10 Effective tips against uncleanliness in cats – this really helps if your cat pees everywhere

In the coexistence of cat and human, unfortunately, there can be problems sometimes.

One of these problems is when the Cat pees in places around the home, Definitely not meant to be a litter box: Sofa, bed, shoes, flower pots and carpets are especially frequent victims of cat pee attacks.

Almost every cat has such a phase once, so cat people know this problem.

These 10 tips will help you get your cat out of the habit of peeing indoors again!

  • These tips help against uncleanliness in cats
  • 1. rule out diseases
  • 2. The litter box as a cause of uncleanliness
  • 3. Do not scold or punish
  • 4. If your cat marks in the house / in the apartment?
  • 5. Mental causes of uncleanliness in cats
  • 6. Provide for a pleasant environment
  • 7. Secure sensitive areas
  • 8. Remove the smell of cat urine completely
  • 9. Eliminate "pee traps"
  • 10. uncleanliness "in the genes

These tips help against uncleanliness in cats

1. Exclude diseases

If a cat suddenly becomes unclean, the first step should be to visit the vet. Several diseases can lead to uncleanliness in cats.

One of the causes of your cat peeing in the apartment can be, for example, a bladder infection.

There are also other disease-related causes, for example a formation of struvite stones or oxalate stones as it often occurs especially in neutered male cats in connection with wrong nutrition.

If your cat suddenly shows uncleanliness, you should therefore first go to the vet and Diseases can be excluded Before you take further steps.

Tip: Bring a urine sample with you when you visit the vet. If your cat squats down, quickly push a shallow container under it. Draw up the urine then with a syringe and take it to the veterinarian. This will save your cat a lot of stress and time at the vet, because otherwise he would have to take the urine sample himself.

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2. The litter box as a cause for uncleanliness

If your Cat pees in the apartment, then you should immediately check whether you do everything right in the matter of cat litter box.

The key factors here are:

  • Type of litter box
  • Litter box hygiene
  • The cat litter
  • The location of the litter boxes
  • The number of litter boxes
  • Irritation caused by unpleasant odors in the litter box for cats (cat litter box)

Type of litter box

Use as much as possible large litter boxes without lids!

Many cat litter boxes that you get in pet stores are much too small. 40 by 50 centimeters should be at least, for large cat breeds like Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat it should of course be even larger.

It is important that you use litter boxes without lids or even lids with flaps. Under it the smells collect, which is very unpleasant for the sensitive noses of the velvet paws.

In addition, cats do not like to defecate in cramped burrows by nature!

Many cats will accept a litter box with a lid – but only with a grumble (which you will not notice, cats are masters in adjusting).

If another factor such as stress is added at some point, uncleanliness is inevitable!

Many cat owners have decided to use closed litter boxes in order not to be bothered by the stench of the excrements themselves. If you pay attention to the hygiene and have the right litter, there will be no problem with it.

Cat litter box hygiene

Actually, it goes without saying, but still it should not go unmentioned:

You have to shovel out your litter box at least once a day, remove the clumped urine and feces.

Cats are very clean, they also insist on cleanliness in their litter box – Failure to do so may result in uncleanliness!

In addition regular basic cleaning compulsory. Every 1-2 weeks you need to change the complete cat litter and clean the litter boxes thoroughly. On the packaging of your cat litter you will usually find a recommendation, how often it should be changed completely.

Tip: Litter trays are best cleaned in the bathtub or shower with hot water. Use for it a odorless cleaner!

The cat litter

Each cat has its own preference for cat litter. Most of them prefer fine-grained litter because it is easy to dig in it.

Whether you use clay litter (Betonit) or eco-litter, it doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that your cat accepts it well.

In order to ensure optimal hygiene, the litter should be well clumped.

Once you have found the optimal litter, you should not change it if possible – cats are creatures of habit, such a change triggers stress.

Tip: In the search for the perfect type of cat litter, you should proceed carefully: Gradually mix the new type with the old before changing completely!

The location of the litter boxes

It is not only the type of litter box that matters, but also where it is placed.

Rooms where there is little activity are best: bathrooms or basements are better than living rooms or hallways. Like us humans, your cat wants to have peace and quiet in the litter box!

Cat litter boxes are best placed in a corner of the room. Cabinets, shelves, and other furniture can provide another "privacy screen".

Nevertheless, the litter boxes should be easily accessible for your cat, so it should not be necessary to climb.

If you have more cats, the litter boxes should be placed far enough away from each other. Cats hinder each other if the litter boxes are right next to each other and two cats have to go at the same time.

Number of litter boxes

It is known to most cat lovers, but for the sake of completeness, here is the formula for the minimum number of litter boxes:

Number of cats + 1 = number of litter boxes

So if you have two cats, you need at least 3 litter boxes. If you have 4 cats, you need at least 5 litter boxes.

