10 Games for android and ios with gamepad support

PC and console aren’t the only places to gamble. Thanks to controller support, you can also play relaxed on your smartphone.

It’s the eternal debate: PC vs. console. While PC gamers can’t understand why spending big bucks to buy a console that’s never up to date with the latest technology, die-hard console fans have a hard time understanding the hardware obsession of the PC crowd.

While both camps are currently struggling with the hardware due to the scarcity of graphics cards on the one hand and the lack of next-gen consoles on the other, a silent third party is gleefully playing their games in the background.

Thanks to more and more powerful processors, which work in smartphones and tablets alike, it is now also possible to play games on mobile devices.

In recent years, native support for gamepads, such as the Playstation and Xbox controllers, has given the mobile gaming market a further boost. Thanks to gamepad support, it hardly makes a difference in terms of comfort whether you play on console or smartphone.

Crossy Road

Born for smartphone and tablet, Crossy Road puts many a console game in its pocket, and not just thanks to gamepad support. The entertaining endless runner is suitable for all ages and can be played alone or against friends and family on split screen.

In Crossy Road, we choose from countless game characters and send them through the dangerous daily routine. It is necessary to cross busy roads, railroad tracks and rivers. In the process, however, we should neither run over nor let ourselves be carried along by the current.

As an additional difficulty we must not take too much time. The vultures are in fact already waiting to take us with them.

Crossy Road is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Stardew Valley

If you’re looking for a relaxing moment on the couch, Stardew Valley is the right place to be. Players take over a farm here, which can be played according to their own taste.

We have the option to keep one or 2 chickens and grow a few plants. Those who prefer to go all-in can also build up a small empire. We can breed countless animals, grow seasonal produce or simply chat with the inhabitants of the village. If you don’t feel like farming, you can also go on a treasure hunt or relax and fish by the sea.

In Stardew Valley, too, the controller primarily enables relaxed gaming on the couch without having to hold up the smartphone all the time.

Stardew Valley is available at 5.49 euros for iOS and 4.69 euros for Android.


Even the classic Minecraft supports gaming with the controller on mobile devices. While the version for iOS and later Android was initially only comparable with the PC version to a very limited extent, the mobile offshoot no longer has to hide today.

Since 2017, the various platforms have harmonized with each other and support crossplay across almost all devices. A save state can be started on the PC and continued later on the smartphone.

We have the choice to dive into the relaxed building mode or in the survival fight against Creeper and Co. to fight.

Minecraft is available at 7.99 euros for iOS and 6.99 euros for Android.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is a crossover between the popular games Bridge Constructor and Portal. The puzzle game mainly makes use of the mechanics of Bridge Constructor.

The task is to build a bridge as stable as possible to bring our vehicle to the other side of the canyon. Equipped with a wide variety of materials in limited quantities, the path to a drivable bridge is not always clear, however.

Thanks to the crossover with Portal, we are provided with additional portals, which sometimes make the undertaking easier, but often make it even more complicated.

Bridge Constructor Portal is available at 5.49 euros for iOS and Android.

GRID Autosport

The gamepad support is especially useful for racing games. While the mobile variants can graphically keep up well with their big role models, the controls are a rather tiresome issue.

With virtual joysticks and motion controls, it lacks the necessary precision. GRID Autosport offers more than 100 vehicles and race tracks, which can be fully exploited with a Bluetooth controller. In drag, drift, touring car and endurance races we can compete with others both on- and offline.

To avoid boredom, there are also a few difficulty levels to choose from, some of which are frustratingly difficult.

GRID Autosport is available at 10.99 Euro for iOS and Android.

Doom is considered the mother of the FPS genre. The classic from 1993 is still played with pleasure today and gets new updates almost 30 years later even on mobile devices. Just recently, Bethesda expanded the FPS game with gamepad support.

Players now have the option to play in the classic world with compatible controllers as well. In the role of a Space Marine, we fight against creatures from hell after a failed teleportation experiment.

While the soundscape can’t quite keep up with the original, Doom plays like it did back then, even on smartphone and tablet.

DOOM is available at 5.49 Euros for iOS and Android.


Fortnite, the most popular shooter of the past few years, is still highly popular today. While competitors in the form of Call of Duty and PUBG also support controllers, the implementation at Fortnite in particular is used as a prime example.

Both Xbox and Playstation controllers are supported, giving us some advantages when fighting against other players with virtual controls. While cross-play is not available, the game is otherwise no different from the big examples on PC and console.

Fortnite is available for Android for free. Due to the ongoing legal dispute with Apple, the iOS version is currently not available.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you need it action-packed, you’ll get the full blast in GTA San Andreas. The popular game from the even more popular franchise has been on the smartphone for a few years now, and it does a good job here too.

While virtual control is not particularly popular, the console feeling is created thanks to gamepad support. Car theft, gang wars and car races are the order of the day here.

Thanks to the extensive missions, we are not only busy with San Andreas for a day, but for several weeks at once.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available at 7.99 Euros for iOS and Android.

Thimbleweed Park

In Thimbleweed Park we get a mixture of nostalgia and modern implementation. Created by LucasArts, the makers of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, we get an exciting story in fresh visuals.

The point-and-click adventure game offers a mysterious murder case to solve. Rather unusually for the genre, this game also offers gamepad support. While touchscreen control works just as well here, playing via gamepad is mainly for comfortable gambling.

Thimbleweed Park is available at 10.99 euros for iOS and 9.99 euros for Android.

How to use PlayStation or Xbox controllers with Android and iOS

Steam Link

Especially for PC gamers, Steam Link is a very interesting alternative. Those who want to play PC games purchased in Steam on smartphones and tablets can also simply transfer them directly.

The Steam Link app here allows us to stream countless games directly to a mobile device. The computing power takes place entirely on the PC, but gaming is done on the smartphone.

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