, you still need controllers. The classic PC gaming setup actually includes a mouse and keyboard. If you prefer that, you can of course also a controller connect and go on adventures with it. But first, let’s start with the classics – because there’s a lot you can look for in a mouse and keyboard, too:

  • Mechanical keyboard> RubberdomeRubber dome keyboards are sold as standard, but mechanical versions are more precise and tactile for gaming.
  • Wired is safer: You simply don’t want the connection to fail in the middle of the game, so we would always recommend a wired version of mouse and keyboard.
  • macrosBoth keyboard and mouse can have so-called macro keys. You can use these freely and they can help you to react faster when playing.
  • ErgonomicsWhen buying, make sure the mouse and keyboard are at a comfortable angle to your hand.

For many, a professional-looking PC gaming setup should also include the headset proper lighting not be missing. Many keyboards and mice are equipped with colorful LEDs, which can be adjusted accordingly. While this is basically just a gimmick, it can enhance your setup visually. Want to know more? Then check out our post on gaming mice!

Left, right, up, down: Precise acoustics

Have you ever gambled without sound? If it’s not The Sims or Farming Simulator, you’ll soon find out that this can be your downfall. Because you won’t hear steps, or if someone is aiming at you, or if there’s another threat nearby. So to be able to react more precisely, you’ll need good headphones. But what should these be able to do?

It is best to use a Stereo headset. This may seem strange at first, since with surround sound it is possible to locate where which sounds are coming from much more precisely. But the stereo variants are usually much more powerful and react faster. You should also invest in noise cancellation if you’re not just sitting alone in one place. This promotes concentration. We would not recommend wireless versions – the well-known problem of connection errors and delayed reaction occurs.

How to complete your PC gaming setup

The basics are put together? Then it’s time for the finishing touches. Finally, we would like to give you a few tips on this topic as well. Let’s start where we left off: with the sound. Because if you often play together with others or even want to stream, it’s not only the output that’s important. So that your own voice quality fits, you need a good microphone. In the beginning, the headset is sufficient in any case, but should you attach importance to a professional setup, a Stand microphone be a good investment. A webcam can also be quite useful for streaming and completes your computer.

You should also take a closer look at your Mouse pad. For example, if you play with a low DPI, as is common in many shooters, you should choose a correspondingly large variant. In addition, you should define for yourself whether you prefer more or less resistance. You slip relatively quickly over hard plastic variants, while fabric opposes the movements a bit more pressure. Neither is inherently better or worse.

But the most important thing is: Always put together your PC gaming setup in such a way, that it Suiting yourself. This means that you are allowed to save money here and there in order to choose the next best option for other components. It’s best to take a close look at the titles that interest you, and think about what else you want to do on your computer. Based on this, you can then make optimal, well-founded decisions. And if you’re still looking for the right computer, let us introduce you to some of our favorites:

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