Irritations caused by unpleasant odors for cats in the litter box (cat litter box toilet)

I have already mentioned that cats have a very sensitive nose.

Unfortunately, many cat owners use "cat litter" or scented cat litter to do something good for their own nose.

Cats don’t like these smells – quite an obstacle to use the litter box obediently.

Cats do not only use their toilet to do their business. Scent marks are also left behind – it’s stupid if you can’t smell them because of the perfume.

Instead of litter box and scented cat litter, you should rather shovel out the toilets more often. Also a well odor-binding cat litter is good for human and cat nose.

Also for basic cleaning you should only use odorless cleaners instead of perfumed household cleaners. You can get special hygienic cleaners for litter boxes in pet stores.

3. Do not scold or punish

If the misfortune has happened once, then you may not scolding your cat or punish them in any way (especially not physically)!).

Your kitty will not even know what it is all about.

After all, she didn’t pee on your sofa to annoy you, for example – but because circumstances and her instincts drove her to do so.

So the fault is not with your cat but somewhere else.

Scolding would only create further stress for your cat, which would be absolutely counterproductive.

4. Mark your cat in the house / in the apartment?

Young males begin to mark their territory – they do this to delimit their territory from opponents and, more importantly, to find sexual partners.

Often mark tomcat in the apartment or in the house if they are not neutered.

Here only the course to the veterinary surgeon helps. A Neutering (ca. 50-70 euros) makes the animal calmer and thus facilitates cohabitation.

Marking is also stopped in this way in most cases, but some male cats keep this quirk throughout their lives:

It is important neuter young male cats as early as possible to let, before he has become accustomed to the marking peeing too much. Otherwise also neutered male cats can continue to mark in the apartment, which is very difficult for them to get out of the habit.

5. Mental causes of uncleanliness in cats

Cats are very sensitive and on top of that real Habit animals.

Therefore, especially changes in their environment are often the trigger for stress and thus for an uncleanliness.

One speaks thereby also of the "Stress peeing" or also "protest peeing" (although "protest" is rather the wrong term).

Stress is a very common trigger for uncleanliness in cats – especially if the stress is compounded by another factor, such as a litter box that is not optimal.

Possible triggers for stress in cats

Precisely because cats are so sensitive, the triggers for stress are also very diverse:

  • A new person (z.B. new partner of mistress / master)
  • A beloved person is missed (separation, death)

But even supposed little things can throw cats off track:

  • a new piece of furniture
  • Disposing of a piece of furniture
  • A new type of cat litter
  • Another kind of food

Any other change, no matter how small, in your cat’s environment can cause stress and make him unclean.

Try to put yourself in your cat’s place and think about what might have changed for her.

Help for stressed cats

Changes often cannot be avoided. But you should always insidious can be made, so that your kitty can get used to it gently.

Make sure all the other factors are right: Litter box hygiene, number of litter boxes, adequate rest, etc.

Against stress with the cat helps a lot of indulgence for the animal and an extra portion of attention and love.

In addition, you have to:

6. Provide for a pleasant environment

If a cat is stressed, then above all Rest very important. Avoid noise, so that she can come to rest.

Make sure your velvet paw can retreat and relax.

Consider whether your cat has enough places to himself where he can relax:

A nice place by the window, a nice basket near the heater or a cat lookout on a shelf or an extra scratching post often has a very relaxing effect on cats.

Scents like catnip and especially cat pheromones can also help.

The pheromones are "copied" from the cat’s cheek hormone and have a very positive effect on the mood of many cats.

7. Secure sensitive areas

As already mentioned, sometimes there is nothing you can do against uncleanliness of a cat but to be patient.

In order to Keeping the damage within limits, but you can protect especially sensitive places like the bed or the sofa:

This works especially well with Aluminum foil, because cats do not like to walk on this crackling surface. You can also cover larger areas with a rescue blanket (see picture on the right – available here for approx. 4 Euro) cover.

8. Remove the smell of cat urine completely

Places where cats have once peed are often used again and again when the Smell of the cat urine not completely removed.

With a normal household cleaner this does not work – here the smells are covered only for a short time.

Cats with their fine noses can still smell the urine and will pee in the same place again.

The bacteria in these cat urine odor removers break down the substances in the urine that are responsible for the foul stench.

So your cat will not be stimulated by the smell to pee again.

9. Eliminate "pee traps"

Some places magically attract cats with a tendency to uncleanliness and marking.

Good examples are bathroom rugs, towels lying on the floor or shoes standing on the floor.

Here only prevention helps: Hang rugs in a cat-proof way, secure towels with a clothespin and don’t leave shoes just standing around.

10. Uncleanliness "in the genes

In rare cases, the uncleanliness can not be solved even with all the tips listed here. These cats are just extremely prone to peeing / marking in unwanted places.

Whether this is really "in the genes" is a moot point, here the opinions are divided.

Since you can’t get rid of this problem even with all your efforts, it is recommended to make such a cat a free-roamer.

A life in the garden is for the cat in any case better than a constant passing on to other owners or the locking up in a "cat room".

Extra: Instruction – In 6 steps to the perfect cat litter box

Hello Dominik,
I have been on your site many times and always find it all very helpful.
Now, however, I have a problem where I can not really find&
My cat started peeing on the bed and always on my husband’s side and in the middle… We haven’t changed anything about our bedroom or about us and our environment at all, and I haven’t changed anything about my husband. (Is still the same and lived with me before the cat) We tried the cleaner you recommended here, although I have to say that makes it smell even worse than before in some cases. We covered the bed with a waterproof fabric sheet and she picked exactly the same spots again and peed on the fabric sheet (side and middle). We have two cats (by the way, the male cat does not participate) and three litter boxes. The litter is tested and accepted. We have these catpheromones that you put in the socket. Health is present. They are both allowed out at night. I don’t know what to do ;-( Do you have another idea for me?? Greeting, Katrin

Put the food bowl of your cat on the bed. Cats do not pee where they eat.

Mine pees where it eats

There are always exceptions. But it is very rare.

They do not pee where they eat. Cause come to my house. I will show you the opposite. What a bullschitt. My cat pees in the bed, corners, brooms and food fights and and and. I am at a loss why.

Hello Ronny,
even with the typical character traits of cats there are of course rare exceptions – no reason to be abusive (luckily you spelled "bullsh…" completely wrong)!). On the basis of the few short sentences that you have left me here, I dare an analysis: You are the problem – poor cat.

We don’t have a litter box at all, never have had one. Our cats are outdoor cats from the beginning and we live in the country. One of my cats recently started peeing in the house, against furniture and even against the TV set. The only change in our house is that I have to put flower boxes, which they have been using since ca. 3 months suddenly uses as a toilet and throws the whole earth out, with Dekoartikel have provided to stop that. We live in the country, the cats have not only the garden sonden also the neighbor’s gardens and on 3 sides kilometers long olive groves, where they can romp. By the way today she has about. peed 50 cm from her bowl. In the meantime she has already caused quite a bit of economic damage.

So my neutered male cat also pees right next to or in the food& it is not because of the food. He pees next to the cat toilet, on the parquet, in the shower and on the stairs. Fortunately not in clothes, beds or couch&

Exceptions confirm the rule… But the majority of all cats would not do their business at the feeding place.

Hey Dominik.
Your site is really great.
I have two cats.A cat and a tomcat.They are both 12 years old.old. I have had the cat for 12 years and the tomcat for 11 years.Since a long time the cat pees everywhere for me. I have already thrown out all the carpets.Now she goes to bed. I have already tried Simple Solution.But it does not help.She goes anyway.I do not know what to do. Could it be that the two of them often hiss at each other?.

What says the vet? My old one has osteoarthritis… and it took them a long time to find out. Now we give her painkillers and she is clean again.

Hello Dominik,
I also have this problem. My Cookie, 8, has been peeing everywhere since she was little. First it was the bathroom rug, when that was removed, the tile. The curtain in front of the apartment door. Now my handbags have to go. The cat’s clo is always clean. I even have a 2. bought. Litter is always the same brand. I am at home and spend a lot of time with her. It is played and cuddled. Since she has food allergies, I pay attention to her diet. I must be doing something wrong. I have had cats for 25 years and have never had this problem.
Do you know advice ?
Dear greetings

is Cookie a single cat or does she still live with other cats? May she also go out?

Hello Dominik,
Cookie is a single cat who does not get along with other cats, unfortunately. I always had 2 cats before her. I have a balcony that is cat-proof, which she likes to use in the summer.
I have Cookie, since she was ca. 4-5 weeks old. She was born on a farm and should be drowned. From the beginning I was her caregiver, although my daughter fed her and also played with her.
Kind regards

here comes another "helpless one"& with a looooong story.

I got cat Lilly from my vet just under 3 weeks ago, after not having a cat for 3 years (but before that for 40 years always!)
Lilly was given to the cat protection association for the time of a move and never picked up again. The cat lady was (thank God. ) not to be found anymore.
My vet took over Lilly one year ago, since then she lived in a kind of mini kennel with mini free access. She never let me pet her, but she tried to get in contact with the doctor and the helper.
She had other cats with her from time to time, but she did not like them very much.
The doctor said it would be good to keep her single, and the little bit of outdoor access she had with her probably wouldn’t be a problem for an indoor-only cat in the future either.

The first days and the next she hid ONLY under the bed. At some point she started to use the litter box and to eat. She eats all kinds of offered food without problems.
Still, she’s under the bed during the day and only comes out in the evening when either I’m sitting alone in the living room (then she roams around a bit shyly at a great distance), or when my boyfriend is there, only after we’re in bed and quiet has returned.
Then she runs around the apartment like a wild cat, plays, goes to the toilet x times, scratches the scratching post. Noticeably nocturnal, but that’s supposed to happen with cats.

Strangely enough, "only" since a week she makes pee on the sofa, bed, loose blankets (so everything that is soft). Several times, mostly at night.

Yesterday I talked with the vet about it and bought a second, bigger litter box and filled it with the litter that the practice used. That she has accepted just as well, and the older toilet at the same time also used. Unfortunately also again a loose blanket, which lay tonight under the sofa.

I have been using Feliway since Monday. plugged in. In the bedroom, because she spends so much time under the bed.
Should I buy a second plug for the living room?

I know, I know, all this is stressful enough for a cat animal, and I have to have a lot of patience. But do you still have a bright idea for me?
I read that you should put aluminum foil or rescue blankets where cats are forbidden to pee. They avoid the feeling of foil under their paws. But if you plaster the whole lying area with it, the animal can’t lie anywhere anymore?! On the other hand I can’t get out of washing and cleaning at all and am easily annoyed…
Putting food on the spots has unfortunately not helped at all, she continues to pee happily 10 cm next to it.

So the questions are: second Feliway?? Lay out foils?? Or do you have any other tips?
I thank you, or anyone else who brings an idea here, already cordially.

Hello I have a male cat since june 2013. He is neutered and a very dear. My big loves him plays with him. But we have a big problem. He pees in the bedroom and in the Wc in the corner. I can not anymore. I bought 2 cat toilets, new litter.Bought Feliway. Was with her at the doctor in October 2014. Everything is ok.
please help me

I am absolutely at a loss.
We have a cat Lennard ( the name because we thought we would get a male ;-)) she lives together with another cat and a dog. All get along great yet my nerves are on edge.
Lennard loves to pee on laminate and on the bed as well as the dog basket and carpets, but he also uses the cat toilet, but when nobody is there or at night he looks for the other places. The cat makes me perplexed, I meticulously clean the two litter boxes and also the places where he does his quick business. Lennard also goes out when we are home but always comes in for his business. I have already disposed of all rugs, no matter where, he just pees where he lay even without a rug. Since he gives us the most beautiful gifts at night our animals stay in the hallway to sleep but even that does not stop them from peeing on the tiles. I have now tried all cat litter but nothing has changed. I just need a tip or advice otherwise we will soon have to rehabilitate ground.
Greetings Madeleine

Hello Madeleine,
Is this now a cat or a cat, I do not quite go through there. Does your cat do this already always or only since for example a few weeks? Have you already been to the vet to check that there is no disease, for example a bladder infection? Is the animal neutered?

I need this information to give you some advice!

Hello Dominik Hollenbach

Unfortunately we also have the problem that our cat pees again and again in the hallway.
She always does it at night, during the day not at all. Solangesam it is annoying because also the apartment smells of it.
Does a sterilation of the cat help?

Please give me some advice because I would not like to give the cat away, she was hand raised because the mother died and she was found with 4 weeks old cat.

Hello Katrin,
how old is your cat? Does she only live in the apartment or can she go out?? Does she live alone with you? Generally neutering makes cats and males calmer and also problems with uncleanliness usually go away through this.

Help, my cat suddenly pees everywhere! He is 4 years old and was neutered when he was about 1 year old. In the last month he has peed 7 or 8 times in the kitchen in the corners, he has never done that before! We keep his 2 toilets very clean and nothing else has changed for him. does anyone know advice?

I know that too: The cat pees in the apartment, from one day to the next. With us it was a bladder infection. Have you ever been to the vet with your cat?? Probably you have to get a urine sample then, have fun with it&

hello Dominik..I also need your advice. We have three young cats, 7 months old. A neutered male cat and two girls. The one girl is very shy and although we have her for 5 months, she does not become tame, the other two do. Now, however, also that they (always alternating a cat / male) always make on the beds of us or the children, or on the sofa cushions. We have two toilets that we keep in the continuous act on vordermann and new litter tried. All unsuccessful. Even with the famous lavender, what we were told in the pharmacy, it does not work to keep them from it. I see now in you the last salvation, because I am slowly over questioned..Thank you..

Hello Domenik also I have a question…
we have since 3 years 2 cats maine coon mixes and everything went great
Now we have bought 1 week ago a neutered maine coon tomcat.
He is eig completely dear, wants no quarrel and has cat litter box as well as the food and the litter well accepted which we always use with our two cats.
now it smells increased in parts of the apartment after urine. I could see that the cat was playing and running after one of our cats and she lost some urine (I guess she couldn’t understand the playing or didn’t want to and got scared)
Yes now it smells but mei er opinion after KATER urine. Marks he ? What can we do ?
attic apartment therefore pure house cats.

thank you very much. Please answer quickly

Hello Gianny,
first of all go to the vet and check that everything is ok healthwise.
Otherwise: Read the article..

Our tomcat Hugo is now almost 2 years, with a year he was neutered, since approx. 2 weeks he pees again and again in front of the bathroom/bedroom door although he has 3 litter boxes and the litter is always the same.
Hugo is a pure house cat.

We don’t know what to do, the laminate is slowly swelling:-(

What can I do with my little cat? He is 16 years old, a Kartheusermischling a cuddly peaceful little tomcat. Nevertheless, he makes me since 2.5 months again and again everywhere. He never did it before ! He also uses his litter boxes in between, we have not changed anything.
Except that I am now for 3/4 year at home. No changes no litter change change ,cleaning as before also.He was always a very clean cat who always went to the toilet.We have not made any change and still he suddenly makes everywhere.Big and also small business.He came to us already with approx. 6 to 8 weeks because otherwise he would have gone on it. Comfort and silence are his world. Sometimes he stands in front of food and taps with his paw in it, he has not done otherwise.Today he has run twice against the closed front door.He has never been outside and I don’t know what to do .Half a year ago we were at the vet there was still everything ok with him . Even the blood work was ok. He had bad teeth that were pulled.After that it was like always.What about my baby? Or can it be due to age?Is my little one going senile?Please please give me some advice

Hello…like all the others here, my mouse makes my life difficult with her pullerattacks at the moment. She is 7 years old and has been spayed for 5 years. The toilet is always clean and nothing else has changed. I keep her alone and unfortunately she has no possibility to go outside because of the heavy traffic in front of the door. She was from the beginning but a pure house cat. She pees almost every day in almost every corner, she has been doing this for 2 months…before this was never a problem…she is also not sick. I am totally at a loss and hope one can help me. I don’t want to give her away, I love the sweetie, but the urine destroys the parquet and I can’t justify that to my landlord anymore…especially since the smell is unbearable. I urgently hope for help…LG Berenice

My cat is about 8 years old and recently makes in front of the balcony door.
But only at night when it is closed and we sleep.
If it goes on like this, the laminate will soon be ruined.
We already put towels with zewa in front of it.
Since we can not leave the door open at night, I do not know any other advice.
When she is on the balcony, sometimes unintentionally, she does not make a mess.
We also do not have 2. Cat , which is 4. Relationship is good and she makes no problems.
The "problem cat" is neutered and otherwise goes to the toilet.

Put a bowl of food on the place in front of the balcony door

Got super good tips here. Thank you in the name of my cat.

We got a 9 month old cat from the shelter 4 weeks ago, she is neutered, pees on the sofa, carpets. .. During the day she still hides behind the closet and when she does come out she is always very scared !! She lays down on the chair from time to time in the evening but as soon as you get up and come closer to her, she has a panic attack and disappears again behind the cupboard !! The litter box is always cleaned when she has reingemacht , and still she pees on the pillows and the couch . Except for looking at her, feeding her and cleaning the litter box, we have no joy in our cat … what can we do? ?

Do not know if I can help but something like this I know from someone. Clean the toilet only in the evening. Were cats before already there? If yes it can be that the smell is still there. Because of the panic take a few days and sit for a long time on the vicinity of the cat best at the same time (habituated animals) and talk to her not touch or even make a gesture to it when she has found confidence she comes on its own and never forget the lick let best the same variety, but also in the feed mix. Then she knows it hope it was a little helpful

2 years ago a tomcat escaped from me! since almost a year he is back here! in the time where he was absent a tomcat was added my son was born! after the 2 years in freedom he decided not to go outside the door anymore! Unfortunately he has developed the need at night or when I’m not there to pee all over the place especially our sofa has done it to him! I do not want to give him away that would be unforgivable! 2 years without the hardcore cuddler have been enough! I have a total of 4 cats and 2 dogs that he knows except for the newcomer in the time of his absence

Hello Dominik,
Also have a big problem. My one year old cat, does both of her business, everywhere. Just not in their toilets. That since ca. 1 week. Every time after she has done her business, she runs around as if she had been bitten and cleans herself very vigorously. After approx. half an hour everything is ok again. I have been with her already at the TA. Everything is fine. She then prescribed me "Feliway". Currently I have taken a different litter. Still no reaction. On the bed, where she has done 2 times in the meantime, I have now a bowl with food stand. So far it works. But since she does not care where she goes, I can not put a bowl everywhere … I do not know what to do. Since she is otherwise well. She plays, eats and sleeps. What else can I do?

My one year old cat
Lately he makes it a habit to pee in the laundry of any kind and on the shoe tray.
This is now going on for a month and I am at the end with my Latin.
I think she does it out of protest but I can not find the cause
Since her litter box is clean .
Can someone help me, I would like my little huschel reluctantly give away

I need help,my cat Hilde (since the 13.May 1 year old) has given me now for the 2. times on my dirty laundry peed, only on the laundry! It is only since 4-5 weeks, and also only 2× so far! She also pees in her toilet everything normal nothing has changed in the environment in the Letze zeit except that she was 1 week alone (morning and evening but always someone came to play and feed) Can someone help me please

I do not know what to do, I have my cat since he is 5 weeks old.
Since I worked at the vet myself, I had him neutered early enough to avoid the maceration.
When my cat became a 1 year and with our neighbors in the apartment wa he has my mother afterwards beautifully in the shopping bag peed.
At that time we thought of course ok it wa a slip something happened next door. With the time it has naturally accumulated, then it was the bed of my brother or the bed of my mother.
Now he will soon be 3 years old and I live with him and my second cat with my friend. He is loved gets attention can even get out a few hours.
Of course I have already tried everything Feliway, food on the couch, tablets to calm him because he is very skittish, I even have 3 cat toilets.
Nevertheless, he always pees at different intervals on the couch, sometimes is even 1 month nothing. I do not know slowly more further..

Hello, I have a little cat since a few days. He uses his litter box 95% of the time and the other 5% he makes for me on the sofa. I always clean the toilet immediately and he also has his peace when he has to go there. What can I do?
Thank you

Hello Dominik!
We have a cat for 7 years (only one cat), she never actually peed anywhere – maybe now and then on a carpet. Our problem is the balcony! My cat went out at that time, but after she was hurt we left her at home and at that time she was also pregnant – is ca. 2 years ago.

She pees on different things on the balcony, in flower pots, containers, carpets, no matter what is on the balcony and she doesn’t like it, she pees on it or in it!

She likes to be on the balcony especially in summer and spends a lot of time there, watching nature, animals and other cats.
Often she has phases, sometimes she pees.. but then not, and then just to every corner a little bit, as if she would mark something, or would do it on purpose.

I really don’t know what to do, the litter box is clean, it’s on the balcony on purpose, she pees there too but not only. We also wanted to try a spray or something but I don’t know exactly what – do you have any advice??
The apartment has been the same for 4 years, she had no problem moving.
I admit that I now and then move something on the balcony, but not exaggerated – could that be the reason?

I would ask you very much for answer, WHAT YOU think about it.

Thank you and love greetings

Our cat, now 4 years old, urinates since ca. 8 months in the basement. It stinks already quite miserable down there and I am meanwhile already clueless which spray, means etc. I could otherwise still take to remove the smell. (Will try it therefore times with bactodes)

He has his toilet down there and he uses it only very sporadically.
He likes to pee on boxes (one of them is already broken), curtains and sometimes on the stairs (but this has become less).

I think I have tried everything. Catnip, milk protein enzymes, new litter, new food (where he eats everything anyway), Felliway plug,….
The vet also talked about psychotropic drugs, but I can’t really make friends with it. What do you think about it?

He is neutered and also a free roamer, he may also sleep with us in the bed.
The same privileges as our big cat….

I would be very happy to get an answer from you because the peeing is really unbearable and I do not know what else to do.
It is in the room to give him away if it goes on like this and that is actually something that I do not want.

I hope to read from you soon.

Love greetings

we moved 7 months ago and my cats were only outside and now they are only in the apartment resp.Balcony that is open day and night, because it is very complicated that they find their way home again!my first cat doesn’t do anything but the second one I have for 5 years and he always poops on the robe or in the shoes and the litter box can be so fresh and I have already used all the litter! It works a few days and then is again what and in rooms where she may not enter z.b.bedroom because she used to wet my bed, she just waits until the door opens and she runs in, looks for a sock or t-shirt and pees on it !I have been looking for a new place with a garden for the two of them for 2 months, but in vain!
My friend is already quite angry, because our new floors are already bulging and it starts to stink!
What should I do every day a new surprise after work&

Hello Dominik , does a cat go brushing on bare concrete, if he otherwise only goes into the litter box even if he is outside. Furthermore, he is accused of peeing on cars ? Do you know something like this ?

I have the same problem since I have my cat. I would like to know what you use to clean the pissed areas? I have so far, if possible, thrown everything away (shoes, bags, blankets etc.) because I’m afraid that the smell of urine will remain in my clothes even if I wash them – at least for the cat. So: what do you clean with and what does it help??

Hello we have a very small cat she was dry but since two days she does her big business everywhere.
I always clean the litter box.
And nothing was changed.
It would be nice if I could get an answer by email.
Lg steffi

Hey hey I also have a serious problem with my little tinka before tinka I as then from the shelter suspected an incest cat she is a little smaller but otherwise she is fine. I have them and my other tieger for a very long time in total I had 5 times it was all always Stuben tieger the lutte had when I lived at home at that time never made problems with uncleanliness with 16 I moved out and took my only 4 cats with Felix was already deceased. I moved after about a year again in my 2te apartment there was also initially still good luna "the boss" also always watched out for them because no Plusch po "tobi" was getting wilder he was to date the nesthakchen and came so to say in the pupatat. Sometime died also unfortunately luna in the high age. Tobi was kind of aggressive towards Tiki but always with a kind of playfulness only that he is much bigger and stronger than her and he really bit earlier also with me but I got him out of the habit I also always punish him when he attacks her but at that time it was not yet so extreme I moved on 1 September 14 with my then boyfriend zsm tinka started to make on his things and to pick in the corners. I had the feeling she was afraid of tobi and therefore does not go far away from her hiding place. I got to know that my ex tobi with pisakaen was getting more and more aggressive which led to big fights. I started to separate the cats because I have 3 cats always the third in alternation between the two back and forth but only if I was not there when I’m home are all zsm but tobi lurks her anyway I’m now taken again and she makes again on the things of my friend and I do not know what to do more

Hello domenik
I got a tomcat on the 15th of June, he is now 14 weeks old and 1 – 2 weeks later I got him a companion, they have really grown fond of each other . Only the cat makes us a problem he pees on clothes, tepiche and in the corners sometimes puddles sometimes only drops when we noticed that we put aluminum foil because cats do not like the noise he went there no more but suddenly I noticed that my cat lilly went on the foil and peed there she likes this crackling sound so I had to remove the aluminum foil have now put the cat toilet it helps nothing the cat pees further .
I ask for help

Is the cat neutered? First go to the vet and sort it out. Let then also immediately exclude a bladder infection or other diseases such as for example struvitsteine.

What is also often done wrong with the litter box thing: not only too few litter boxes are set up, but also much too small and in the wrong places. Two toilets are of no use, if they are squeezed together in the bathroom or in a corner in the staircase, or hidden far away in the basement.

Just because one cat has accepted a mini bowl next to the rumbling washing machine for years doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind it. A little thing is enough, and their nerves no longer make it.

The toilets must be big and placed where the cat lives. And distributed to different places, because they also serve to mark the territory.

If you don’t set it up that way, then going to the toilet is already stress for the animal and the slightest additional stress factor – that can even be a crying baby in the near neighborhood – leads to uncleanliness.

a great blog you have there&

I am a little perplexed.

Our cats, 2 sisters, both neutered, 3 years old are actually totally love animals. Both very sociable and cuddly.

But sometimes you get it in the head and pee blithely through the area.
We have 3 litter boxes on 2 floors, all without hood, no litter change, the cloisters are cleaned taglch and once a week completely emptied and rinsed with hot water. There has been no change of food.

However, we are to 01.06. moved.
The two have settled in well in the new home, finally have free access and come in the evening itself again to cuddle.

Now to the problem:
If my husband puts his worn laundry in front of the door to the laundry room one of the two cats pees on it, just as on the used mop. I have it on the male sweat and the cleaning agent pushed and me thought "must be washed anyway!"

Today, however, my personal highlight, which I really can not understand.

The cats have access to all rooms, including the bedroom, they sleep in bed with us at night and it has not even happened that they have peed in bed.
Today my husband was not feeling well and lay down with his blanket on the couch. Towards evening he went out of the house and left the blanket behind.
So I’m sitting on the sofa watching TV when the cat goes straight past me and squats on the blanket and lospinkelt.

What is that?!
At night she does not do that either.

My husband has been in the household longer than the cats.
I have a Feliway plug for better acclimatization and am now really perplexed.

Can you explain this somehow?!

They both go normally into the litter box for their business and outside they do it too.

Thanks for the help.

Love greetings

So my sammy will soon be 6. A short time ago she started to urinate and defecate in the eating area. Had already put there toilet with and without lid went before or behind it. Feliway plug is also. Food bowl with treats is also there. Nevertheless she continues. I have now given them the bedroom as a resting place with children’s door and toilet and water. The other one is in the hallway for when the little one is not there. What I say d n must have a child she will be 11 months. Yes well wait for answer& Thanks in advance

Hello Sophie,
it could be that your Sammy feels a bit neglected because of your daughter and therefore becomes unclean. I have also experienced with an acquaintance, there it has settled by itself again. Have you already checked with the vet that there is no disease (struvite stones, cystitis, kidney problems)?? That would be the first thing I would want to exclude!

Greetings, Dominik

Thanks for the tip with the vet. Were there got what for the inflammation in the back, bachbluten and feliway and a good cleaning agent. Has not urinated and boiled for a long time. Thank you very much

Hello dear,
I have a huge problem, please do not scold me or condemn me am grateful for any advice but please on a normal white. So we so my husband (55) my daughter (15) and I (31) live in a duplex half with garden, balcony in the city, our big daughter (23) lives a street away. I originally came from a farm and from there always many animals. As always, Chrissy had a much too big heart and has as always animals from bad attitude taken up. So it happened that we had 3 dogs and 5 cats when my beloved cat was tortured by neighbors so that he had suffered a tail ripped off on 3 cm we had to redeem him with a heavy heart because it was inoperable. My cats were until then always freiganger. My one cat had a litter late 2011 one cat I kept the rest was placed and the mom cashed in…. when the baby which I kept (was not a free catcher) was suddenly gone I despaired when 6 weeks later she was again in front of the door (not emaciated or flea-bitten). …) I decided with a heavy heart not to let my cats out anymore so the balcony was made cat safe. My big daughter was very dependent and moved into her first own apartment and had fallen in love with one of the kittens and we wanted her to learn to take responsibility so she took her beloved kitten at the age of 18 weeks with her when she moved out it was the great love between the two but since she was in the middle of training and thus conditioned almost 14 hours. On the day out of the house was my husband who is already a pensioner also much cared for the little one in the apartment of our daughter….. then the little mouse had long boredom and began to scratch wallpaper and really pull that we had but after a short time relatively well under control thanks to spritzflasche…… our daughter has a limited sense of smell …. at some point I noticed that her apartment smelled like cat pee (could move freely in the apartment but not in the bedroom because she peed directly in the first night in the new bed and the cat fixed her while sleeping so that she felt our daughter uncomfortable … as first I criticized the cat flap what worked relatively well from there on…. I took all the carpets to our house and scrubbed them in our backyard but she kept doing it so it was scrub the carpets every 2 weeks then she started peeing on everything that was lying around then it was better according to her daughter (I think she was ashamed and didn’t say anything because of that). … every year when she went on vacation we took the cat to us what went sometime mighty in the pants so that she has hurt crazy sister so badly that she has lost her eye … when she then started with us to pee all over I’m really desperate … so that we have made the vacation care the cat but was no longer allowed to us veterinary she was Vorstellig there she was advised she should put a second because pure apartment cat was so long alone ect. Said done it has itself then last year around Christmas to put a second ….
Emely has changed completely was not as usual aggressive towards other cats … and it grew up and made less and less …. this year for them again with the scouts in the camp and because it was so called we decided that the cats come to us …. nala there were no problems Emely was totally stressed so we took her upstairs (3 rooms )she relaxed quite fast. … at night we were awake because our bed was wet juhu the game then went 4 days so I have never washed soooo much laundry and Dan I really scolded from then on was nothing more for 10 days …. our daughter came back cuddled with them they hissed and growled like stupid (I think it was because of the situation that they were brought downstairs where all the other cats were) then our daughter asked if she could stay another two days until they do their laundry ect. Washed answer ahja on the 2 days it does not matter now …. as soon as our daughter left and the cat was back upstairs she peed on everything again …. 2 days later our daughter told us that she would like to start studying in half a year and therefore has plans to move to another city and also into a WG …ask what happens to the cats . … and there she came out with the language she is overwhelmed with them and hope that they can stay with us that she can see them also further …. we have discussed it as a family the for and again and because the cats we also felt sorry because they are so fixated on each other and when one is at the vet really unbearable screams we said ok we try it … because it is already hard to get 2 cats together and if one is not clean no chance … now it is so that every time our daughter is there and was with the cats Emely always pees there assuming we are lying in bed she then comes to us looks at us squats down and pees us on the blanket or somewhere else and stares at us while doing so downright …. we are really desperate and have really thought about everything even to give her maybe in the country as a free walker but she is not afraid of anything she even messes with our dogs we are of the opinion that she will not survive a week …. we know but really no more what I should do except that our daughter is no longer allowed to them …. the whole laminate is totally broken within 4 weeks the mattress are ready …… can you give me tippst I’m really totally desperate as I said I have cats for 20 years also always many clear had one or the other times soas but never soooo crass …… because we now have 6 cats I’m really afraid that it rubs off on the others and I don’t know how to get rid of the smell …. with food I have already tried the zero interest I hope for tips Thanks in advance

Hello, I also have a problem with our hangover. He is now almost 1 year and since yesterday he pees on the food place of our dog. How can we turn it off again? He is neutered and has always gone to the toilet, which is always clean

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